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Waking Up Naked [Sex Sells]
by Kim Dare

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Gay Fiction
Description: Carl has a plan. After months spent staring at Miles Kavanagh and admiring him from afar, he's finally going to do something about his crush on his boss. An office party provides Carl with the perfect opportunity to make his move on the older man. All he needs to do now is get a bit of Dutch courage inside him. Or maybe a lot of Dutch courage... Falling asleep in his boss' bed might have been part of Carl's plan--but waking up naked in that bed the following morning, with no memory of how he come to be that way, really wasn't on his agenda. Could he really have forgotten one of the most important nights of his life?
eBook Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC, 2012 February
eBookwise Release Date: June 2012


27 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [158 KB]
Words: 35641
Reading time: 101-142 min.

The morning after the SKIN Design office party, Carl Jefferson peeked reluctantly out from beneath his duvet. His forehead creased as he squinted at the curtains covering his bedroom windows. There was nothing particularly offensive about them. They were a perfectly reasonable shade of blue. They even did a pretty good job of keeping the dawn light out of the room.

As far as Carl was concerned, the only problem with the curtains was that he was pretty sure they'd been red with a maroon stripe along their base when he went to sleep. Come to think of it, ever since he moved into his new flat, his bedroom window had faced north. It had never caught any of the morning sun's rays.

Carl frowned at the blankets covering his body. The bedspread should have been decorated with dark red stripes, but for some reason it had morphed into a blue-green checked fabric overnight. Carl lifted his head and peered suspiciously at his surroundings.

It...Well, for one, it wasn't his bedroom.

He sat up so quickly his head spun. Closing his eyes very tightly, Carl covered his mouth with his hand. Minutes passed as he waited for his stomach to settle. Finally, he felt capable of cautiously reopening his eyes.

The room stopped rotating after a few seconds, but even then it stubbornly refused to morph back into his familiar bedroom.

He peeped beneath the blankets. He was completely naked.

Carl pulled the blankets all the way up to his neck as he desperately searched his mind for some memory of removing his clothes, only to find a gaping black hole where the previous evening should have existed.

His frown deepened when he spotted something wrapped around his arm. A strip of black leather an inch wide encircled his wrist twice before being buckled firmly in place. Yet another thing Carl had never seen before. Great.

And even better, it was a--

No, it couldn't be. Carl's mind stubbornly refused to go there. It was a strip of leather wrapped around his wrist, nothing more.

Quickly looking away from it, Carl forced a deep breath into his lungs and did his best not to give in to a very strong temptation to panic. He just had to take things one step at a time, and everything would be fine. Even inside Carl's head, that sounded like a lie, but he went along with it anyway.

A detailed visual examination of his surroundings, made with the blanket still up around his neck, finally provided three pieces of what Carl felt confident was concrete information.

One--he had never set foot in this room before. Two--he had no recollection of how he arrived there or anything he might have done while in that bed. Three--his clothes were on a chair by the window.

Pushing everything else aside, Carl focused on that third piece of information, on his possible salvation. Moving very slowly in an effort to combat his continued queasiness, Carl dropped his legs over the side of the bed and slipped out from between the sheets. He tiptoed across to his clothes, without any idea if there might be someone within earshot.

He remembered the suit hanging neatly on the back of the chair. That was reassuring. He even remembered buying the T-shirt that was draped across the chair's seat, specifically to wear it to the office party.

Scrambling into his trousers, his fingers trembling more violently with every movement, Carl quickly did up his fly. The zipper sounded insanely loud in the otherwise silent space.

Carl held his breath as he stared at the bedroom door, but no one came in to check what all the racket was about. He muttered a curse as he fastened the button at his waist. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if he'd had some idea who might have walked in on him.

He looked around the room one last time. It was obviously a man's bedroom. Everything, from the bits and pieces on top of the dresser to the stark lines of the furniture implied that, whatever else Carl may have done, it hadn't involved an impromptu trip back into the closet.

Closing his eyes, Carl tried, with rapidly increasing desperation, to remember anything that happened after he'd arrived at the office party. He'd spent the first half an hour talking to Debra from accounting and the new guy from admin. He was clear on that point.

But after that...

