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Bigfoot War 3: Food Chain
by Eric S. Brown

Category: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
Description: 15 years ago . . .

The world fell.

Armies of the dead swept across the globe, toppling civilization and bringing humanity to its knees. Now, as the dead virus has ran its course and is fading away, those who survived face a new terror: the ever-growing numbers of the Sasquacth species.

The Earth is an apocalyptic wasteland, survivors barely managing to make it day-by-day. Food is scarce, hope is hardly found.

Yet all turns on a dime when a secret base is discovered underground and it is learned that it might hold the hope for victory in this deadly world.

War breaks out, and this time man and machine combine as the struggle between humanity and the beasts wages anew to see who will hold the top spot on nature's food chain.

Praise for Bigfoot War

"Brutal and visceral, what was once the joke of the Cryptozoological world is now back where it belongs: at the top of the monster food-chain." - Scott A. Johnson, author of Deadlands

"Eric S. Brown breathes new life into the Bigfoot mythos. Grizzly, gritty . . . gripping, Brown pulls you in from page one and doesn't let go until the very end. Even then, he still haunts your nightmares. Bigfoot War is not to be missed!" - James Melzer, author of Escape: A Zombie Chronicles Novel

"Find a big gun, and catch your breath when you can. The raging, relentless pace of this book will grip you until the last page. Mr. Brown has entered new territory and the residents are large, strong, intelligent, and very, very angry . . ." - Stephen A. North, author of Dead Tide

"Eric S. Brown transmutes myth into horrifying reality. Through key people of Babble Creek, Bigfoot War instantly pulls the reader into a small town facing obliteration. A powerful, unique voice shines here, leaving you white-knuckled until you finish, thirsty for more." - Ben Eads, dark fiction writer and host of The Dark Fiction Show

"The first words unfold to put the reader right in the middle of flat-out adventure, action, violence, and an adrenaline rush of sound and emotion. In addition, Mr. Brown seems to have an instinctive understanding of how to put fiction down on the page. The construction of the book and how it moves is purely professional and inspired. He knows how to craft an effective novel!" - James Robert Smith, author of The Flock and Hellraiser

"Goodness gracious, was this book a ride! Eric S. Brown put the proverbial pedal to the metal from start to finish in this fun and fast-paced tale, bringing a horror story filled with gunfire, gore, and grisly death. You barely have time to breath when Bigfoot and the fun bunch wreck shop again and again." - Bowie V. Ibarra, author of Down the Road

"Eric S. Brown reminds us that monsters can be fun, even when taken seriously, with this Sasquatch rampage through a small town. Briskly paced and entertaining, Brown delivers exactly what he promises, with a storyteller's heart--unless some creature ate it first." - Scott Nicholson, author of They Hunger
eBook Publisher: Coscom Entertainment, 2011 2011
eBookwise Release Date: December 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [136 KB]
Words: 24224
Reading time: 69-96 min.

The largest of the three beasts wore a scar on the left side of its face. It was a hairless patch of rough, twisted, contorted skin. Sometimes he could still feel the fire burning on his flesh from where the moltov cocktail a human had tossed at him during the great war with man splashed it. Fifteen cycles had passed since then and as he had come into true adulthood, he'd taken the name Burnscar. He'd survived both the war and the days of the hungry dead that followed it. So much had changed. The dead toppled the world of man. Their great cities fell and were consumed by flames. Their numbers dwindled. Above all, the humans lost their teeth. Their guns were rarer and their vehicles stopped moving. They were a dying race. It was only by the grace of the Great One that his own kind had survived as they had. In those first days of the dead, the elders believed they were all doomed. Despite their strength and sheer power, the tribes ended up on the run. The dead were simply too many and the numbers of the tribes too few. Then he and others like him began to understand. The dead were mindless and driven only by hunger. One could lure them away, hide the young from their gnashing teeth, and hunt them like any other prey. If they were careful. The dead were only dangerous if they came in force. Soon, whatever had brought them back to life began to run its course and the dead simply rotted away, leaving a new world in their wake, a world much like the one spoke of in the passed-down stories of the elders when they told tales of the time before man. The ranks of young warriors in the tribes grew every day and again the forest belonged to them. Now they were the power once more and neither the remnants of man nor the dead could truly challenge their dominance.

The screams of a human female cut the night as Burnscar raised his fingers to scratch at the hairless patch on his face. There was no hope of escape for her. Blackhair and Mooncryer, the two younger warriors with him, were merely toying with the female as they had been for the last half hour. With a grunt, he moved forward through the trees at a comfortable pace. It was time to end their game. He had given enough time for sport and his belly was empty.

The two of them had herded her into a clearing. He stopped at its edge, watching. The female wore tattered clothes and clutched a small blade in her white-knuckled right hand. Her long golden hair was matted to her scalp by mud and filth. Mooncryer overtook her as she ran and nudged her with one of his huge hands, sending her sprawling into the grass. Blackhair caught up to them and the two stood towering over her.

Suddenly, the flash and booming noise of a human weapon erupted from the other side of the clearing. Giant-sized bullets tore Blackhair's chest into a mangled and bloody mess before the young warrior even realized they were coming. Burnscar remained where he was in the cover of the trees as Mooncryer charged in the direction the shots came from.

Burnscar's eyes grew wide as the metal demon emerged from the shadows to meet Mooncryer head on. It stood as tall as any of the tribe's strongest warriors. It opened fire again as Mooncryer reached it. Burnscar saw Mooncryer's back explode towards him as chunks of flesh flew across the clearing and the metal demon's gun hand spun and rattled. Instead of a true right hand were three barrels that spat death and flame. As Mooncryer's body slumped forward against the metal demon, Mooncryer grabbed its gun hand, crushing it with all that remained of his strength. The metal demon tossed Mooncryer's corpse aside and stood there staring at the bent and wedged-together barrels of its weapon hand.

The girl was on her feet, already disappearing into the woods, but Burnscar didn't care. If he could slay the demon, he could always catch her later. She was but a human, after all. With a mighty roar, he flung himself at a full-out sprint towards the metal demon. It raised its hands against him as he slammed into it. Burnscar's shoulder collapsed on itself from the impact as his flesh met metal. The demon staggered backwards, but did not fall. Burnscar drove the fist of his good arm at its head. The metal monster caught it in a vice-like grip. Burnscar snarled, trying to yank free of thing's hold on him. Using its mangled gun hand like a blade, the demon stabbed him again and again, metal piercing more flesh. Blood poured from Burnscar's growing number of wounds, pooling at his feet. Finally, it released its hold on him. Burnscar dropped to his knees in front of the metal monster, fighting to stay conscious. He looked up as its gun hand came plunging towards his forehead. Only pain and darkness followed.

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