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Wicked Knight
by Tierney O'Malley

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: Ruggedly handsome pediatrician, Dr. Tristan Knight, is done with marriage. Once is enough. Eager to avoid making another mistake of getting trapped in marriage vows, Tristan wields strong control to suppress his growing attraction to his sister's friend, Julie Parrish. But his resolve is tested when an unusual request for help lands on his lap--marry Julie. Author and former model, Julie Parrish has been trying to keep her image clean, otherwise, her drunkard father will get the inheritance her mother has left her. She will never let that happen. But her stepmother, Marla, has learned about the will's stipulation. Since then, she's been attempting to prove to the lawyers that Julie is far from being clean. Fortunately, her mother has added an out to the will. Marriage. So when Tristan surprised her by offering his help to end her problem with Marla, she accepts. But Julie wants more than just a ring. She wants the elusive doctor's heart.
eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/extasy Books, 2012 2012
eBookwise Release Date: March 2012


8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [273 KB]
Words: 59311
Reading time: 169-237 min.

Chapter One

* * * *

"God damn it, Bors! That was uncalled for."

"Bullshit!" Bors yelled back and shoved Tristan. "Learn the game, Doctor. Or quit playing. Such a fuck--"

Julie cringed at the sound of flesh hitting against flesh as the two brothers collided. Why football was such a popular game and pastime, she had no idea. They pushed, hit, and tackled. In her personal opinion, the men played the game to boast their pure macho chauvinistic prowess. And watching the Knight Brothers tackle and plow each other to the ground to gain possession of the football was all that--power showmanship.

Loud grunts and cursing that would put a drunken harlot to shame mixed with the sounds of shoes scuffling on the dusty yard with patches of green and brown grass. The spring sun beat down on them, making their sweat shine and more visible. From the doorway, Julie stood and watched the brothers use their bodies to slam against each other repeatedly. What a nutty way to show their love for the game, she thought.

Yet, the brothers were far from nutty. They were all magnificent specimens and a remarkable sight--as remarkable as the panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains, Peninsula, and Puget Sound. She switched looking from the view to the men. Yup, equally remarkable

Over six feet in height, physical strength, and weight, rugged and powerful, dark hair, blue eyes, and oozing with sex appeal--what more could a man want to possess? She often wondered if they were gods from Olympus. Really, the only place she'd been where handsome men--nearly perfect in everything physical--was at the studio where she had a photo shoot for a GAP commercial.

Unlike the clean-cut, manicured men with super white teeth in the modeling agency, these guys didn't mind getting dirty at all. Watching the Knights brought the same reaction to her insides as the panoramic views of the snow-capped Olympic Mountain range and breathtaking sunsets. All made her sigh.

Bors, the longhaired FBI Agent in the family, the one who looked dangerous and lethal just when he walked, let out a profanity so vulgar Julie quickly filed it at the back of her brain. The villain in her new novel could use those words.

"Fuck, you nearly broke my arm."

"Learn the game, sissy. Or quit playing." Tristan smirked at Bors before he positioned himself at the back of the line. Kirsten, her best friend and only girl in the Knight family, told her Tristan always played as a quarterback.

"Fuck you!"

"Damn it, you two. Just play the goddamn game." Percival, the ever peacemaker brother, stood in between Tristan and Bors, shoving each brother on the chest.

Julie smiled. Percival worked for the government, too, as a computer analyst. His eyes showed intelligence. Among the brothers, Percival had the face any woman would call an angel. A woman could drown in the deep pool of his blue eyes. Not her though.

"Darlings, please play nice. Bors, your curse jar is almost full," Katherine, the boys' mother, said smiling, without a hint of alarm in her voice.

How in the world the woman remained calm when it looked like her sons were ready to squeeze the breath out of each other, Julie had no idea.

"Sorry, Mom!" Bors apologized sheepishly to his mother, then turned around to hit Tristan on the shoulder with his own.

Tristan moved toward Bors, then stopped. He shook his head at his brother, who grinned in return. "Cheap shots. You learn that from being an FBI agent?"

"I call it a smart shot, you asswipe."

Julie couldn't help herself as she burst out laughing.

The men stopped their bickering and looked at her. All looked pleased for making her laugh.

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