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Pilot in Command
by Viola Grace

Category: Romance/Science Fiction
Description: Helen has enjoyed her tenure as an Alliance pilot, but working with unpredictable crews is wearing on her nerves. When an incident of defense of the innocent via mutiny ends her career, controlling warships is over. Joining the Sector Guard felt right, but if she had known what was ahead of her, she may have held back when the handsome Azon doctor offered her a job. Hyder has always known the matches that he sees are the perfect mate for the person he is speaking to. He may not know a name, or a location, but he knows what everyone's perfect match looks like. Seeing himself as the Terran's perfect match is a surprise, but when he looks her over, he is sure he is up to the challenge. He just has to put Pilot in command.
eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/Devine Destinies, 2011 2011
eBookwise Release Date: January 2012


28 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [90 KB]
Words: 18387
Reading time: 52-73 min.

"I have been over all of the reports from beginning to end. I watched the battle from all angles, including the civilian ships that you refused to abandon. You are a very brave woman, Pilot Taline."

She blushed and she knew that her tank-pale skin was turning bright red. "I did what I had to based on the situation."

"And refused to leave until the raiders were beaten back and retreated."

She took a look around the silent medical bay and the lone doctor that attended her. "I have been fired."

He looked up and laughed. "No. You have not been fired. You have been offered a commendation and a sort of a promotion."

She made sure that she was wearing a sheet before she moved and she held it to her breasts while she tried to swing her legs over to dangle off the edge of the medical bed. "What kind of promotion?"

"There is a new position in the Alliance that is about to be offered to you. It is an offer made only to exceptional members of their races and species. You qualify for that distinction." He watched her carefully as she slowly started to swing her legs. "How long were you in that tank?"

"Two years. I tried to work out when I could."

Her bare legs clearly showed the ports in her skin as did her arms, chest and her temples and the base of her skull.

She had been altered to join to a warship and now that was being taken away from her. "What kind of position would this be?"

"You would be a pilot but in a smaller ship."


"Because I need a pilot and you are the best there is."

She snorted and looked at him in shock. "I am supposed to go from being a living warship to a private driver? That is considered a promotion?"

He crossed his arms and scowled. "It isn't a bad deal. I am considered charming in some sectors."

"It isn't personal, but I used to be able to tear holes in space and jump across it in an instant. This will be a step down for me."

He nodded. "I see. What do you know about Reflex ships?"

She froze in place and then started kicking her legs again. "Tell me more."

He leaned forward with a smile lighting the sharp curve of his lips and did just that.

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