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Shara Zhad Erotic Tales: Book Three
by Cherry Lee

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Historical Fiction
Description: Shara Zhad is kidnapped by a warlord from another territory and held for ransom she's sure her father won't pay. Hoping to convince her captor of her value, Shara entertains Rashtan with one erotic tale after another while fighting her growing attraction to him. In her third tale, Shara prods at her captor with a story about a powerful man whose secret wish is to be dominated. She suggests that private erotic fantasies might not match up with the person we present to the world. Each tale in this series stands alone as an erotic nugget, but the framing tale of Shara and her warlord progresses. (Ten part series - all stories can be read stand-alone)
eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: August 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [46 KB]
Words: 7400
Reading time: 21-29 min.

"Kabir could make out the shadowy figures of his captors, standing together and talking farther back in the cave. A cold breeze blew into the mouth of the cavern, making his flesh tighten and his cock shrivel. The rock wall at his back was equally cold. There's nothing like being bound hand and foot at the mercy of kidnappers to make a person feel utterly weak and vulnerable. Even the great Kabir knew his limits. When he tugged at his restraints and they didn't give an inch, he knew he was truly helpless."

"So the robbers began to torture him. If money wasn't their object, it must have been for some piece of information," Rashtan made another guess.

"The four figures were clothed all in black from head to toe, including wearing hoods to hide their faces and gloves to cover their hands. When they surrounded Kabir, his stomach clenched. Although they held no weapons, he knew fear.

'What do you want with me?'

One of the masked bandits touched his cheek lightly. He could see the bandit's eyes through the holes of the mask. They were bright blue and glittering. The bandit slid a gloved finger down his face, over his lips, his chin, his throat and chest. Kabir forced himself not to squirm. He wouldn't surrender his pride.

The leather-covered hand stroked his belly, making it twitch, and cradled his cock. Despite himself, as the cool leather of the glove caressed it and the bandit began to stroke him, Kabir couldn't stop his penis from stiffening."

"Enough!" Rashtan set down his goblet so hard wine sloshed over the rim and pooled on the table. "I don't want to hear a tale about sodomites. That's disgusting."

More disgusting than the stories I've told so far about women being abased and brutalized? But of course this virile warrior would not like a story about men fucking other men--even if it secretly aroused him. Perhaps especially then. She should've known he'd be too traditional. Shara quickly amended the story of man-sex she'd planned to something acceptable to a male with a limited sexual palate.

"Patience! Let me tell my story. The great Kabir was as horrified as you by the idea of a man touching his genitals and humiliated when his cock responded to the sensual touch. The bandit pulled and pulled until Kabir was as hard as iron. Both shame and fierce lust swelled along with his cock. In fact, one fed the other. For this was Kabir's deep-seated secret--he longed to be helpless and forced to submit."

"Tch!" Rashtan grimaced. "This is not a good story. Not like the others you've told. A true man would not crave such a thing."

Shara frowned, annoyed by his interruptions. "Then I suppose you don't want to hear about what happened when the bandit queen took off her hooded mask and bent to take Kabir's cock in her mouth."

"Bandit queen?"

"Yes. Well, not exactly a queen but the leader. You see there were four sisters who had suffered through hard times together. They had decided the only way to survive, other than by prostitution, was to become robbers. They had grown wealthy by waylaying travelers, but occasionally wanted some sexual relief and they fully intended to amuse themselves at the expense of the great and powerful general, Kabir."

"Women bandits? What an odd idea. Go on." Rashtan relaxed and picked up his wine goblet.

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