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Capricorn: Forgotten Faces [Boys Of The Zodiac]
by Vivien Dean

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Gay Fiction
Description: Some call Caleb the Angel of Death, but he knows better. He doesn't kill. He erases life. Centuries ago, the Higher Powers created him to walk the terrestrial plane, eradicating those from existence who have either earned punishment or asked for dissolution. No attachments, no commitments, no problems.

His latest assignment should have been as easy as the rest. But the second he gets invited into Leandro Warnell's remote Alaskan cabin, Caleb knows something is different. It's more than the overpowering physical attraction between them. It's more than the inconsistencies that have plagued this assignment from the start.

It's the mark Leandro wears over his heart, the symbol unique to Caleb's body. Because the only way Leandro could have received the tattoo is if Caleb had given it to him. But the man who's collected memories for the last thousand years has no recollection of ever meeting Leandro before...

Genres: Gay / Paranormal / Interracial / Multicultural / Series
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: October 2011


5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [194 KB]
Words: 42616
Reading time: 121-170 min.

"...A new and intriguing take at the old concept that true love conquers time and space...A well-conceived, and at times rather dark paranormal fantasy, featuring a love stronger than time and space, stronger than death and even stronger than the Powers of Darkness. It's skillfully written and makes for a nice change to all the vampires who are normally cast in tales of immortal love."--Feliz, Reviews By Jessewave

"5 Hearts!...A quirky tale that warms the heart. Even after a total memory wipe and a few hundred years, love can still bring people together. Speaking from a Capricorn point of view, Ms Dean's story is an amazingly accurate and fun telling of love and honor."--Hollie, The Romance Studio

I kept my eyes away from the front door. Until I sealed the threshold, I needed to play this straight. He couldn't have an avenue of escape once I started, and I couldn't use my magic so blatantly in front of him. When people witness the unknown, they have adrenaline spikes. Those spikes would prolong my work, and I couldn't make this more difficult than it already was.

"I got myself all turned around out there," I said. "And then my car died. Go figure."

He nodded sympathetically. "Signal sucks up here, too. You probably tried to call someone, right?"

"I would've if I hadn't noticed I didn't have any bars."

"Where is it you're trying to get to?"

"A friend's got a cabin a hundred miles or so north. He offered to let me crash there for a little while."

His gaze lingered on mine. "Lucky friend."

The hinted invitation of his handshake blossomed into more than vague allusion. Leandro was interested, as interested in me as my body seemed to be in his. I hadn't imagined that shock of attraction, and he clearly wasn't going to ignore it.

I don't fuck my assignments. It's never in anyone's best interest. But getting personal with this guy might just help fill in some of the holes I had about who he was. This one time, it might be strategic to follow through on my desires.

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