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by Mark Alders

Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Description: The Brona are sentient humanoid aliens, man's first contact, and at a technological level equivalent to our pre-industrial age. As a culture, the Brona offer no interest to humanity--that is, until it's discovered the foreskins of male Brona secrete a substance that has miraculous curative properties for humans. Aznan Calmere is a forerunner, a mercenary who is paid to obtain Brona foreskins no matter the cost. He's paid well to do it, too. Trouble is, getting to Brona Major is hazardous. On his latest trip, Aznan avoids a near miss, crashing on a Moon of Brona. There he runs into Lunore, a male Brona who shows Aznan the real damage being done to the Brona people because of the foreskin harvesting by the forerunners. When all is revealed, the Brona are not as simple as Aznan first thought. Will his new found respect lead to something unexpected? Will there be love? Or will there be war?
eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasy Books, 2012 2012
eBookwise Release Date: June 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [103 KB]
Words: 22160
Reading time: 63-88 min.

Without hesitation, Darien moved his hands across Aznan's stomach, pulling up the material of his two-piece flight suit. When his trousers were exposed, with deft hands and a keen touch, Darien unzipped Aznan's pants and grabbed his cock. The man was good. Not once did zipper touch skin.

Within seconds, Aznan was hard. Darien retracted his lover's foreskin so he could get to the sensitive, bulging head. "I love how quickly you get hard when your cock's free from your underwear, Aznan."

Aznan placed his hands on his lover's head, rubbing his fingers on his scalp. "You know I need your lips around my dick, especially before we harvest."

Darien let out a snort. "Funny how we enjoy each other's foreskins, yet we cut it off the Brona."

"They're primitives, Darien. Remember that. Besides, if I was circ'd at birth, what difference would I know? Now, get on with it, I want to blow my load down your throat and we'll be touching atmo soon."

Darien offered a sexy smile, one different from the one of contentment he'd given before. This pleased Aznan. If there was one thing he appreciated as much as pay day, it was a man who knew how to suck cock and did such a thing with enthusiasm.

"Yes, sir." With that he got to work, taking Aznan's length into his mouth, his tongue and lips working in unison to massage Aznan's cock while he bobbed his head up and down to help stimulate him even more.

"Massage my balls, as well. I want you to milk me for every fucking drop."

Groans of obedience followed. Darien's fingers moved to Aznan's testicles to do as he was ordered, again with eagerness. Soon Darien's chin was wet with saliva and Aznan's cock was throbbing from the attention. Fuck, he really did suck dick well.

His balls tightened and Aznan felt the familiar pangs of ecstasy rise up to consume him. More moans came from his lover. This time, Darien's sucking became more intense. He moved faster, sucked harder. Aznan let out a gasp, right at the moment a warning klaxon sounded.

Darien pulled away at the exact instant Aznan orgasmed. "What the fuck is that?" he stammered, his voice reflecting his annoyance at being disturbed right before he could enjoy the rewards of his efforts.

All too late for Aznan.

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