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Slaves of The Pentacle - Part 2
by Simon Grail

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Lyn Caxton and her daughter Pippa are being prepared by Viktor Wolff to be his unwilling agents in a quest to free him from his enforced exile in this world. Naked and collared they have no choice but to obey, or else the other will suffer. Lyn is sent through to Wolff's castle home in Albion where she meets his sinister golem servants and learns discipline at their hands. Meanwhile Wolff entertains Pippa in his laboratory where she takes part in a most intimate and unusual experiment. This is the second part of a series of stories following Lyn and Pippa as they struggle to survive torments both here and the alternate world of Albion Magna, where female slavery is the norm and women's minds and bodies are moulded to suit their masters' desires.
eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/FetishWorld,
eBookwise Release Date: February 2012


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [80 KB]
Words: 16980
Reading time: 48-67 min.


Mother and daughter Lyn and Pippa Caxton arrived at the isolated Grange in Hampshire, the house of Viktor Wolff, to take up posts as housekeeper/secretary and companion/ tutor to his daughter Dawn. But Dawn is actually a slave and Wolff is revealed as a thaumaturgist from an alternate version of England who has been trapped in this world by the trickery of a rival mage. He drugs, strips and enslaves Lyn and Pippa and then uses his powers of metamorphic alchemy to alter their bodies to become more sexually responsive and pleasurable. By holding one of them hostage he can force the other to cross into his world and track down the five abducted slave girls who are the key to unlocking the pentacle gateway which is barring his return. While a chained and leashed Pippa looks on, her mother steps into the pentacle...


With Dawn by her side, Lyn walked tremulously across the activated pentacle, each jerky step sending little shivers through her large bare breasts. About her the five naked and caged female slaves continued to pump their hips and moan softly about their gags, working themselves off on the intricate silver phallus shafts that rose from the points of the pentacle to impale their sexes, and by so doing somehow providing the power that held open a gateway between different realities.

Lyn felt sickness knotting her stomach. Apart from fear of the unknown she knew she was not only leaving behind her whole world, but also her hostage daughter. But she had no choice. She had to succeed in her mission or else Pippa would suffer at Wolff's hands. Last night's sadomasochistic ordeal had taught her just how cruel he could be and had left her feeling more revolted than she had dare admit openly. If it had been just her alone caught up in this mad nightmare she might have risked defying Wolff, or else allowing her fear and shame to overwhelm her and breaking down entirely. But now she had to be resolute and strong for Pippa's sake.

As she crossed the pentacle Lyn could feel the warmth from Dawn's naked body close to hers and took some primitive comfort from it. They were both clad only in slave cuffs and collars and Lyn had never felt so vulnerable and afraid before so it was nice to have company, even if it was that of a girl as helpless as she was.

The bricks under their feet became smooth polished flagstones and the cellar walls faded as grander stone columns and archways took their place. Then they were standing in a far loftier and grander chamber of pale, neatly coursed stone, softly lit by football sized white globes mounted on wall brackets, and similar to the cellar of the Grange only in that it also had a white pentacle inscribed in its floor. Lyn hadn't felt anything during the transition, except perhaps in her imagination, but looking back she saw that the cellar, Wolff and Pippa had been reduced to ghostly shimmers.

Dawn crossed to an arched doorway that appeared to be the only exit from the windowless chamber. The heavy door was secured by three massive bolts that she slid back one by one. 'After the theft of the castle pentacle girls the chamber is kept locked from the inside,' she explained as she swung the door wide. 'The Master doesn't want to risk Durand getting that close to the Pentacle again in case he shuts it for good.'

She led Lyn out into the lowest landing of a large stone spiral staircase and closed the door behind her. The stairway was lit by more of the glowing globes although daylight filtered down from somewhere further up the spiral.

Lyn realized Dawn was standing by the closed door, listening.

'What are you doing?' Lyn asked.

'I must wait until the door is bolted again, Mistress,' Dawn said.

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