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Brown Eyed Girls
by Chris Burrows

Category: Erotica/Classic Erotica
Description: A set of eight short, erotic stories about some of the 'Brown Eyed Girls' Chris Burrows has met along the journey?, along the way of his eventful life. Chris has lived in various Asian countries for longer than he cares to remember and, in this set of stories, takes a break from his exploits in 'Transgenderland', to faithfully recount the true (really!) stories of some of his other escapades, or those of his close friends. Whether the stories begin with some form of physical exercise such hiking, walking or cycling, when Brown Eyed Girls are around, another form of physical exercise always seems to eventuate, and most stories have a fitting climax?.!! In some stories names have been changed to protect the guilty?.
eBook Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing USA, 2012 2012
eBookwise Release Date: February 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [49 KB]
Words: 6994
Reading time: 19-27 min.

I WEARILY EASED THE front door open, quickly untied my laces and kicked off my training shoes, letting my, by now empty, rucksack drop onto the tiled floor.

'Ooh, my goodness,' I grimaced. 'I think my calf muscles are about to explode--and the pain in my thighs... well, I just couldn't begin to describe it... ow, ow, ow.'

'Yes, it was really quite a hike,' she smiled, placing her forearm on my shoulder, her brown, almond shaped, eyes aglow. 'Almost twenty five...twenty-five kilometres in 30C heat. Tough. But at least we did it.'

'Yes, indeed we did. Yet, it was much worse for me, my dear,' I teased. 'I'm just on 20 years older than you, remember?'

'I know, I know... but you insisted. Some sort of macho test for yourself I guess,' she teased back, flashing a wise, knowing smile. 'See if you've still got it in you, ha, whatever that 'it' is!' she added putting the palm of her hand in the centre of my back and giving me a gentle rub.

'Oh, can you put some rice on to boil, I'm going to have the first shower.'

I peeled off my sweaty tee-shirt, shorts and socks and began to fill the rice cooker with water, then added a cup of brown rice. 'Mmm, I must take out my contact lenses once I've done this. My eyes feel so tired and dry; all that sunshine.'

The steam from the hot shower was making an impenetrable mist a little above waist height and I ducked down to squint into the wall mirror. A reflection stared back at me through the glass partition of the shower cubicle; two firm, tanned buttocks. Long, black hair flowing to waist length; wet through and plastered, in parts, to her back.

The sound of the tumbling shower disguising my suddenly, heavy breathing. Jeez, look at that. What a figure she's got; curves in all the right places. Wow, it never ceases to amaze me.

A glimpse of her 'triangle' as she turned, the wet pubic hairs tangled together but, unmistakeable, guarding the entrance to her pussy. Bloody hell, inviting or what? Forget about your aches and pains.

Flat stomach rising to the contours of the underside of her breasts: full and firm; nipples standing erect, as always. How she keeps her figure so toned, I don't know; mind you she's only 25 I guess. Hey what are you doing? I asked my cock, rhetorically, as it leaped to attention.

I tried to rub a clear circle on the shower screen, needing, demanding, a better view of the Vision before me.

'Oh, you gave me a fright. How long have you been here?'

'Sorry, contact lenses hurting,' I mumbled. 'Looking for the lens solution.'

'In the shower cubicle?' she smiled. 'Why don't you come on in? It's so nice. Do your aching legs good.'

And my aching cock, I thought, as I dropped my shorts, slid open the shower door, and skipped inside to join her. Jeezus, she's definitely got a figure to die for; what a way to go.

Long, arching erection skimming up her buttocks and nestling in the small of her back. Cock so hard it almost hurt. Balls against her crevice, I reached around her for her nipples, cupping one of her breasts in my left hand and simultaneously nuzzling her neck.

'Ooo," she sighed as her own pleasures stirred. 'Ooh, nice.'

She threw her head back and moaned contentedly, wiggling her bottom against my cock--before grabbing it with a soapy hand, and squeezing gently, as if to absorb the hardness of my organ.

Oh, Christ--feels like an electric shock just ran through me. What's she doing to my balls?

I bent my knees slightly to probe and prod and, finally, I slipped my cock into her pussy from behind her. She leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees--and gasped as the girth of my organ filled her cavity.

Cold shower screen against my back; hot, horny pussy on my cock.

I pushed ever so gently, feeling my foreskin ride up and down as the length of my cock moved inside her; my exposed bell-end savouring the taste of pussy juice as she became wetter and wetter.

My groin and her ass co-joined as we found a rhythm, my balls swinging as we rocked to and fro.

'John, John, John!' she cried, placing her hands against the far shower wall and pushing back against me. 'Oh, god, you're going to make me..., make me... come!'

'Likewise, my love, likewise,' I managed to grunt, struggling momentarily to stay inside her as she squirmed and wriggled in the last throes of her orgasmic build up.

Her orgasmic wail was something to behold; sounds so guttural, so base that, at times, they didn't seem human. Yet she ranted for close to two minutes before her chants subsided gradually, her body spent.

Yet not before she eased her ass even harder against my groin, clenched the muscles of the wall of her pussy and made me shout... and shout... and shout as I came... and came; the power of my orgasmic release still rippling through my knees and thighs, just as an aftershock would, at least five minutes later.

And the shower ran and ran.

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