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Werescape II: Resurrecting the Beast
by Skhye Moncrief

Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Description: Post-apocalyptic Earth, AEI, The Wild, 2065 AD Running from an arranged marriage, Normal Sylvie Drake winds up blindfolded, hogtied, slung over a saddle by bounty-hunting Prophets in the Oregon Territory. This can't be how her life ends--in female servitude at the whims of men. Then he shows up. Beast can take care of her little problem of her virginity and marking her as his. But he can't forgive himself for his failure. Until his Wolf chooses Sylvie for its mate.
eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, 2011 2011
eBookwise Release Date: December 2011


16 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [95 KB]
Words: 19791
Reading time: 56-79 min.

Chapter One

Post-apocalyptic Earth: The Wild, after alien invasion, AEI, 2065 AD

Life has gone to Hell in two generations. Extraterrestrials altered the human genome, splitting humanity into two subspecies of humans, Shifters and Normals. Sometimes Shifters and Normals work together for survival in cities or remote villages. Other times they war for dominance. Regardless of the outcome, they must survive and fight against human enslavement. Hunted by aliens for breeding stock, Shifters understand this the most. Especially, Wolf males..

Riding hogtied, slung over a saddle, wearing a blindfold wasn't bad enough for Sylvie Drake. No. Having one's ass patted on top of the fact you were being transported like a deer carcass was pretty much the shits, she thought. But what could a girl do? I'd spent the last four months hiding from my father's cruel little plan for my future. Running. My ass off. From coast to coast across what was left of the United States. And finally wound up captured by freaking Prophets somewhere between Montana and the Pacific Ocean for the sweet bounty my warlord father, the dictator, slapped on my head. And, apparently, he didn't add anything to the particulars about not manhandling my ass.

Oh, there the bastard goes again. This time his fingers thrust between my legs. Thank God for leather pants. "Can you see your future?" I growled. "You're a dead man, Prophet." Disgusting scum of the Earth. I needed my legs free so I could kick his repulsive jewels.

Laughter erupted all around me.

If only I could think with my throbbing head.

Hanging half-ass upside down wasn't normal by any means for a human.

Probably not for a Shifter either. But I was so damned Normal that I'd never have the luxury of knowing otherwise. Why didn't I try to coax one of Father's Guardians along on my little escapade to freedom? Hell, Maximus, Adder, or Coyote would have come with me. All three Shifters had shown more than enough interest in the top dog's daughter. Grant it. I was actually a princess in Father's little kingdom. More like a spoiled child who turned brat and ran for her life. And, God knows, Father's Shifters knew better than to even look at me wrong. But Maximus. Oh, Maximus...

Damn, I really screwed that chance up. I should have just told him there was nothing in the world like him. A Shifter mate nobody would have crossed with all his brains and brawn. And the sex appeal! But I had to go and worry about Father's temper. Stupid me.


Surely not even Father would have jacked with me once a Shifter bound himself to me. So much for a good plan. God knows my current strategy had gotten me ass-up with Prophets groping said butt.

At least three hands brushed across my ass.

"Take off her pants. I want to fuck her with my fingers," some bastard droned.

Shit. "You do anything that perverted, and I'll tell my father. He won't pay you a cent. He probably won't anyway. He'll lure you into a trap and kill you with his Shifters. You stupid inbred Christian fucks."

A hand popped my ass. "Shut your mouth."

"Why?" I snapped. "Because the truth hurts?" Hell, my tender ass did where he struck it.

"Get her off that damned horse, Tom!"

Well, maybe I finally pissed them off? This wouldn't be the first time I said too much. But what would they do to me? Rape me? Slit me open? No. They can still trade me if they raped me. But I can escape.

Yes, quit groaning about rape and find a way to escape.

My horse, Father's favorite half-Arabian stallion, Valiant, halted.

Time to alter plan.


How many were there? Seven? Eight? The fact they'd blindfolded me so quickly meant any number of them could have joined the group afterward, and I'd never be the wiser. But, God, I was a virgin. I should have just let one of the men back home do me a favor and release me from that little burden. Too bad Shifters had such a high sense of honor.

Someone grabbed my hands and started sawing on the rope beneath Valiant's belly.

Keep mouth shut until absolutely necessary.

Don't set them off.

The rope broke free.

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