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Shara Zhad: Erotic Tales Book 2
by Cherry Lee

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Romance
Description: A chieftain's daughter, Shara Zhad is kidnapped by a rival warlord. Hoping to convince him of her value in case her father never pays the ransom, Shara entertains Rashtan with erotic tales. But how long can she amuse her captor--or deny her powerful attraction to him? In her second story, Shara tells of a beautiful but vain and cruel queen who angers the wrong magical being. The woman receives her just due as she suffers the degradation she's earned. Each tale in this series stands alone as an erotic nugget, but the framing tale of Shara and her warlord evolves. (Ten part series - all stories can be read stand-alone)
eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: July 2011


1 Reader Ratings:
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Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [46 KB]
Words: 7465
Reading time: 21-29 min.

Shara shivered and swallowed hard as she walked through the doorway into the room where her captor awaited her. She had very little doubt what Rashtan would do to her now. A man didn't have a woman cleaned and shaven and dressed in a flimsy garment just so he could cut off her finger and send it with a ransom demand. He was going to fuck her now. At last. And what was wrong with her that she actually felt a strong twinge of excitement and anticipation? Perhaps the maid was right. She was a hungry bitch ripe for the plowing.

Rashtan's dark eyes and hawkish features were even more striking than she'd remembered them. He sat in a leather chair with his legs sprawled out before him, and gestured at her to take the seat across from him. He studied her with such intensity that she felt as if he were touching her all over.

Shara took her seat and tried to pretend he couldn't see her body right through the thin white shift.

Rashtan was eating fruit from a silver tray and Shara's stomach rumbled at the sight of fresh food. He must have heard the noise because he smiled and asked, "Hungry?"

"Yes. The diet in your dungeon is hardly palatable." She perched on the edge of the other soft armchair and avoided staring at the fruit as if she were a starving dog presented with a bone.

"This is quite a steep fall for a pampered princess like yourself. It must be difficult to adjust to being a prisoner."

"I'm not a princess and I'm surviving all right."

All of a sudden, he leaned forward and reached out for her neck. Shara jerked back. But he merely ran a finger along the red mark that the leather collar had left on her flesh. "How do you like being treated like a dog and wearing a collar to show your submission?"

"Well, I wouldn't treat any dog this way, locking them in a kennel for days on end with no exercise or creature comforts, so I couldn't say."

Rashtan chuckled. "You were only locked up for a day and a half. It just seemed longer, princess. You are a spoiled little girl, aren't you?" His finger slipped down her chest to tickle the swell of each breast above the neckline of the shift.

Shara sucked in a breath. Her nipples peaked even harder, begging for him to drop his hand lower and tug on them. "I'm not nearly so spoiled as the woman I told you about, the one who wanted to be worshiped by all."

"Ah yes, another story," Rashtan leaned back in his chair but although he had stopped touching her, she could still feel the tracing of his fingertips upon her chest and her breasts still ached for a harder touch.

"The woman's name was Zalaria and she was astonishingly beautiful. Her hair was a deep, rich red with golden highlights when the sun touched it. Her eyes were an unusual pale shade of green that immediately caught one's attention. Her mouth...Well a man couldn't look at that mouth without picturing it surrounding his cock, nor most women without imagining those soft lips pressed against her pussy. There was something almost magical about the sexual power Zalaria's beauty had over people. When she walked into a room, people went silent and stared. They practically fell to their knees. She was the closest thing to a goddess on this earth--in her own mind in particular.

But this beautiful woman with all her gifts of beauty and wealth, who could have afforded to be gracious and kind to the less fortunate, was petty, vain and cruel. Her favorite entertainment was manipulating people to her will simply because she could. She wanted everyone to worship her and they did because her beauty blinded them to the fact that she wasn't a good person."

"An evil goddess," Rashtan said. "A devil woman."

"Exactly. You sound as if you know the type."

He popped a grape into his mouth. "Yes, I've known my share of self-centered, beautiful women. I don't put up with their airs and affectations."

"Neither did the people in my story once their eyes were opened to her true nature," she continued. "It happened like this. One day Zalaria was walking through her gardens and enjoying the fine sport of mocking people along with her ladies in waiting. They gossiped about every flaw the courtiers had and contrived plans to make fools of this or that person simply for fun.

Suddenly, they came across a young woman standing by the swan pond. A stranger. No one had seen the girl arrive and she had no business being on the royal grounds. With her tattered dress and stooped figure, she was clearly the dregs of society. Also, the girl was extremely ugly with a bulbous nose, close-set eyes and a slack mouth that suggested she might be a halfwit. She was chinless, scrawny-necked, acne-spotted and altogether criminally hideous.

But Zalaria suppressed her laughter and silenced one of her ladies who suggested they call the palace guards to take the woman away.

'Don't be so ungracious,' she warned her lady. 'This pretty young girl will be perfect as my newest lady in waiting. What's your name, my dear?' She put an arm around the hapless simpleton who answered with a stammer, 'Amare, your highness.'

'Amare, you must come with us. We'll dress you up and you shall be one of us.'

The princess whisked the girl off to her chambers where the women spent the afternoon turning her from a sow's ear into a...well, into a better dressed and styled sow's ear. Then they brought her to dinner with them, making a joke of her while pretending to be her friends."

Rashtan smiled and his white teeth reminded Shara of an illustration of a scary wolf that had been in one of her childhood books. "This is not going to end well for Zalaria. Never anger a fairy in disguise. Open your mouth."

Shara obeyed his order without thought and a second later caught a grape as he tossed it to her like a treat for a pet. The ripe fruit was cool and sweet as she bit into the fleshy pulp and swallowed it down.

"A good story so far. You've earned a snack. If I like the rest of your story, I'll give you more."

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