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Abyssal (Torment - Book 2)
by Will Molinar

Category: Horror
Description: Chaos reigns. Princess Jaqueline has fallen into ruin, losing her humanity to the powerful demonic forces arrayed against her people while her brother rallies the human survivors of the kingdom to combat the forces pouring forth from the eldritch pit and Hallis and Brahm continue to hunt for allies? but will their efforts be in time to stave off the final darkness?
eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, 2011 SynergEbooks
eBookwise Release Date: September 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [340 KB]
Words: 79144
Reading time: 226-316 min.


* * * *

The carnage continued unabated.

The demoness, appointed by the Demon Prince Asmodai, enjoyed every sight and sound around her -- the screaming, the taunting, the cries of ecstasy and agony -- as if she were at a local fair. Instead of pleasurable feelings from being with her family, feelings of warmth and love, feelings of closeness to other people, of joy and happiness, she felt nothing but anger and an aching pull of pain.

Jaqueline could still feel familiar feelings of her mortal life, fleeting images of her mother holding her hand as they skipped along through the woods, promising her they would get her a horse as soon as she were old enough, as soon as she could be trusted to ride without assistance. She could still smell her mother and feel her hand.

She remembered her older brother Janner scowling -- he always did that -- before she glanced around at the sea of swarming chaos their world had become and cursed him. He was a failure, unworthy of ascension. So was their father, the Fool. He had let the men take him, kill him, let the bastard child Hallis end his life.

She saw Hallis in her mind. Her new master was close. Those feelings of joy and sexual desire she had had flown away like crumbled leaves in a tempest, replaced by the desire to maim and rend, tear and smash, leaving nothing behind but a dull ache where once her former life had resided.

The demoness strolled through the castle as the new demons spawned right in front of her eyes. Human flesh shivered off of corrupted bones while new forms emerged, twisted, terrible, pathetic and painful. The minions gathered around her and groveled at her feet, even as their new bodies caused them agony. One, a tall spiny devil with a humped back, spewed a noxious pile of refuse from its bowels and vomited bloody bone pieces while still bowing to her.

Jaqueline stepped over the pile of putrescence and giggled at their plight. She shooed them away and continued on, knocking one of them back with a swift kick. They shied away from her and cried out in pain, moaning and scratching at their bodies, clawing through their new flesh, cutting into their own faces and backs.

Inside the main foyer the castle inhabitants turned demon spawn were a teeming mass of undisciplined souls, screaming and bellowing in freakish pain. She knew it spread to the town outside as well and the people there would suffer, too. In time, once Asmodai entered, it would engulf the entire world.

She could hear him whisper to her, hear his promises to make her queen of the damned, powerful enough to fight off anyone that might dare assail her home. That was her desire, her only reason for being.

At the top of the gatehouse, she gazed out and thought of Janner and how he had stood with his military advisors there many times, discussing worthless tactics, troop formations, supplies... none of it ever mattered. They were the ravings of the mad. Nothing could have stopped this. Jaqueline was damned the moment she was born. And Jason was too foolish to see.

A panoramic view spread out around her. A crenellated space stood as high as her waist. She put her hands on the cool stone before her and looked out. The late afternoon air was foul and acrid, as if a giant fire had burned the surrounding countryside to a crisp, engulfing the trees and dwellings and the people. Red tinted clouds, crackling with eldritch bolts skimming around the surfaces, filled her vision.

Something stirred deep in the ground far off in the outer yard, near the section of yard where Jaqueline knew her master could enter.

The ground rumbled. All of a sudden, most of the yells of pain turned to ones of pleasure. Exalted jubilations of thrilling victory seized Jaqueline and her children felt her joy.

She smiled but felt a tremor of warning from her master. Victory was far from complete, far from certain. There was too much work to be done.

From her vantage point she could see the outer edge of that abyssal pit, lurking there in the northeast portion of the yard. The putrid mud glowed with an unnatural light, pulsing and vibrating in a rhythmic beat. Jaqueline could feel them coming, the demons from the nether world. They would enter soon. Through the pit they could find stability within the mortal realm. With her strength, powered by the will of her master, they would maintain a permanent presence.

The demoness rubbed her shoulders and felt the radiating strength there, a ruggedness she had never experienced before. She was no longer a child, some girl to be forgotten. A dark, powerful vitality thrummed underneath her puny flesh, ready to be unleashed. Her maroon dress had darkened to a muted black color, like the tarnished scales of a dragon, tempered like steel. It felt grafted to her skin, the porcelain color of her flesh standing out in stark relief to it and she knew it held secrets.

It would shield her. It was His gift.

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