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Business Asset
by Tilly Andrews

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: If you like your BDSM erotica hotter-than-hot, then look no further than this new book of submission and domination by Tilly Andrews! Sarah and Robert's marriage was spicy, sure, but then he introduced her to the secrets of his club - and her world, and sexuality, was never the same again!
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: June 2011


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [98 KB]
Words: 23484
Reading time: 67-93 min.


Sarah stepped gingerly from the shower. She had only a few moments to cover her wet naked body before Robert spotted her. The last thing she wanted this evening was a quick tussle before she got dressed. She knew how important this evening was for her husband's career and she wanted to look and feel her best.

"You look gorgeous." Robert crooned from the bedroom and she knew it was too late. Why she had not closed the door was beyond her comprehension. The bathroom mirror reflected the whole ensuite into the master bedroom -- there was no escape. As she glanced into the mirror she saw Robert sprawled naked on top of the duvet, he smiled broadly and patted the bed next to him. His erection stood hard and challenging against the soft, dark hair on his lower abdomen.

"Thanks," she offered with a cute smile, "but I don't think we have time."

Robert was not to be discouraged. "Don't worry; everyone arrives late for Christmas parties; it's almost impolite not to and anyway I'll be quick." He replied with a cheeky grin spreading across his broad full mouth.

Sarah did not doubt it. Nowadays that was all he was. Tired from his new job, burdened by debts, strained by a move to a new city and working a probation period had put Robert under great stress. Sarah appreciated and understood this because she felt it too. What she had not anticipated was the impact that all these things were having on their relationship. How had she, who had once been the centre of his world, the sexiest woman he had ever met, now become just a 'quickie'? How had two young people in their early twenties adopted the sex life of a middle-aged couple? They had only been married four years, but this new job had aged their sex life by 40 and Sarah was fast beginning to resent it.

Dropping the towel she held in her hand on the bathroom floor she padded over the lush carpet to Robert. Maybe sex would calm his nerves. She was acutely aware that he too felt the pressure of this evening's cocktail party. She sat on the king-sized bed where he had patted and smiled at him. His face was beaming; he looked like a child who had just been promised his favourite ice cream. He was hard to resist, he was still as attractive to her now as he had been when they had first met at college over 6 years ago. He still had the slim attractive build she had lusted over almost nightly for years and the mop of dark brown hair which framed his chiselled features, but it was his dark brown eyes that she loved they most. They were so dark that sometimes they looked black. It was those eyes that stared into her light grey ones now and she could feel herself melting. She could still remember what it was like between them when it was good. When they did not have a care in the world apart from each other and the occasional lecture to punctuate the day. Maybe they had not travelled too far from that and they could easily retrace their steps.

He reached up his hand and cupped her naked right breast; she could not help the involuntary shudder that ran through her body. Tweaking her nipple she saw his erection spasm in response. He would be quick; she could tell that he was almost there already. Part of her was still glad that the sight of her naked body still had this effect on him. Another part of her was disappointed that he ad forgot ton that her body had needs as well.

He had never used to be a selfish lover, but lately things had changed. She only hoped that this change was not a permanent one.

As he continued to gently squeeze her nipple she lowered her body down towards him and kissed him full on the lips. He responded instantly and she could feel the desire in his warm breath. He freed her breast and pulled her body close to him, she was dam from the shower, yet the heat from his skin warmed her almost instantly. Her damp red hair fell across his face and into his mouth yet still they continued to kiss. She was beginning to lose herself in him and pushed her body onto his. If she was going to get what she wanted she knew that she would have to take control. Having Robert underneath her she could set the tempo, she could make love to him on her terms, not his. Her nostrils filled with the scent of him, fresh and invigorating from his shower, he smelled like a forest in the rain. She slid her legs either side on him as she felt his erection throb against her soft flat stomach. As she continued to kiss him, she felt him reposition himself. He was impatient to be inside her and she was aware of his hands now lifting her hips.

"I want you now." He growled as he pushed his head back into the soft feather pillows, away from hers.

At his instruction she pushed herself up so that she now sat astride him. Already she missed the warmth of his body and his touch as the cool air quickly filled the space she had just left, but she knew her liked to see her breasts as she rode him.

Reaching under herself she took hold of his hard firm cock and guided him inside her. She was already warm and wet and she heard his sigh of pleasure as she lowered herself over him. She felt him fill her as his huge cock slid inside her. Knowing that she needed to pace this, in order to reach her own orgasm before he did, she took his hands off her hips and placed them over her breasts. The cool air made her nipples very erect and very sensitive and she moaned with pleasure as Robert took each of them between his fingers and thumbs and began to squeeze.

She slowly lifted herself up and quickly and harshly thrust herself down on him. Robert raised his hips to fill her more completely and took her entire breasts in his hands squeezing them hard. Sarah lifted rode him like this for a few strokes and then sat full in his lap grinding herself against the base of his cock. She could feel her juices now wet against his shaft and she could feel the familiar twinges of electricity inside herself.

She moved her body closer to him so that she could feel his cock rub against her clit when she rode him. Her nipples now also rubbed against his own chest when she moved and she could feel his breath excited and shortened against her face. He took his hands and moved them southwards to her buttocks. Kneading them at first he then pulled them so that she was now fully open as his cock travelled in and out of her. Sarah moaned with pleasure, she felt so exposed. She could feel the cold air all over her body, the lights were fully on and the blinds were not drawn, anyone in the surrounding apartment blocks could have seen them. Seem her, all of her fucking Robert right now, but she did not care. It had been weeks since she had got to this stage and she was going to enjoy every thrust of his cock.

She pushed down hard against him as she rammed into her. She knew that she had soaked both their pubic areas and it felt divine, she could hear her juices squelching every time their naked, hot flesh met.

"You're so utterly fuckable." Robert growled, as he opened her even further and rammed himself deeper into her.

She began to move faster now rising and falling on his eager cock, her nipples hard and electric brushing his chest every time she moved. From deep within she felt the first twinges of pleasure spark and she knew she was lost. She moaned sharply and Robert sensing her orgasm grabbed her buttocks hard and drove his cock fast and hard into her dripping pussy. The waves that came were so intense Sarah could not move, staring with her toes the tsunami of pleasure travelled up her legs and centred around her throbbing clit. "Oh my God!" She cried out as her breath quickened and she totally surrendered herself to it.

She felt Robert swell in her for another stroke and then she felt the rush of his warm cum as he exploded deep inside her. Exhausted and throbbing she lowered her body down on his, with his cock still inside her. She felt his sharp intakes of breath as her pussy involuntary spasmed around his now spent shaft.

"We're really going to be late now," She giggled with relief as she rested her head on his shoulder, "I think I need another shower after that."

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