Damn, but his head ached unlike anything he'd felt in all his twenty-three years. Carl pushed his hand very gently through his hair. Muttering a curse, he leaned to his left and peered into a mirrored wardrobe door. The black spikes that usually stood out from his head in a nice even arrangement were all wonky and flattened.

Bloody marvelous. That was just the icing on the worse piece of cake he'd ever woken up to. For damn near the first time since he'd hit his teens, Carl turned away from a mirror without attempting to make himself presentable.

He lifted one foot to pull his trainer on, then thought better of it. Grabbing his messenger bag off the floor next to the chair, he slung it over his shoulder and picked up his shoes. With sock clad feet, he crept toward the bedroom door and listened for any sound of movement outside. Nothing. He cautiously turned the handle.

The mechanism was silent. The door swung toward him without a sound. Carl peeped around the edge of it. The little hallway was empty. Carl glanced both ways and tiptoed forward. Step after silent step, he made his way along a hallway just as unfamiliar as the bedroom.

He was within sight of what looked like a front door when a noise from his left made him freeze. Gathering together what courage he could, Carl snuck a quick look through a doorway to his right. Past an open plan living room, he saw a man standing in a tiny kitchen. He appeared to be making breakfast.

The guy might have had his back to him, but Carl really didn't need to see his face in order to recognize him. Broad shoulders, short brown hair, a fantastic arse and, more than anything else, a complete sense of confidence that laced every single movement he made--there was no mistaking Miles Kavanagh.

Carl backed away, his heart racing more rapidly than seemed physically possible. A sheen of cold sweat broke out across his skin.

To his intense relief, the front door opened just as silently as the bedroom door. Stepping out into a light, airy corridor, Carl closed the door behind him with a gentle click. He took a step back, then another, before turning and walking briskly down the hallway.

Please let the exit be this way, please let it be this way.

It was all he could do not to run as the plea raced faster and faster through his mind.

His socks made no sound on the thick carpet. His trainers probably wouldn't have made any either, but Carl still didn't stop to put them on until he'd already reached an elevator's stop and pressed the button calling it to his floor.

It would have been far less embarrassing to explain to a stranger why he was walking around without his shoes, than it would have been to have Miles open his apartment door and see him fumbling with his laces.

The elevator finally arrived. Carl had never been more grateful to see an empty one. When the lift's doors swished closed, Carl half-collapsed against one of the mirrored walls in relief.

His reflection was his only companion. It stared back at him from the opposite wall for several seconds. He looked--

Carl closed his eyes against the only description that sprang to mind. He looked like a guy who'd just spent the night in another man's bed.

A glance at his watch told Carl he should just about have time to drop by his own apartment and have a quick shower before he'd have to head back out to work. His heartbeat kicked up another notch.

The temptation to call in sick and avoid Miles was so tempting he could taste it, but no. The morning after an office party the rumors were bound to be flying in all directions, even if no one had done anything the least bit regrettable.

Carl sent up a silent prayer that whatever he'd done the night before, it had involved at least a tiny bit of discretion. If not, well, he'd just have to face it. He could do that.

Carl straightened up. He knew without any shadow of a doubt that he'd be able to face every single person he worked with without blinking or blushing--except Miles. Dear God, he was so screwed.

The breath lodged in his throat. Had he been?

Panic flashed across the face of Carl's reflection. Would he know if he had been?

The elevator came to a smooth stop as it reached the ground floor. The doors slid open. Pushing aside thoughts of anything other than escape, Carl stepped into a lobby.

The place looked hellishly expensive. Making his way quickly toward the revolving door leading outside, Carl just about managed not to break into a run.

On the pavement outside, he let himself pause, just for a moment, and took a deep breath. The street was as unfamiliar as everything else he'd seen that day. He had no idea where he was, or what part of the city Miles lived in. As Carl stared at the road, a car drove past. Then another. And another. Then came the most beautiful sight Carl had seen in his whole life: An empty taxi.

Flagging it down, Carl practically dove into the back before it had a chance to come to a complete stop at the curb.

He rattled off the address of his flat and slumped back in his seat. God help him, but it was all he could manage to do not to tell the driver he'd changed his mind and give him a different address. Screw being grown up and independent, to hell with living in the big city and carving out a fantastic career.

Running home to his family and pretending he'd never left the sleepy little town where he grew up sounded like an extremely good idea.

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