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The Dark Angels: With Wings
by Z. Allora

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Gay Fiction
Description: Guitarist Dare Stone and lead singer Angel Luv have led The Dark Angels to rock 'n roll sensation. As a creative team, they're unstoppable. Maybe that's why Dare is having unusual attraction for Angel. Dare is and always has been straight, but Angel's flirting is stirring thoughts that Dare can no longer contain. A working trip alone with Angel to Bali ignites passions in Dare that he can no longer deny, and their working relationship becomes a roller coaster 'friends with benefits' package. A package with an expiration date. Trouble is, Dare's not sure he wants the relationship to end. Seems he's fallen in love, and he only has wings and a song to try and win Angel's heart for good.
eBook Publisher: MLR Press, LLC/MLR Press, LLC,
eBookwise Release Date: August 2011


20 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [271 KB]
Words: 61975
Reading time: 177-247 min.

Chapter 1

Darius Stone knew he was lucky to be The Dark Angels' lead guitar player. They had recently risen to legendary proportions in record time. Darius was living the rock-n-roll dream and loving every minute of it. Every single song they'd released had hit the top of the Billboard chart. The Dark Angels were playing to sold-out arenas. Life was good. Hell, he even liked the guys in the band, especially Angel.

Angel Luv, the lead singer and founder of The Dark Angels, was a real piece of work. He was very attractive. Some might say almost pretty, not that Darius was much of a judge when it came to male beauty. Darius was straight but could still see and feel the sexuality that oozed with every step Angel took and every word he sang. His voice had a range an opera singer would be jealous of and was down and dirty enough to make jazz singers envious as well. Everything, from Angel's black hair cut asymmetrically so it coyly fell into his dark sexy eyes to his long lean body, screamed rock star.

Angel was so much more than his looks. He was super smart with a keen business sense. His creativity and vision always surprised The Dark Angels' fans. Angel was a talented writer and composer. He was funny as hell when he got going. To top it off he was one of the nicest guys in the business.

Darius was glad to be counted as one of Angel's closest friends. But not his lover as the tabloids suggested and most of their fans wished. No, Darius Stone was straight. Not that guys with guys bothered him, it just wasn't his thing.

He wasn't a monk. Far from it! Dare knew their superstardom couldn't burn this hot forever, so he decided to enjoy the benefits. All the benefits. He wasn't the lead singer, but still reaped the benefits. Though with the schedule they had been keeping, times for enjoying those benefits were few and far between.

Angel and he were sitting down on the old tattered couch in one of the dressing rooms at the arena they were to perform in; they opted not to return to the hotel after the sound check with the rest of the band. Darius typically chose to stay wherever Angel was because he just liked being around the guy.

Of course, the discussion turned once again to the performance. They were talking about the pros and cons of the additions they were adding to tonight's show. Angel wanted much more flirting between the two of them and even a little physical interaction while acting out some of the song lyrics. Okay, more than a little, but Darius was trying to play it cool. Of course, Angel seemed to see right through him and knew he was nervous as hell about the changes.

Touching Darius's knee, Angel then squeezed it as he tried to reassure him. "Seriously, Dare, if you aren't comfortable with the changes, we don't have to do them." Angel's voice was full of concern making Darius feel like a bigger ass. "We can do the show just like before. The changes aren't necessary."

Frustrated and feeling like he had been over this a hundred times, Darius sighed. "Hey, I told you I could deal with it." The way it came out made it sound like getting physical with Angel was like a punishment fit for the seventh level of Dante's Inferno.

Angel smirked. "Deal with it, huh?" His hand slipped behind Darius neck and squeezed in a firm relaxing way. "Poor Dare. Having to suffer my attentions."

"Yeah, poor me." Exhaling deeply, Darius' head dropped forward allowing Angel to continue the massage. "Damn, you have good hands," he groaned out. Angel's large hands spanned the back of his neck and his firm squeeze sent shivers of pleasure shooting through his body.

"That's what they all say."

A well-placed elbow in Angel's flat stomach was Darius's response, which got him a satisfying "Ouch!"

Darius opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Angel who was watching him intently. His breath caught as he really looked at his friend. The lead singer was truly stunning. Big brown eyes glittered, shiny black hair, perfectly messed up in that sexy 'just got laid' look. And plump kissable lips that Darius tried never to focus on. Dare opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a groupie busting through the door landing on his knees in front of Angel.

