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Shara Zhad Erotic Tales Book 4
by Cherry Lee

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Shara Zhad is kidnapped by a warlord from another territory and held for ransom she's sure her father won't pay. Hoping to convince her captor of her value, Shara entertains Rashtan with one erotic tale after another while fighting her growing attraction to him. While trying to avoid sexual contact with Rashtan, Shara shares a tale about the consequences of a wish gone sour and a woman who becomes addicted to giving pleasure. How does the husband deal with his "new and improved" wife? Each tale in this series stands alone as an erotic nugget, but the framing tale of Shara and her warlord progresses. (Ten part series - all stories can be read stand-alone)
eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: September 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [45 KB]
Words: 7344
Reading time: 20-29 min.

"Shara, come kneel before me and suck my cock."

The abrupt command startled Shara from a doze as she reclined on a large cushion near Rashtan's feet. She'd been dreading and perhaps secretly longing for such a demand. After many days as the warlord's prisoner, this was the first time he'd required a sexual service from her.

Maybe if she gave him great pleasure, he wouldn't kill her when her father refused to pay her ransom. On the other hand, the longer she held her captor at a distance, distracting him with erotic stories, the more intrigued with her he became. Servicing Rashtan might gain his momentary attention, but to keep his interest long term she must make herself worth more than the numerous sluts in the Zaltaran fortress.

Shara sat, drawing her legs beneath her and looked up at the man who controlled her fate. "You wish me to use my mouth on your cock?"

"Didn't I just say so? I've toyed with you long enough, listened to your stories and waited for your ass-sucking father to pay me, which it becomes increasingly clear he won't do. I should use you in the only way an Antion slut is worth having, fuck your mouth or spread your legs wide and ram you till you scream."

His rough words sent a bolt of fire through her that settled low in her belly. Fear and desire mingled in a potent brew, but Shara managed to casually shrug.

"As you wish. But it is an extreme waste of my talents. Some women have the knack for telling stories while others are created only to be a tool of pleasure for a man to use. I've heard of such types."

"Have you?" A smile trembled on his lips as he leaned forward on his chair and gazed down at her.

"I could tell you about such a woman, if you wish to hear the tale. But perhaps in the meantime you might like one of these other girls to tend your needs." Shara nodded at the dozen scantily clad women who were always on hand in the great hall to service Rashtan's men.

The level of debauchery in this stronghold had been astonishing to her at first. The men were uncivilized barbarians compared to her father's warriors and they treated their women like chattel. But she'd quickly become used to the sight of a woman sucking a man's cock at any time or place he required it.

"Another story. Good." The big warrior with the lazy eye, Pradus clapped his hands together.

Shara glanced around at the coarse men who made up her audience. They might be churlish, violent killers but they also had a childish love for stories.

Rashtan snapped his fingers at a short woman with curly red hair and she immediately rose and came to him. Her blue gown drooped low, baring her tits and was of such transparent gauze she might as well have been naked. It was material intended to entice not shield her body from sight. She knelt in front of Rashtan's chair and opened the front of his breeches to release his thickly erect cock.

Shara caught her breath as she beheld Rashtan's darkly-flushed member for the first time. She took note of the way the woman handled his cock, how she teased him with her lips and tongue prior to taking him into her mouth. When Rashtan finally tired of Shara's stories and made her perform such an act, she wanted to be skilled at it. She would make herself so desirable that he wouldn't think of killing her or casting her to his men to use when he was through with her.

Rashtan grunted as the redhead lightly scratched her nails the length of his staff. "Go on. Tell me about this cock-sucking woman."

"Rosaria was not always a pliant, submissive woman," Shara began. "Once she had a voice and lungs to bellow with and many opinions which she trumpeted far and wide. She was a termagant, overbearing to everyone she knew and even those she'd barely met, but most especially to her poor husband."


"Precisely. 'Yes, dear' was the refrain of Valentino's life. He suffered from her bossing for many years. One day he was out cutting wood in the forest when he came upon a little old gnome whose cock was stuck in the knothole of a stump. Being a kind-hearted soul, Valentino offered to help the man. But no matter how hard he pulled, the little man's appendage remained embedded firmly in the hollow tree trunk. Very soon Valentino realized the only way it would ever come out would be if the gnome's erection subsided.

There being no one else around to ease the creature's misery, Valentino stuck his hand in the stump and began to massage the tiny cock. He pulled and pumped and stroked until the wee man was gasping with ecstasy. The gnome released his load and his plump cock reduced to a reasonable size which he could withdraw from the knothole."

"Where's the woman?" Pradus said. "I want to hear about cock sucking, not some man-loving woodcutter."

"I'm getting to that part." Shara glared at her restless listeners who grumbled whenever mention of men touching other men entered her stories. These warriors were so out of touch with their own secret curiosity and desires. Then she looked at Rashtan and the woman's red curls bobbing up and down between his legs. Rashtan spared not a glance at the woman sucking his cock. His eyes were all for Shara, watching her with heady lust that made her blood simmer and her pussy throb.

"The gnome offered Valentino a boon for helping him out of a sticky situation. One magical wish. But for the life of him the poor woodcutter couldn't think of a thing he wanted. Not riches or power or fame. He was a simple man with simple needs. The only thing he could think to wish for was that his wife would stop ruling his life so that was what he blurted out.

'You wish her to be subservient to you?' the gnome clarified.

'Yes, and to keep quiet while she serves me and my friends if they should happen to come over. I'd also like if she'd suck my cock which is something she refuses to do. And I want her to be pleased to do this service.'

'Done! All shall be as you wish.' With a snap of his fingers the little man disappeared and Valentino was left alone in the forest.

'Magic indeed. Nothing will come of it and meanwhile my fingers are sticky.' He rubbed off the gnome's cum on his trousers, cut his load of wood and trudged home to his cottage.

When he arrived there, his lovely wife Rosaria dropped down to her knees the moment he walked in the door. She crossed the floor to him, still on her knees and reached for the front of his trousers.

'Please let me suck your cock,' she said and released his shaft. She tugged on it until it was as stiff as the wood he'd cut in the forest. She brought the head to her mouth and sucked him deep, humming her pleasure as she drew him into the hot depths of her throat.

'So good. You taste so good. I love to serve you,' she cooed when she stopped to draw breath.

He stroked her hair and looked into eyes so hungry for him it made his heart ache. He hadn't felt such emotion for his wife in a long time. 'I love to have you serve me. You are a good wife after all. Now suck harder.'

Rosaria gobbled him up and he thrust into her willing mouth until cum shot down her throat. It had been so long since they'd had sex of any kind that he had quite a load saved up for her. Valentino breathed a sigh of relief and patted the top of her head before pulling away.

'Thank you, sweetheart. That was good. Now go serve me my dinner.'"

Shara's audience laughed loud and long, enjoying the woman's comeuppance. But Rashtan only watched Shara, his eyes glazed and his breath coming in short bursts as the redhead continued to suck his shaft.

"It doesn't end well, does it?" he said. "Wishes in your stories always go wrong."

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