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Naughty Mommy and Santa's Helpers
by Trinity Blacio

Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Description: After being married for a year and giving birth to triplets, Annabelle is ready to try her hand at the family business: Christmas! Will she be able to convince her husbands that her new project, Elves Hot Line won't get in the way of raising their children? Will her project be able to distract her from what she really wants- her masters' touch, all three of them, before someone else tries to kill them. Marcus, Alocer, and Lance know their wife is still trying to find her place in their family, but they are bound to keep her and their children protected at all costs. Slowly, their secret has spread, that the beasts of the Christmas legend would save the innocent. But while some are happy they have arrived, others will try to destroy them, by killing the one thing that held the three of them together: their Naughty Angel.
eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance, 2011 2011
eBookwise Release Date: February 2012


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [130 KB]
Words: 31110
Reading time: 88-124 min.

Chapter One

Annabelle Vecchio tapped her pen on the pad of paper in her loft studio, where her best friend Sandy sat across from her on the window seat looking out at the grounds of her home. Her sons and daughter were sound asleep in their bassinets at the other end of the room. It was safe for them to be up here since she wasn't painting today and no harmful fumes would be floating around.

She sighed and glanced at the snow falling all around outside. Annabelle still couldn't believe it, not one of her men had said a word to her about her adventure out of the house yesterday. They hadn't even taken advantage of the spanking bench at Pundegr's new club, Elves Hot List. Annabelle knew her body was healed from the birth of her children. She had even gone to the doctor last week to make sure, but they still would not touch her.

The St. Andrew Cross on the stage of Pundegr's club had actually made her drool, remembering the times her men had strapped her onto their own cross, in their own private play room, which was now locked and collecting dust.

A bright flash brought her attention to the two men who had just come into her study. "Hey, what was that for?"

She smiled at Marcus as he moved over to the babies. He wore a pair of black jeans and a tank top. Even though it was snowing outside, all of her men wore hardly any clothing when at all possible. On the table, there were two hot turkey sandwiches and some drinks.

"I wanted a picture of you two for the childrens' album, and you were both so deep in thought, it was a perfect picture. Look, you have this faraway look on your face, and Sandy, the sun setting on her hair, well, it's beautiful." Marcus pulled out a chair for her at the small table and handed her the camera.

Sure enough the picture was amazing and perfect for her little venture. Annabelle grinned up at Marcus. "I want a 5 x 7 please. It will be perfect for my website." She cut a bit of her sandwich with her fork as Sandy sat across from her.

Dwayne sat down next to Sandy and leaned over, kissing her neck. "I want a copy too. My wife takes an excellent picture."

Sandy rolled her eyes and patted Anabelle's brother's arm. Annabelle couldn't be happier for the both of them. It had taken those two months after Annabelle's wedding to finally admit they were mates and tie the knot. Both were now living in the garden house, behind the estate, her brother demanding to take over security for all of them.

"Shit!" The cold wet fabric of her dress stuck to her as she glanced down at the stain the breast milk had made on her dress. As if on cue, her first born son, Ashton woke crying.

Marcus leaned over the back of her chair and nibbled on her neck. "That's why you should just be naked. You have gone through four dresses this week with your milk staining each one. "

She snorted and pushed him away. "Hush, I can't very go around naked when we have people running around the house all the time. Now go get your son, before he wakes the other two." Annabelle pushed him away and watched him move to their children.

Marcus's jeans were snug and rode low on his hips. Annabelle would never get tired of watching his backside. Two months of no sex had her panting every time she watched him walk by.

"There she goes again. I swear I'll be glad when this week is over." Dwayne laughed, and waved his hand in front of her.

She slapped his hand away and reached for Ashton. "That's not going to matter. Hell, I even went to the doctor last week and he gave me a clean bill of health, but they still won't touch me. I was even in Pundegr's new club and they did nothing!" Annabelle moved her dress to the side, her son bit down onto her breast, while he suckled her nipple and started to feed, his small fangs pierced around her nipple to get his supply of blood with the milk.

Marcus sat down next to her and turned her chair towards him. "We want you Annabelle. It's just that you had a very hard time delivering our children. We want to give you extra time to heal. You know we have no choice Annabelle, the council has called a conference, and we all have to be there. I think they want Alocer as one of the members, now that his father is dead, and we are not going to discuss your adventure last week." He snarled the last part.

Alocer came into the room. "Like I would take up a position on the council. We have enough crap to deal with here. The demons still want control of New York, and the Danker family has been stirring up trouble among your race. Marcus is right though, You don't need to be bringing up that incident again,. Pundegr and I are going to have a long talk." He leaned down and kissed her, then the baby.

"How's Ashton doing today?" He tickled his tiny foot and pulled the other chair over to the table, straddling it.

"All of them have been angels. How is your father doing with the Christmas load this year? Is he a head of schedule, or behind? We only have one month left." Annabelle jerked and tapped her son's nose. "Enough Ashton." His small fangs once more pierced her skin when she tried to remove him from her breast.

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