"Oh, God. It's you!"

Angel smiled down at the young looking guy at his feet. "No, it's only me, Angel Luv, lead singer of The Dark Angels. God isn't here right now. She stepped away. Is there a message?"

Darius couldn't control the appreciative snicker. He loved Angel's humor! It was amusing to see that Angel never seemed startled by anything that happened. He just rolled with anything that was thrown his way, acting as if he knew it was coming. Granted, this situation was not new. Angel always had people falling over him, though usually not so literally as this guy.

Then several of the roadies rushed in. One of the roadies, Tommy, said, "Sorry. He broke through security and then hid. We couldn't find him until we saw this dressing room door open."

Mark, the head roadie, didn't look pleased at the lapse in their security. "Fucker was fast but it is not an excuse. I am sorry. Let me escort him out." Darius was pretty sure Mark would bring up this breach of security in the next full staff meeting with their manager, Megan. He would use it as evidence to try to convince Megan that Angel needed real security for himself and the band, not just kiddies who specialized in grunt work.

Angel smiled at his very upset roadies. Trying to calm them he said, "It's okay. No harm no foul." Nodding his head to the guy at his feet, "He looks harmless. Is he of age?"

Frowning Mark nodded. "Yeah. Twenty-two. Checked him out for his backstage pass."

Nodding, Angel said with a smile, "Thanks, Mark and Tommy. You can leave him with me. After his little dash and stash he deserves some face time." Angel chuckled at the frustrated looks on his roadies slash security detail.

This would no doubt be discussed in the future but Angel had always refused to go all red alert on his fans. He didn't want be guarded like the President of the United States. Didn't want to put that kind of distance between the band and the fans. Darius knew he would probably win this battle yet again, even with this event as evidence.

As the roadies left grumbling to each other, Angel looked over at Darius and shrugged. Darius looked at the guy at Angel's feet. The dude was still staring at Angel like he could walk on water and didn't that just piss Dare right the fuck off.

Used to hero worship, Angel reached out to give the guy his hand. "Here, let me help you up."

"No!" The guy fairly shouted.

Blinking down in momentary confusion until Angel realized why the guy wanted to stay on his knees. Pushing the guy's dirty blond hair out of his face, Angel smiled at him. Out of his very plain face, Darius couldn't help but think. Where did this stab of jealousy come from? But the guy nuzzled into Angel's hand like a freaking dog. It was just wrong and Darius couldn't help it if it made him pissy.

"Can I?" The plain little groupie asked, his eyes big with hope.

Darius clamped his mouth shut so he didn't correct the little slut's grammar. That's may I, you idiot! Probably went to college for basket weaving.

Angel shrugged and sat back. His hand remained on Darius' neck. "You mind, Dare?"

This had to be a fucking record, three words to blowjob. This plain-faced kid had only said three words and he was going to be slurping down Angel's joystick. Snapping out of his internal dialogue, "Oh, um...hey, I should go get ready." Darius needed to get the hell out of there. Immediately!

A strong hand latched onto Darius's forearm as he tried to stand up. "No, Dare. Stay with me." Darius's position of half standing caused him to be tugged right into Angel's side.

"Yeah." Angel groaned. He either liked having Darius next to him or he was appreciating the mouth action below.

Darius's eyes fell to Angel's groin for the answer to that question. He froze as he watched the groupie; everything seemed to be going in slow motion. The zipper of Angel's leather pants sounded so loud as it was unzipped. His long, thick cock pushed out exposing itself to the air. The groupie licked his lips and his mouth opened to slowly slide down Angel's shaft to the root. Slut! His head bobbed up so just the crown was in his mouth. The talented tongue swirled around the ridge and then licked back down. Up and then down in a slow drag of the guy's lips going right to the root. The guy must have swallowed.

Angel clearly approved of this method if the noise he was making was any indication. Darius knew he should go but the heated sounds kept him pressed against Angel's side. Dragging his eyes away from the action below, Darius fell into Angel's lustful gaze. He could feel Angel's breath panting on his face. Close to his mouth, tickling his lips.

Heart racing and growing breathless from the sexual act he was witnessing, Darius knew that this was by far the most exciting thing he had ever experienced sexually. It wasn't even happening to him. He wasn't gay but... He wanted...something. Needed...something.

