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Fast And Furious
by Trista Ann Michaels

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: Allie likes things fast--cars, men, as well as every aspect of her life. She lives for the moment, which is probably how she found herself waist deep in the middle of a Russian drug cartel. As an undercover cop, she thought she had things well in hand. She was wrong. Three Navy Seals are sent in by Allie's father, SECNAV, to assess the situation. There's concern Allie's in serious danger, and her father wants her out; preferably in one piece. Chase, Logan, and Blaine are all attracted to her, but she will become much more to one of them. Unfortunately for Allie, witness relocation isn't an option. The Russians can always find them. For Allie to get out, she'll have to bring them down. Multiple partners, anal sex, violence.
eBook Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, 2012
eBookwise Release Date: May 2012


20 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [167 KB]
Words: 38509
Reading time: 110-154 min.

Chapter One

"So, Chase ... want to explain to me why we've been called into SECNAV, or should I just take a wild guess?"

Chase Borden turned to scowl at his fellow Navy Seal and one of his best friends, Logan Pierce, as he strolled into the room and nodded toward the young woman sitting at the secretary's desk. She smiled slightly and returned to her computer screen. She'd seen Logan enough that his good looks didn't appear to affect her like they did most women.

"Why are you asking me?" Chase asked with just a hint of agitation.

"Because the last two times the three of us have been called in here were because of you," Blaine Wong replied from his position on the sofa just a few feet away. He didn't even look up from the magazine he casually flipped through, so Chase ignored the desire to flip him off.

"Both of you can kiss my ass," Chase grumbled. "I have no idea why we're here." When both men snorted, his scowl deepened. "I swear."

The door to the Secretary of the Navy's office opened and another assistant stuck his head out. "Gentleman, the secretary will see you now."

All three men filed silently into the office and stood at attention before SECNAV's desk. "At ease," he said, then looked up from his desk. "This is more personal than business."

Chase and his friends relaxed their stance, but remained quiet as the secretary motioned for the door to be closed, giving them some privacy. It had been a while since Chase had seen the old man, and he'd aged quite a bit since then. Hazards of the job, Chase supposed. Living the last eight years as a Seal, he could certainly relate.

"This is a little out of the norm, but I have a very big favor to ask of you," the secretary began. "It concerns my daughter."

"Carrie?" Logan asked.

The secretary shook his head. "Not Carrie. Allie."

Chase tilted his head and frowned. "I don't believe we've met Allie."

Secretary Horne nodded and let out a tired sigh. "No one has."

"I'm not sure I understand," Logan murmured.

"Allie is the result of an affair I had many years ago. I've kept in touch with her as much as possible, but very few people know about her. Only my wife and a few close personal friends. And now you."

Chase raised an eyebrow at the fact his wife knew. Only a rare woman could forgive something like a child from an affair, or a woman who only cared about the money and prestige that being married to the Secretary of the Navy brought her. Judging from the distance Chase had witnessed between SECNAV and his wife, he would guess the latter.

"I see," Logan replied.

Chase shook his head, then spoke, dreading what he knew would be the answer. "What exactly, sir, is this favor?"

"It seems my daughter has gotten herself into a little trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" Blaine asked.

"My daughter has always liked fast cars. Loved them, as a matter of fact. Her stepfather worked in the pit crew of a Nascar driver. She grew up around that kind of life."

Chase glanced toward his friends, then back to the secretary, wondering where the hell this was going.

"Her stepfather didn't want her following in his footsteps, so he made a deal with her to go to college, to do something else with her life. Make cars her hobby, not her profession. She agreed, and I paid for it. After college, she joined the police force. After which, she got a chance to do undercover work, mostly because of her driving ability, and her knowledge of cars. She cut ties with me and disappeared from my life for fear her connection to me would be discovered. She's been undercover for over four years now, and her status has come into question."

"How are we supposed to help?" Chase asked.

He handed them each a packet. "I need you to check things out. See what's going on. I've gotten you jobs at her garage. Her business partner and manager of the shop, Dray, is expecting you in two days."

Chase frowned. "Her business partner knows what's going on?"

SECNAV nodded. "He's been with her almost as long as she's been under cover. She saved him from the streets. He feels he owes her his life. He began to question her constant disappearing. He became concerned she was involved in something dangerous so he confronted her. Guilted her into telling him the truth about what she did when she disappeared and who she really was. When he realized what she was knee deep in, he contacted me."

"That's foolish for an undercover cop--" Blaine began, but SECNAV held up his hand, stopping him.

"I would agree with you, but Allie and Dray have a very close relationship. Dray says she trusts him and that's all I need to know."

"But, sir--" Chase protested, about to argue that they were Seals, not baby sitters.

The secretary shook his head, stopping him. "I picked you three because I trust you. You're good at your jobs, and you're good with cars, especially Chase from what I understand. I need you to find out what her status is, make sure she hasn't turned, and if she's in danger as Dray believes, get her out. I don't care how, just do it. I can't go in and risk her persona. They can't know she's my daughter."

"What about her boss?" Chase asked.

"He is now aware of the situation and has agreed to let me snoop around first. They can't go in and get her out without blowing the whole five-year operation. Being SECNAV occasionally has its perks. We don't have a lot of time, though."

