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Little Nothings
by Aurora Rose Lynn

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: A strange, and very male, request in a lingerie shop can lead to trouble . . . When a woman works in a lingerie shop, she can expect a few strange requests. But when Kitty McAllister is asked to model a little nothing for a complete stranger, refusal doesn't seem an option with such a handsome man facing her. Can she make love to Colby Hewett although trouble from the past is looming above her?
eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, 2011
eBookwise Release Date: February 2012


2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [198 KB]
Words: 41952
Reading time: 119-167 min.

Kitty McAllister fingered the fabric of the silky, black lace negligee. Her tongue roamed over her bottom lip, moist with coral lipstick. Wearing such a seductive piece of clothing, she could become a starving man's passionate temptress.

She imagined herself rising phoenix-like from the ashes of her old self. As she rose, the midnight-dark material flowed around her in the light breeze, caressing her naked thighs, brushing her sensitised nipples. The slight breeze tousled tendrils of her long, chestnut-coloured hair nearest her heart-shaped face and the brilliant sun shone directly on her head, illuminating her beauty and her near-nakedness. She rose higher and higher above the earth, adored by the men worshipping at her feet. One man--his eyes darkened with desire--reached out and lifted her negligee higher, revealing her creamy thighs. When he touched her throbbing clit with a reverent fingertip, she cried out with pleasure.

"Pretty piece, isn't it?" her boss asked, interrupting her daydream.

"Yes. It is." Kitty's voice was too husky. She had to get her mind back to work, back to the dull task of tagging alluring pieces of clothing meant for other women.

"All these little nothings make me want sex all the time," Erica Saunders murmured. "Best to get this new shipment out on the floor." Her black leather skirt hugged her hourglass figure along the hips. Kitty saw no evidence of a bra under the thick silk of her white blouse. Next to her, Kitty couldn't help but feel like an ugly duckling in a peach-coloured wool sweater and black gabardine pants.

With the daydream still potent and vivid, Kitty nodded, unable to think of anything to say. Almost twenty-six, and she hadn't had a date in longer than she cared to admit. She busied herself ticketing clothing near the cash register on the glass-topped display counter.

"Do you wear these at home?" she blurted out, allowing her gaze to roam Intimates by Erica.

"What do you mean?"

"For inspiration. Trying them out on men. To see how they respond," Kitty elaborated, knowing Erica was unattached and preferred to keep men at a distance.

Erica frowned. "I love the pieces but I often think they're too sensual for a casual evening. So I guess the answer to your question is no, I don't."

Kitty wondered at her new boss. After two weeks, the woman was as much a puzzle as she had been when Kitty had first started working for her.

"Sometimes, I get hot and bothered. I do what any woman in my position would do." Erica moistened her crimson lips.

Probably play with herself, Kitty realised, envying her for how chic and sensual she always appeared. As simple an act as licking her lips revealed her seductive nature.

A pencil-thin man strolled in. Kitty pegged him as a casual walk-in, with no intention of purchasing anything. To her surprise, he selected a pink, two-piece teddy and panty set and lifted the hanger up to examine the piece.

"Lordy, but he must be a cross-dresser," Erica whispered. "Get a fair amount of those in this business."

"Does this come with less material?" he asked in a shrill voice.

That's when Kitty saw his overdone makeup. He blinked with eyelashes heavily thickened with mascara.

Erica smiled sweetly. "No."

His glare would have shattered nearby glass. The muscles in his cheek twitched. He stuck the hanger back on the rack and stormed out.

"He's just upset because I don't have the right fabric."

Kitty threw her hands up in the air. "I'm staying out of this one. I know nothing about cross-dressers." The man had looked terrible wearing tons of mascara and eye shadow.

Erica shrugged. "A few years ago, I decided that one way to make women feel good about themselves was to create clothing that made them feel feminine and powerful. What else does a woman have for assets?"

"What did you do before you came up with the idea behind Intimates by Erica?" Her boss was nothing if not innovative.

"I had a bridal gown business. But what's the point of being beautiful for one day when a woman should feel beautiful every day? I wanted to give more, more to women to help them feel pretty every day, and every night, if they wanted."

Kitty wanted that. To feel pretty, instead of vulnerable. To feel feminine, instead of cheap and used. She pushed the ticket machine's button with a vengeance as she tagged little nothings. "Your work is beautiful," she murmured.

"Women should be able to strut their stuff in private. To show their nipples and their pussies, to make a man think with his cock."

Kitty blinked several times. Her mouth fell open. Erica had never spoken with such frankness before.

"Take a couple of these home with you tonight. Knock the man in your life into seventh heaven when he sees you."

Kitty had no man waiting for her at home. Not since Brad had dumped her. What would it hurt to try one on? To check for fit? "I couldn't do that. It's just not me."

"Honey, if you try one of these on, you won't want to be you." The other woman gave a knowing smile.

She glanced out into the mall. A mesmerising man dressed in a white golf shirt and black jeans sat on a wooden slat bench beside a fake, potted fern. The shirt emphasised his broad shoulders, his powerful biceps, and his super-flat abs.

"Now there's a hunk," Kitty whispered.

Erica turned to look out into the mall. "He's been out there every lunch hour this week. If he stops by tomorrow, he'll be batting a five-day-in-a-row average."

"I hadn't noticed." Only watched for him every chance she got.

Erica laughed. "Sure you didn't."

The handsome man made the mundane act of eating appear as if he was ravishing a woman. He held the double-decker burger with long, blunt-tipped fingers. His pronounced Adam's apple bobbed up and down.

Kitty was lost to everything but the stranger's presence. Smoky blue eyes stared into hers. She was suddenly the only woman in the whole world. His hungry gaze devoured her from the top of her pinned-up hair to the soles of her feet encased in sensible pumps. His slow, provocative grin made her insides sizzle.

She couldn't help herself. She gave him a blatant wink and almost choked when he winked back. He looked away, a self-assured man confident he had conquered.

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