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Whip Me
by David Jewell

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Here's a book for book for die-hard fans of bondage erotica: a brand new book by our resident master of the genre, David Jewell: Whip Me! The adventures of Erick Stone, a Laguna Beach lifeguard and master of the whip, continue in this fast-paced sequel to Have Whip Will Travel. As a whip master, Erick Stone used his well-honed talent to give women the pain they craved and were more than willing to pay to get. Then he met Apollonia, a voluptuous Italian, open-minded and curious. Erick knew he had found his soul mate. For the first time in his life, he was in love. He wanted Apollonia as his wife, his submissive wife. Two weeks after proposing, he married Apollonia in a special wedding ceremony at his house and attended by a few special friends. It was followed by a wedding orgy of bondage, pain, control and sex that created a lasting memory for all who were lucky enough to attend. For Erick and Apollonia, it was only the start of a life of love, submission and whips. They were both eager to discover where their new of life as husband and wife, master and submissive would take them.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler,
eBookwise Release Date: November 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [269 KB]
Words: 63188
Reading time: 180-252 min.


Erick Stone lived on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach, California. The view from his house was breathtaking, and thanks to the shape of the lot and well thought-out landscaping, the backyard with its pool and patio were private. He loved it up here.

Erick was one of those infamous, highly paid lifeguards. He loved his job not only because of the money but because he could spend his days on the beach enjoying the wonders of nature, the sun, the ocean and the beach bunnies that came in both the natural and the augmented variety. His preference was for the natural ones.

At the beginning of summer, he had met Apollonia Guido. She was a barista at the Mocha Depot. She was working there to earn some money for college. She was of Italian descent with olive skin, jet-black hair, black, sensual eyes and full luscious lips. She was tall with a narrow waist, proportioned hips, long, firm legs and breasts that would easily fill a D cup. She was a natural beach bunny and looked awesome in the variety of bikinis she wore to work.

Erick was a lifeguard by day. During the evenings, he was in high demand for his skill in using the whip and other implements of torture. He had learned his skill from a whip master, who introduced him to the alternative lifestyle of BDSM. When he discovered that women would pay for his special talents, he went into business. His business card had his signature black and red whip as a border and simply said, "Have Whip Will Travel." His name and e-mail address were below his business name. He catered to women, who for a host of reasons, needed his skills and the pain he could provide them.

When Apollonia found out about his second job, she was curious as to why women needed his special skills. She didn't understand how pain could affect one's sexual pleasure until Erick gave her a demonstration. She was surprised when she learned how intense just a little pain could make her orgasm. Being a college student and naturally curious, she wanted to do more research on the subject.

Erick was more than happy to assist with her research. In fact, he was an important component of it. He proved to be a master educator. But something unexpected happened while he taught her about pain, bondage and the lifestyle. He fell in love with her and she with him. This was a first for him and for her. Having her move in a few weeks later was another first for both of them.

For the last month on his days off, he had been remodeling one of his four bedrooms. It was the largest bedroom after the master suite and was located on the other end of the house. The remodeling was the result of her moving in and needing a special area for educational purposes. He stepped back after putting the final touches on his project. He smiled at the transformation of the bedroom into a very well equipped dungeon. He was pleased with the end results and was looking forward to using his new classroom.

In the past, he didn't need a dungeon since he traveled to his clients. However, that changed with Apollonia moving in and wanting to pursue some in-depth study about how pain could heighten her enjoyment of sex. They needed a dungeon and more "toys" to help with her research. He did all of this because they were in love. He wanted their love to grow. He knew he'd found a special gem in Apollonia. He was eager to explore the many facets of her personality that made being with her such a joy. Due to her open mind and curiosity, he was especially interested in polishing the facets associated with his hobby and BDSM. I have so much to teach her, he mused. Walking into the kitchen, he picked up the phone and called her at work. "Hi."

"Hi, Master. What a nice surprise."

He relished being called "Master". Like falling in love and having her move in, it was another first for him to have a submissive woman who acknowledged his dominance. He relished it all right. It made him love her even more. "I just wanted you to know that I've finished the dungeon. I plan on using it tonight, my pet."

"Really, Master?" she asked excitedly. She had no qualms over calling him "Master". Ever since she witnessed him whip a submissive wife for her husband and saw the results, she became very interested in exploring a dominant/submissive relationship. With the kind of added joy it brought to her life and the added intensity it brought to her sexually, she had no regrets in becoming Erick's submissive. In fact, she was very happy she had.

"Yes. I'm eager to break it in so to speak."

"So am I, Master. I can't wait to see it."

"You will tonight."

"Yes, Master."

He hung up with a huge smile on his face. Over the years, he often thought about owning a submissive woman. Now, he did. He was glad he had waited until he had found the right one -- Apollonia. In a word, it was awesome.

Reflecting momentarily, he recalled taking her along when he went to see Lance and Traci Addler. He had worked with this couple for several years. Traci was a pain slut and Lance really enjoyed seeing her under Erick's control and getting the pain she craved. He had wanted Apollonia to see for herself the dramatic results of satisfying Traci's addiction to pain that had grown over the years. With the skillful use of the whip, he gave Traci a pain-induced orgasm that stunned Apollonia. He knew it was the catalyst for Apollonia's sudden desire to be subservient to him. He smiled again. He was looking forward to tonight and helping Apollonia explore not only her submissive needs but her growing need for pain as well. He was so happy he had found her, introduced her to his hobby and now owned her. In his mind, life was good and was only going to get better. As he made plans for tonight, he felt a mild erotic rush over all the possibilities that came to mind.

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