It felt like an unsaid prayer was answered when he felt a hand cup the fabric on his jeans. Darius knew he should push it away. But all he could seem to do was thrust his hips up to push into it. He moved himself forward to feel the inappropriate friction on his prick again. And again. Felt so good.

"Oh..." Darius' breath caught and his eyes slid shut to enjoy the intense pleasure.

"Feel good, Dare?" Angel asked in a low dark sexy voice.

Opening his eyes, Angel's pretty brown eyes with flecks of amber were right there. Watching. Seeing. Dare opened his mouth to speak but all he did was nod.

After a bit of rubbing and a lot of squeezing, long fingers got busy helping Darius' zipper slide down. Darius knew he should stop this. It was crazy. Insane, really. But he didn't. When Angel's warm hand touched his naked cock, Darius closed his eyes for a moment as he enjoyed the lick of fire that raced up his spine.

As the fingers slowly enclosed his cock in a heavenly palm, he had to admit he wanted Angel's hand stroking him. Touching him. Loved that large hand on his body causing all sorts of wonderful sensations. It was insane but this was better than all the previous sex Darius had ever had.

Angel's tugs were a bit more urgent. Their eyes stayed locked on to each other's. Darius couldn't look away even if he had wanted to do so. Angel's breath caressed his face as the singer panted, "Are you close?"

Darius answered, "Yeah." Inhaling deeply he tried to maintain control. It felt strange but somehow right to share this moment with Angel. It added a level of depth he rarely, if ever, experienced. He felt so connected. Sighing into the pleasure, Darius decided it probably didn't mean anything.

On a daily basis, he had to come to terms with Angel's overt sexuality that teased all his senses. It never made any sense, because Darius was straight so he always wrote it off as stray hormones. But Angel's hand stroking him to places he had never been before confused the hell out of him. No, he just needed release. All this was relief.

Staring into Angel's rich brown eyes, Darius groaned, "Close?" He didn't seem to be able to get out more than one word at a time. That magical hand was bringing him to completion faster then he would have thought possible. The strokes were perfect. Darius couldn't have done any better if he were doing it himself, but he didn't want to go there alone. He wanted Angel with him.

"Yeah," Angel huffed out as he leaned his face closer to Darius. Angel's breath kissed over his face causing him to stutter. "Almost, um there. Come with me, Dare." The request came out as a sexy plea.

The sweet sexy voice did Darius in. He froze staring into Angel's eyes and then lost it. Balls tightening, come raced up his cock. Pleasure flooded Darius as he came hard in Angel's beautifully timed, stroking fist.

"Oh, so good!" Darius choked. His mouth was open and he knew he was panting right in Angel's face. His eyes remained open and lost in Angel's beautiful eyes. He was unable to close them for fear of missing the vision of Angel's imminent climax.

Immediately, Angel followed him over the cliff into the realm of bliss. His face softened with pleasure and became even more beautiful as his body went to heaven. Angel's hand was fisted tightly in the boy's hair to pump his head up and down on his dick as he completed his pleasure. But his other hand stroked Darius to a nice strong finish as more creamy spend shot out.

Angel's lips were open spilling out the sexy sounds of his orgasm as he stared deeply into Darius's eyes. Licking his lips, Angel grinned at Darius as they rode the intense aftershocks of pleasure together.

When the last shiver was finally over, Angel leaned forward to unexpectedly brush a light kiss across Darius's mouth before he fell back into the cushions.

"Thirty minutes." A knock on the door accompanied the stage manager's call.

"Mmmm, good timing," Angel's smile grew into a grin. He squeezed the top of Darius's cock as he pulled his hand away from it.

Just then a high-pitched keening drew Darius's attention downward to Angel's mouth du jour. Darius had all but forgotten the guy who had been tending to Angel's erection. From what Darius' climax-hazy brain could figure out, Angel was having the kid lick his hand clean of come. The dirty act was enough to make the little tart come in his pants. Slut! Though Darius was very glad Angel would not feel the need to do anything more with this kid. Darius just wanted him gone. After all, they had a show to do.

Sighing, he and Angel stood up to straighten their pants. The kid pulled out his cell phone and started texting. After a minute of hitting the keys rapidly, he snapped a picture of the wet spot that was forming on his jeans. Who sends pictures of their come stained pants? The kid was obviously a pervert!

