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Dangerous Curves: Lusty Stories About Voluptuous Women
by Rachel Kenley

Category: Erotica/Romance
Description: Luscious cleavage, hips a lover can hold onto - these are only part of the wondrous qualities of the heroines in this varied and fiery anthology. With stories from Courtney Sheets, Catherine Paulssen, Clarice Clique, Lucy Felthouse, Angel Propps, Maggie Morton, Anna Fondant, Susan Swann, and Rachel Kenley, there is something for everyone whether it is newly discovered passion, the deepening of an existing relationship, or some intense f/f action! There is nothing hotter than a woman who knows the power of her own sexuality - and uses it for her pleasure and that of her partner!
eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance, 2012
eBookwise Release Date: May 2012


1 Reader Ratings:
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Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [181 KB]
Words: 40694
Reading time: 116-162 min.

by Courtney Sheets

Kismet was on her side, Desari Nazir thought as she climbed out of her beat-up Pontiac and headed into her cousin Omar's restaurant. Pushing open the door, Desari was overcome by the warmth. The hot air was a gift on the winter's night. The smell of Middle Eastern spices--curry, coriander, and cinnamon--overwhelmed her sense of smell and made her mouth water. Thankfully, when she finished dancing, a warm plate of curry chicken or something equally tempting would be waiting.

"Good evening, Dara, ready to dance?" Omar's smiling face greeted her. She grinned back, gestured at her watch, held up five fingers, and marched back to the dressing room. She needed a few minutes to put her makeup on and change.

Stripping out of the conservative suit she wore at her day job as sales manager at Michelson's Department store, Desari donned the low-slung amethyst skirt made of gauzy strips of silk. She shoved her ample breasts into the matching bra top. She tied her ankle bracelets on and secured the tika to her forehead. Desari finished off her jewelry with several hammered silver bracelets from Cairo given to her by her sister, Kissa, and dangling chandelier earrings from her other sister, Suhaila, picked up on a trip in Mumbai, completed her outfit.

The three sisters were identical in nearly every way except for their eyes and temperaments. Kissa had eyes that blazed like quicksilver. Suhaila's eyes were the blue of Egyptian lapis lazuli. The baby, Desari, was blessed with eyes the color of amethyst.

As she finished, Desari heard the first soft strains of music. Omar employed a local band to play Egyptian hip-hop as well as traditional backbeats. A restaurant and hookah lounge, The Sultan's Table had gone from novelty to top-notch eatery in a few short months. Business was booming.

When she finished putting on the last of her makeup, Desari surveyed her work in the full-length mirror. The conservative businesswoman was gone. Her eyes, outlined in rich black kohl, seemed larger. Lips were smeared a deep purple to match her costume. Her blue-black hair was released from its usual bun and spilled like a curtain in massive waves down her back. She slipped a half veil over her lips and went to wait for her entrance.

Standing behind the wooden door that led out on to the dance floor her curiosity got the better of her, which was a nightly occurrence. Giving in to the impulse, she peeked around the corner and smiled to see the room almost at capacity. Despite the nasty weather outside, the restaurant was hopping.

Scanning the tables, Desari got a feel for the crowd. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until she saw the party seated at the table closest to the dance floor. Desari's stomach plummeted to her feet.

This was a nightmare. The entire table was filled with Michelson's employees, including her fantasy boy toy and best friend, Kanin Reeves.

Kanin Reeves, big, blond, and possessing a body that could have been carved from marble by a Renaissance master, sat laughing at a table incredibly close to the stage. Three years of lust washed over her. She'd fantasized for years over his former quarterback's body while they shared coffee and hung out together. She never acted on her desire, afraid to destroy the best friendship she had ever had.

There was no way she could dance for him.

His icy blue eyes crinkled as he laughed at something Giselle Masters, department head of lingerie, said to him, his gaze on her exposed but nonexistent cleavage. Willowy and slender-boned, Giselle was the kind of woman gracing the covers of Vogue. Jealousy flowed thick and fierce through Desari's veins. Suddenly, she didn't feel like dancing at all.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? It is time for the woman you have come to see. The woman who commands the desert sands with the swish of her hips. The woman who makes men melt with a twirl of her... veil. A beautiful Egyptian rose descended from Queen Nefertiti herself." Desari felt her heart sink lower with each word. There was no escaping now. "Please welcome the one and only Dara!" Cousin Omar's voice boomed over the heavy drum beat Issam was pounding out.

Desari felt like crying, but held herself in check so she wouldn't suffer the indignity of kohl liner running down her face in black streaks. Thank God Omar had used her family nickname instead of her real name. Hopefully no one would make the connection between the sedate Desari and the exotic Dara.

Desari mustered up her courage and twirled the large silken body veil around her, then launched herself from her hiding place. The restaurant went wild at her entrance. The reaction was always the same, cheers and wolf whistles from the men, polite laughter or awe from the women. Determined to stayfar away from Kanin and her co-workers, Desari avoided that side of the room.

She shimmied, hip rolled, and veil danced. Losing herself in the music, she forgot her friends and Kanin. She never felt freer than when she danced. The music moved her. She let go with hedonistic abandon and embraced the sexual side of her nature.

Undulating her stomach muscles, Desari leaned backwards until she knelt on the dance floor and the back of her head touched the cool wood planks in an elaborate back bend. She rose gracefully, brushing her body with the silky veil. Forgetting everything and everyone, Desari let the sensuality of the dance take her over completely. She could entice a man with the shimmy of her hips.

Desari danced for ten minutes before Omar motioned her to the side. She maneuvered herself over to her cousin.

"Dance over at the other side. You're neglecting those tables over there." Omar said to her. "I will have Issam play Baladi." Desari shook her head, but Omar could not to be swayed. The song was loaded with syncopated drum beats, a song designed to test a belly dancer's ability.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're in for a treat. Our beautiful Egyptian rose has agreed to demonstrate the terrific control a belly dancer needs. She and Issam our drummer are going to duel. Issam with his drum, Dara with her stomach." Titters of laughter filled the room. "The table to guess the number of times Dara can do a full body undulation, known as a camel, will win a free dessert."

Reaching up, Desari checked to make sure her face veil was still in place before sneaking a glance at her friends. Kanin sat on the edge of his chair, his azure eyes stormy with hunger as they devoured the deep golden flesh exposed by her costume.

"Make it more interesting." Kanin's voice rang strong across the dance floor. The sound was husky and rough, sending shivers down her spine. Desari had never heard that tone from him before. Her nipples tightened painfully under his heated gaze. He licked his lips. Desari could almost feel the tug of those chiseled lips suckling her nipples. She bit back the whimper threatening to escape. Kanin smiled wickedly, as if he could read her mind.

"What would you ask for should you win?" Omar grabbed Desari's hand and led her closer to Kanin's table. Desari kept her eyes down. She couldn't risk anyone at the table recognizing her.

In a low whisper Kanin said, "I want a private dance from Dara."

Desari's head snapped up at the request, meeting his gaze, all thought of concealing her identity lost at the salacious request. She danced privately for parties and tourists before but doubted Kanin wanted the same type of dance. She licked her lips. A bolt of lightning shot to her pussy, the muscles tightening almost painfully. When Desari played this scenario in her fantasies, it usually involved her doing those full body undulations with his hard cock buried deep inside her slick heat.

"Dara, do you agree?" Omar asked.

Desari nodded, lust winning out over common sense. "We'll give everyone ten minutes to make their predictions."

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