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Her Male Slave: A Tale Of Willing Bondage [Revised]
by Sascha Illyvich

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Revised edition with new Introduction of this "powerful look at female domination!" (Sensual Reviews) If you missed this extraordinary, insightful novel the first time around - get it now! Her Male Slave is a story of corporate seduction, a very dominant woman and a scheming employer. Anastasia Forrester is asked by her boss to use her Dominatrix skills to seduce his competitor, Jerry Norman. Then she is to force Norman sell his company over, or face exposure and blacklisting in the corporate world. It is an easy task for a woman of Anastasia's inclinations until she becomes the cause for Jerry's auto accident. Wealthy Jerry Norman's life is empty and lonely until he ends up in the hospital after the accident, sees Anastasia, and realizes she is a woman he would do anything for. Soon his resolve is put to the test as Anastasia demands Jerry's complete submission, and he finds himself in chains, being strictly trained, her helpless, willing slave. Ann Leveille of Sensual Reviews says "readers who enjoy Female Domination stories and tales of BDSM should find [Illyvich's work] much to their taste. And rated the 'Sensuality Level: Scorching.' This is real erotica, full of pain intermingled with pleasure and all sorts of specialized kink. Love makes the sexual scenes more powerful. Detailed descriptions of bondage, sex ? floggings decorate these pages."
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler,
eBookwise Release Date: June 2012


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [181 KB]
Words: 40664
Reading time: 116-162 min.

Dear Reader,

The theme of Female Domination stems way back before a time when we had no patriarchy. Women ruled and controlled society, had equal rights as men did, and shared resources willingly, save to protect what was theirs. Modern Female Domination is no different, women struggle to come to terms with their power, but give it lovingly when the male, in an unusual role, offers his trust.

My stories have always been about romance and growth, as is the case for Jerry Norman, a powerful CEO in need of a woman to control his life outside the boardroom could benefit from the growth offered by a true female dominant. What if she had her own agenda? Then we're left with that trust issue once again. As he submits and finds himself bound deeper to her not just physically but emotionally, there must come a time when she must reveal her secrets to him, that she's been sent by a competitor to ruin his company.

The only problem is that Anastasia has fallen in love with Jerry and all that he is and has become. Once again we watch, feel, sympathize and even empathize with both Jerry and Anastasia. Our journey doesn't end where theirs does, however. We're having to constantly watch Jerry put through trials and tribulations of the lifestyle which Anastasia loves so much.

In the end, what are we left with? What will Jerry do once he discovers her secrets? Can love conquer all? Will he still accept his natural role as her submissive and lover? Can she grasp the magnitude of her power?

Sascha Illyvich

February 28th 2012

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