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The Sexiest Time Of The Year: Erotic Encounters At The Yule Season
by Sascha Illyvich

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: During the holiday season everyone's thoughys turn to amour. Everyone has an idea of what kind of romantic or sexual encounter they want as a present. No wonder it is the sexiest time of the year. Have a happy, merry, and - best of all - kinky holiday season with this anthology of yule erotica! Wishes are fulfilled from true love to forbidden sexual longings in these stories by Clarice Clique, JP Archer And Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, and edited by our own master of erotic romance, Sascha Illyvich!
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler,
eBookwise Release Date: December 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [239 KB]
Words: 54225
Reading time: 154-216 min.


The woman, who was not a woman any longer, she was the chosen, the blessed, the sacrifice, smiled as the four hags oiled down her naked body. Her smile was not discrete, her lips parted, spreading wide to reveal perfect white teeth.

Therion pulled his cloak tighter around his stout body as he watched the ritual. He was certain that if the sacrifice wasn't already blindfolded, her green eyes would be laughing and teasing him as they had done when she had a name and she danced through the clan as if she was the most powerful person in it, not him.

Even her eyes had worn that same expression when he'd looked into the fires and called her forward as the winter offering. He'd expected her to be one of the ones who fought and resisted. He'd been looking forward to subduing her and in her low bows and her easy submission to the painful magic and toxic potions of the preparation; Therion was somehow certain he saw merry defiance in her seemingly submissive postures.

There had been murmurings about her selection of course. His own apprentice, normally such a shy boy, had approached him.

"Great Master, forgive me for questioning your wisdom. I will accept any punishment you choose for my insolence, but ... but is there any possibility that you mistook the vision? We are only mortal men; it is natural that sometimes we err in interpreting the gods' wishes. It is said, I have heard, that the sacrifice is not pure." The boy whispered "not pure" as if the words could corrupt his young mind.

Therion slapped his apprentice across his face so hard that the boy stumbled to the floor, blood dripping from his lip.

"You are not questioning me. You are questioning the gods!" Therion marched away.

In truth, Therion realized he was fortunate that none of the men of higher standing had been brave enough to approach him. How far would he have been able to push the deceit? And if it was decided that he was deliberately false, he and the "not pure" sacrifice would be given a dishonorable death of stoning and left for common animals to devour. His timid apprentice would become the Master and another female would be hastily prepared and sacrificed to the flames to ensure the end of winter, the lengthening of days and the returning heat of the sun. His and his sacrifice's spirits would never know warmth again though, no rites would be read and their souls would be imprisoned in ice for eternity.

As Therion's eyes travelled over the long golden limbs of the sacrifice, pausing on the soft auburn curls between her legs and the ripe curve of her breasts, he considered the risk he'd taken in order to obtain her before him like this. The gnarled hands of one of the hags kneaded the sacrifice's hard pink nipples and the sacrifice emitted a soft moan. The hardness hidden under Therion's cloaks told him the risk had been worth it.

In all the long determined years of servitude to the gods he'd never been tempted by a woman. Until that time he'd came upon the sacrifice when she was still a girl. The sky was a deep red, all the good people of the clan were safe in their homes, Therion was doing the necessary chants around the forest to ensure the dangers of the night did not infect his people. And then he'd seen her.

In the clearing beside his abode, a place where rituals of cleansing and the festival of winter light was celebrated, that's where she'd been. And she hadn't been alone. She was kneeling on the ground and around her were freaks from the travelling fayre that he'd earlier forbidden from talking to any of his people. But here around her, couples were twisted in impossible shapes; a creature which was neither male nor female, or rather was both male and female was naked pleasuring itself. It was the girl he could not stop looking at though; the top of her dress was pulled down and the hem of the skirt was around her waist.

A dwarf was between her thighs, his head buried deep in her private place.

Two identical men, unnaturally joined at the hip stood naked behind her and she gripped their manhood in each of her hands. Lost in their depravities the group showed no awareness of his arrival in their midst. Apart from her. Even in the fading light he was certain she looked directly at him, her eyes sparkling, her lips flashing a smile, before she turned and took the whole length of one of the men in her mouth. She thrust her head backwards and forwards while her hand continued to work on the other man.

The man in her mouth put his hands on the back of her head and pushed into her, letting out a loud groan.

Swiftly she moved her lips to the other man and he mirrored his brother's groan. The girl returned her eyes to Therion and parted her lips wide, revealing the white cream filling her mouth. Then she swallowed and brazenly laughed. Her companions joined in her bold mirth, and it was Therion who scurried away into his house as if he was the one that should be ashamed.

The things he done to his body that night and many nights following as the vision of the girl constantly filled his mind, were indeed shameful. When he passed her by chance in the street, it was him her lowered his head while she skipped past with her dancing eyes. It had taken fifteen days before he felt in control of himself and able to summon her into his presence.

He sat on his high chair, the most ornate in the clan.

She knelt before him as was appropriate, but looking at her, it was the image of her kneeling before the freaks, her mouth and hands busy pleasuring them, which filled Therion's mind.

"The behavior I witnessed with those people, whom you are aware I banned from the sanctity of our clan, deserves the severest punishment."

She raised her eyes and met his gaze in a manner that made his body stir.

He swallowed and forced himself to continue. "I believe they infected you with their..."

"Perhaps, it was me that infected them. Maybe I chased after them when I saw how you dismissed them and suggested a," she tilted her head to the side as if she was considering the correct words, "fun way to show you they're not freaks or abominations but men like every other man? Did you consider that, Therion?"

There was so much in what she'd said that would have justified having her flayed ten times over, but his heart was beating fast. When she'd pronounced his name he had not roared at her insolence but blushed like a maiden.

"If I told you the things I can do, the things I see at night, the things I know and feel, you would have to punish me, but I'm not a freak or an abomination. I've been given a gift. Be brave, let me serve you. Make me your apprentice and I'll show you things you could never dream of."

"A female cannot be an apprentice." His voice sounded weak. "To even think such a thing reveals a deep darkness in your soul."

The girl shrugged and stood up without waiting for his judgment or dismissal. She turned on her heal and walked out of his presence, her hips swaying in a manner that Therion couldn't pretend not to notice.

There was sweat on his brow; his body felt like he was burning up with a deadly fever. Then he realized there was only one way to deal with this girl. He was being enflamed by her, his whole body burnt up when he thought of her, what else could it be but a signal he needed to feed her to the flames. This had to be one of the clearest messages the gods had sent him.

But on the day the sacrifice was chosen, the image he'd seen had been of an inoffensive mousy haired girl.

Therion gave a small nod of his head and the hags stopped their task and scurried out of the room, candles flickering as they passed. The sacrifice lay motionless on the floor, the only movement the rise and fall of her chest with her breathing. He walked around her before bending over and finishing the hags' task. He picked up the leather thongs and tied them around her ankles and wrists, securing them to the four posts in the ground. He stood over her for a long moment. He noticed the hags had left the oil behind. Almost without thinking he dropped to the floor and picked it up. He poured the remains over her breasts and watched it dribble down her curves.

Tentatively he leaned over her and with a thumb slowly began to massage a drop of oil into the side of her breast.

She opened her mouth and for a moment he thought she might speak but the magic he had infused through her being took all words away. Instead she moaned; a sound that was too beautiful, too sensual for Therion to bear.

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