Logan glanced at Chase, then Blaine before turning back to SECNAV. "We're six months away from the end of our commitment to the Seals, five years away from our twenty-year commitment to the Navy. If we do this we want retirement from the military starting today with full benefits."

Chase raised an eyebrow at Logan's demand, but remained silent. He knew Logan wanted out, but he had no idea he'd take that kind of chance and make such a demand.

"Done," SECNAV replied without hesitation.

Logan frowned. "That was fast."

SECNAV waved his hand in dismissal. "I was prepared to offer it if necessary. I know your last mission was pretty rough and intelligence had been questionable at best--"

"Questionable? We were almost killed, sir, due to poor intelligence. I wonder if those idiots would recognize their asses from a hole in the ground much less good intelligence," Logan growled.

"Logan," Chase admonished.

SECNAV held up his hand, stopping Chase from saying anything more. "It's fine, Chase. I happen to agree with him on this one." He turned his stare to Logan and narrowed it slightly in warning. "But I would be careful who I say that in front of, Captain."

Logan bent his head slightly in acknowledgement, which was about as far as Logan would go toward admitting he was in the wrong.

Chase cleared his throat before speaking. "I don't know about the other two, but I think we need to talk about this."

The secretary stood and nodded to the man behind them to reopen his door. "I won't force you, since this isn't an official op, but I can strongly recommend. And I do."

"We'll let you know our answer within six hours," Logan said as he turned. Chase followed, knowing without a doubt Logan expected it.

Chase sat at the table at the local coffee shop and sipped his coffee. What he really wanted was a beer, but at eleven in the morning, a beer probably wasn't a good idea. He'd been looking forward to getting out of the Navy. He'd set back quite a bit of money in the hopes that once he was out, he could start his own shop. Like SECNAV's daughter, he had a history in racing and enjoyed tinkering with cars. They calmed him down, allowed him to think.

Logan wanted out for darker, emotional reasons. That last mission for him had been hell. At one point they'd been separated for quite a while. When they'd reunited, Logan hadn't been himself. Logan usually told them everything, but he'd never said a word about this or the nightmares he suffered from.

Blaine had just grown tired of all the killing. He'd talked often of visiting family he hadn't seen in years. As many times as they'd been close to death, family had become even more important to Blaine.

All three were silent, each thinking about the situation. Blaine set his cup down and sighed, his brow wrinkling in agitation.

"What do you guys think?" Chase asked.

Blaine held up the check that had been inside each of their envelopes and waved it in the air. "I'm thinking it's awfully hard to pass up seventy-five thousand dollars each."

"Did you notice that check is from his personal account?" Logan asked. "This is important to him if he's paying us out of his own money. It also means it's an off-the-book op, which means no backup."

Chase frowned. "Why would we need backup?"

"She's an undercover cop investigating God knows what. If we get into trouble with whatever group she's involved in, we're on our own."

"Never known you to be afraid," Blaine replied with interest.

"I'm not. I just want us all to be aware of what we're walking into."

"So we're leaving the Seals to protect a pampered, undercover police officer that's probably in over her head?" Blaine said as he slowly slid the check back into the envelope. "Is civilian life worth it?"

"I don't know," Chase replied with a snicker. "I haven't been a civilian in so long I've forgotten what it's like."

Logan snorted. "Yeah, no kiddin'." He stared at his cup as he slowly twirled it against the saucer. "I don't know about the two of you, but I'm ready to get out. That last op was..."

Chase nodded, understanding completely. They'd witnessed scenes that would stay with them forever. "I agree," Chase said. "Let's take it. Blaine?"

Blaine gave a nod. "I'm in. Seals wouldn't be the same without the two of you, anyway."

"See, now there he goes with that mushy shit again," Logan teased, trying to lighten the mood.

"I look at it this way," Blaine responded, grinning. "If I can share a girl with you two yahoos, I can speak my feelings about you."

"Just so long as you don't act on those feelings," Chase said as he lifted his cup. "That's all I'm sayin'."

Logan chuckled. "You both realize our balls have slapped up against each other, right? That sort of stuff happens when you share."

Chase set his cup down and eyed his friend across the table. "What are you saying, Logan? You like a little touchy-feely when we share?"

Logan stuck his middle finger in the air, making Chase and Blaine laugh. Blaine came to his feet and walked behind Logan. He leaned down and kissed the top of his head before rubbing his palm across it and giving him a slap against the top. "You love us and you know it."

"Don't rub it in," Logan grumbled. "I pay for that love every second of the damn day."

Chase laughed and stood as well. They were as close as three men could be. They lived together. They worked together. They had even been known to share the same woman. Foursomes were fun, but they all knew that sort of relationship would never last beyond a weekend. They also knew when one was developing more feelings for the girl than the other two. That was the moment to back away and let them explore things, but on occasion, even once the relationship developed further, the four would come together again for fun.

Unfortunately, because of their jobs, none of them had been able to hold on to a relationship. Their lives were too complicated and way too dangerous.

Chase dropped a tip onto the table. "We should probably get this over with if we're to make the flight he has us scheduled for."

Logan's eyebrow rose. "Interesting how he knew we would take it."

"My guess is," Chase replied in a low voice, "we would've been taking this job whether we wanted to or not."

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