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Straight Cowboy
by Jan Irving

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: Book one in the Uncommon Cowboys Series Joshua Ryan did a stint for much-needed cash as the 'straight cowboy' in gay porn movies but he doesn't think of himself as gay, so why does he want to do the things to Matt James he once did in front of a camera? Cowboy Joshua Ryan can't stop his erotic thoughts about Matt James, the hearing-impaired guest he's taking into the foothills in search of wild horses. Matt James has dreamed all his life of coming out west. He's at first taciturn with Josh, afraid he's as close minded as some other hands they encounter on their excursion, but when Josh reaches for him unconsciously in his sleep, Matt has a tough time hiding his desire for a 'straight' man.
eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, 2011
eBookwise Release Date: October 2011


18 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [89 KB]
Words: 17655
Reading time: 50-70 min.

He knew just how it would feel sliding in, the tight heat clamping around him so his eyes would shut. He'd dig his fingers into the man beneath him, buried so deep in Matt James, a shade of heaven as blinding as the noon day sun overhead.

Joshua Ryan's eyes saucered at the forbidden thought and he nearly choked on his coffee, which was bitter and grainy in his tin cup, leaving a residue that his Grandmother Ruth could probably have read like tea leaves.

He rubbed his forehead, thinking maybe he was having a weird flashback to his summer job last year. It was just that he hadn't had sex with anyone since then, it wasn't that he was craving being with another man. Despite the stint as the 'straight cowboy' in gay amateur porn he'd done to make some quick cash, he wasn't gay and no one knew, thank fuck, that he'd ever done them. They'd just shot his body and the back of his head during a few orgy scenes.

Who knew him well enough to identify him just from that?

"Josh, man... What's with him?" Tupper nudged him so that Josh put his cards down. He hadn't wanted to play poker with the hands of the Triple M, but when he and his guest had found them already ensconced at the watering hole, he figured it was best to be friendly while they had some lunch and gave their horses a break. "City boy too good to hang out with us?"

He looked over at Matt, a solitary figure leaning against a pine tree at the edge of the campsite, arms crossed as he looked down the ridge towards the waving tall grass in the prairie below. Matt was slender, about four inches shorter than Josh with glossy brown hair. His eyes were a chocolate almost the same colour as his pupils.

Josh dragged his gaze away from Matt and raised his eyebrows at Tupper, a man in his mid-forties with reddened green eyes and salt and pepper short hair who was in charge of the hands riding fences on the border between their land and the national park.

He debated for a second but then decided to just be honest. Matt hadn't seemed the type of guy who was into bullshit. "He's deaf, Tupper."

Tupper blinked and more of his hands glanced over at Matt.

Matt's expression hadn't changed but there was a subtle tension to his posture now that Josh picked up on.

"Deaf? What the fuck is he doing out here then?" Tupper asked.

"He's up here to photograph and write about the lost horses of Chaos Valley," Josh said.

"Huh, those mustangs are a damned nuisance. Should shoot them all," Tupper growled. "But I say again, why is he here? I mean, if he can't hear anything..."

That wasn't completely true since Matt had tersely informed Josh the morning they set out on their trail ride that he had an implant, but Josh wasn't familiar enough with the technology to know how much Matt might pick up.

"He's got me," Josh said flatly.

A couple of the hands snickered and Josh threw in his cards, having had enough.

"So you're his hearing loss dog or something, Josh? Geez, you boys down at Western Trail Rides must be hard up."

"I'll see you guys," Josh muttered. He shoved his blond hair back off his forehead and replaced his dusty cowboy hat, thinking Tupper was right about one thing--Josh was hard up. He'd barely slept last night, restless in his bedroll. It made for one cranky cowboy come morning. Shit, when he finished this trip, he was going to visit Diana this time. She'd made it clear she was available.

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