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My First Spanking: An Anthology
by Cassandra Park

Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica/Romance
Description: For sex. For discipline. For revenge. For money ... For curiosity's sake. There are many reasons and ways to give and take a spanking, and in this erotic collection edited by Cassandra Park, 13 authors write about their first spanking-the way it happened or the way they dreamed it had happened. "My First Spanking" recalls younger, slightly more innocent days, days when we knew what we wanted, or had an idea, but were afraid to say the word. Days of meeting potential partners in quiet corners of restaurants, keeping our voices low. Days spent longing to find the person who knew how to take charge, and the nervous excitement when we knew it was about to happen at last. The characters in this collection are not all lovers, and the spankings are not always delivered with love. But there's always compassion, love, or at the very least lust between spanker and spankee. And in just about every case, they know that their first spanking is definitely not going to be their last.
eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance, 2012
eBookwise Release Date: March 2012


2 Reader Ratings:
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Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [202 KB]
Words: 45078
Reading time: 128-180 min.


By Cassandra Park
* * * *

If push came to shove, I probably couldn't tell you exactly how my first spanking happened, or where, except that it probably happened during or after sex, and probably started with a fun slap on the butt and evolved from there. I've been playing for so many years, my early days tend to get blurred together.

But I have a feeling I know the boyfriend who did it to me. He had a thin but muscular body and tons of energy. We were both in our early 20s--young, horny, and wanting to try everything. His parents were away and we had had sex on their bed. I have a vivid memory of him spanking me with his mother's wooden hairbrush. We were bad! Or at least I was. He was vanilla when I met him and I turned him into a spanker. He didn't need much convincing. Neither did most of the other "vanilla" guys I dated.

The story I contributed to "My First Spanking" is an amalgamation of the young girl I was, several old boyfriends, and the consensual/nonconsensual scene that occurred the first time a man dominated me. It was scary, painful, and I had never been so turned on. So the story is a bit of real life, a bit of fantasy.

Some of the stories here are real-life first spankings, too, such as "Scene and Heard," a girl-on-girl story about a stranger taking charge unexpectedly. The lust, the urgency, and the surprise of the female narrator make this an incredibly powerful story. It feels real, and as the author wrote me, "It was exactly how it happened--well, almost."

Stories in this collection represent men spanking women, women spanking men, women spanking women, men spanking men, and one retaliatory "gang spanking" ("Giving the Devil her Due"). A little more than half of the collection features heterosexual couples, but I aimed for balance, with a primary goal of picking the juiciest tales.

For the romantically inclined, "Naughty Boy" tells of a woman's realization that her boyfriend needs a spanking--and that she wants to give it to him. "Just Ask Me" is a humorous misadventure of a woman trying to figure out how to get her new lover to spank her without saying the actual words.

The stories are not politically correct. Some are far from it. A young woman down on her luck agrees to take a spanking for payment in "Turning Tramp." In the office fantasy "Tasked to Perfection," a demanding boss exerts his authority and spanks his new assistant. The sexy stripper in "Night Shift" has a bit of a controlling husband, but when she defies him and he challenges her, things just get hot and heavy.

Yes, there's sex, or at least hints of it, within. Throughout this collection about first spankings, we find characters discovering how much giving and taking a spanking turns them on. Spankings are about sex, as we all know--even when they're not about sex.

I hope these stories bring back some of your own memories of your first spanking, get you thinking about some of the blissful places a good paddling can take you, and maybe have you planning your next scene.

* * * *

Just Ask Me

by Erica Scott
* * * *

"He did what?" Tim spluttered, his forkful of pasta stopping halfway to his lips.

"You heard me," Ally laughed. "It was the end of that evening, believe me!"

She and Tim sat across from each other in a cozy booth, sharing their fourth date. They were at the endless conversation stage, and tonight, the subject had wandered into past relationships. Ally, at 26, had had more dates from hell than long-term relationships, while Tim, 35, had been married before.

Ally liked Tim. He was fun to be with, intelligent, attractive. As always with new men, she listened and watched carefully for clues; hints that maybe, just maybe, he might be the one who could tap into a desire she'd had for as long as she could remember. One she hadn't talked about with anyone, but had spent many hours in front of the computer exploring.

"So," she said shyly, poking at her salmon, "what happened with your ex?"

Tim shrugged, taking a sip of his Cabernet. "Typical story--we got married too young. We didn't really have enough in common to sustain a good marriage, but at the time, we thought lust was enough, you know?"

Ally willed herself not to blush, her eyes flickering to her plate. She and Tim had had sex on their second date, so she knew how powerful that lust could be. He was amazing. "What was she like?"

He didn't answer at first, gathering his thoughts, helping himself to another roll. "She was a wild little thing--very impulsive, had a temper, always up for a good time. That was fun in the beginning, but it got old when we were married. I was working and still in school, and she expected me to be a constant source of entertainment."

"I can see how that would get tedious," Ally murmured. She was hardly a "wild little thing," herself.

Tim's lips curled into a half-smile. "We did have some crazy times. She was a bit kinky, too."

That old familiar lurch in the pit of her stomach reared up, and Ally swallowed carefully, her nerves buzzing in her ears. "How so?" she asked, hoping her voice sounded casual.

He grinned, dropping his voice slightly. "Well, among other things, she loved being spanked. Hey, are you OK?"

Ally couldn't answer as she pressed her napkin to her face, choking on the gulp of wine that had gone down the wrong way. Tears came to her eyes, but she nodded her head vigorously. He didn't just say that. Oh my God. Oh my God.

"Excuse me for a sec," she croaked, and she got up and dashed to the restroom, still coughing. Once there, she ran into a stall, locked the door and leaned against it, feeling waves of heat rising off her face.

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