Darius frowned as he felt like Angel was just checked off the guy's 'To Do' list. He looked at Angel and shook his head. "Do you feel used?" He was joking but there was a piece of it that rang painfully true.

Angel chuckled at his attempt at humor and shrugged. "I always find that fan appreciation is usually rather selfish." To the kid, Angel asked, "Do you want a picture?"

No response. Angel and Darius just looked at each other.

Finally, looking up after he finished his obvious super important text message the kid agreed. "Oh, yeah. Sure. That would be great." It sounded like he was doing it for Angel! Yeah, the kid had so checked him off his list. They quickly took a picture with the guy's cell phone and the kid left without a backwards glance.

Darius mind was starting to swirl with what he had just done. Perfect hand job or not, did that make him gay now? What did Angel think of him? How could he have done this? He just had the hottest hand job ever by the hottest guy on the face of the planet. But none of it mattered, because he wasn't gay.

As they crossed over the room, Angel's large hand rested on Darius's lower back. He couldn't deny that the small gesture made him feel better. It seemed to settle him. They went through the adjacent door to the larger dressing room to finish getting ready.

There wasn't any time to process what just happened. Darius knew he would obsess about it later, until he was able to find a justifiable reason to write it off. There had to be a reasonable explanation for him accepting, enjoying, and climaxing to a hand job administered by Angel fucking Luv. However, right now he had to focus on the job at hand, not the hand job. Darius lost himself in his pre-show ritual: bathroom, mirror, finger pulls, light stretching, neck rolling. Closing his eyes for a moment he envisioned a great show. Then he went to where the band would meet up before taking the stage.

The other guys were already at the meeting point backstage. Darius greeted them and moved to stand next to Robin. No one seemed to notice that he couldn't quite meet anyone's eyes. He needed to shake off his scrambled thoughts and focus on the music.

The roadies had just completed the quick change of the stage's set-up from the opening act to The Dark Angels. The pyrotechnics were set and they had just begun adjusting the flat screen. It would be another five minutes before the staging would be complete.

As Angel strolled up to the group, Dusty reached out to slap him on the back of his head. "Where the hell were you, man?" Their lead singer wasn't late exactly but usually his habit was to meet briefly backstage to iron out any last minute details.

Darius glanced at Angel trying not to look guilty. Did the rest of the band know where they were? What they were doing? Did they suspect what he let Angel do

"Why, you miss me, Dust?" He smirked at his best friend. "It's not like you're going on without me." He emphasized his role as front man whenever he wanted to tweak their drummer. There was no jealousy but it usually got a rise out the long blond-haired male who was more than happy to cut Angel down to size.

Josh laughed and Robin turned away to hide his grin. Watching Dusty and Angel fight was always an amusing pastime.

Not taking the bait, Dusty rolled his eyes. He took his drumsticks out of his back pocket and tapped everyone on the shoulder with them. "Good skill, boys." Then when he got to Angel, he muttered, "Good luck, asshole." His grin said that he felt like he had won that round as he stalked off for his drums.

Angel shrugged, saying to no one in particular, "Is he implying I need luck since I lack skill?"

Josh shook his head but made no comment as he turned to Robin giving him a reassuring little shoulder bump. "You good?" He readjusted the strap on his bass.

Robin was by far the shyest member of The Dark Angels. The kid always suffered from stage fright's bite right before he went on. "Always." He touched his perfectly done lion's mane of peacock colored hair before smiling at them, trying to show them he wasn't going to toss his cookies any minute.

Josh grabbed his hand and squeezed it which seemed to ease the nerves that danced off Robin in waves. "Good, Rob Rob?"

Robin nodded and watched as Josh took the stage. He smiled once more at Dare and Angel before he inhaled deeply before walking on stage to take his place at the keyboards right next to Josh.

Darius looked down to fiddle with his guitar for a moment. He needed something to do because he certainly didn't know what the hell to say!

Angel draped an arm around his shoulder and leaned into him. "Let's give them something to talk about, yeah?"

Darius looked up and stopped biting his lower lip. Bad habit! "Most definitely," yelling a little over the music the boys had started making without him. Then with a deep breath he walked out onto the darkened stage to add his guitar's voice to the mix.

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