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Winning the Highlander's Heart
by Terry Spear

Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
Description: Escaping from King Henry's advances, the Scottish Lady Anice falls into the hands of Highlander Laird Malcolm MacNeill, and murder and mayhem follow.
eBook Publisher: Vinspire Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: May 2011


6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [393 KB]
Words: 90746
Reading time: 259-362 min.

Winning the Highlander's Heart is an incredible tale. Terry Spear allows the reader to practically see and feel the sensations that each character emits. Exciting, captivating, mesmerizing and down right sensational this book has all the delectable elements that make it a huge winner!~Lighthouse Literary Reviews This story is fast paced, full of witty dialogue and interesting characters that will keep readers entertained forhours. If you likehistorical stories about those braw Highlander men, you'll love this book.~Romance Junkies There is something about a good, strong Highland romance that stirs the soul. {This} is a story of true romance and adventure. It is definitely worth reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon.~Fallen Angel Reviews [The author] weaves documented historical fact with lush, captivating fiction. Her Highlander men are breathtaking and brave. The heroine is delightfully strong willed and oft times cheeky. Together it makes for quite an adventurous and sensual read.~Coffee time Romance

Anice tugged on the rope and when it held, she climbed onto the stone sill. Grasping the rope, she swung over the edge and held on tight. Her arms strained while she wrapped her legs around the rope and began to shimmy down.

A pounding on her chamber door produced a rash of chill bumps to trail along her arms.

Across the courtyard a man shouted, "Milady!"

A streak of panic shot into her bones as she clambered down the rope.

Couldn't a lady take a walk in the kitchen gardens--even if she got there by extraordinary means--without causing an uproar in the king's staff?

The thud of hooves galloped on the grassy earth in her direction. She cursed under her breath. She needed no horseman's help to descend a rope. Her hands slipped on the coarse hemp and her heartbeat quickened. She was a wee bit out of practice.

"Drop to me! I'll catch you!" the man's deep, sexy voice shouted with a distinctive Scottish burr, as he guided his horse beneath her.

She snorted. If she dropped to whoever stood below her, no doubt her skirts would fly up around her ears. "'Tis nay concern of yours. Move away." She meant to speak her words harshly, commanding the man to do her bidding at once, but her voice sounded way too soft and overmuch like pleading.

She glanced down at him sitting astride his roan destrier. Belted at the waist, a pleated saffron wool tunic rose to mid-thigh, exposing his brawny muscular legs. The narrow tunic sleeves stretched down his arms, widening at the wrist, revealing large hands that clutched his horse's reins with a fierce grip. Her gaze drew up his massive chest to his dark brown hair, highlighted with reddish strands hanging loose about his broad shoulders, framing and at the same time softening the harsh angles of his face. He had a manly nose that befit Scottish royalty, a sturdy square chin that tilted toward the heavens, and lips women begged to kiss. Not a Norman or a Saxon, but a handsome devil of a Highlander. 'Twas not his broad shoulders and chest that gave her pause, but his furrowed brow and darkened brown eyes that compelled a longer look.

Her fingers slid again and her heart leapt into her throat. The man quickly stood in his stirrups, his hands outstretched ready to catch her.

"Jump, lass, and I shall catch ye."

A sprinkle of perspiration trickled between her breasts. 'Twas not too far to fall, only one more story now. If she landed on the gentleman, he'd no doubt break her tumble nicely. She continued to slide down the rope, her arms quickly wearying. At twenty, she was getting much too old for this.

The rough rope tore at her tender flesh. Her fingers burned. Trying to ignore the pain, she clenched her teeth and lowered herself further.

"Milady!" The man grabbed at her.

When he caught her foot, she nearly fell and gasped in surprise. She kicked his hand away. "I do no' need your help." Not unless the hand belonged to a Highland laird who wished to take her away from here and back to her home without delay.

His hands slid up her hose-covered leg and rose to her naked thigh. She screamed out in shock. What in heaven's name were his hands doing up her chemise?

"Sorry, if you would quit your squirming--"

"You are no' a gentleman," she snapped, and let go of the rope before the rider manhandled her much more, landing squarely in his lap. He groaned as if she'd caused him pain. Here she thought he looked strong enough to wage the toughest battles without concern.

His large, capable hands curved around her waist with a possessiveness she should be resenting, though she couldn't help wish he'd carry her away home again and free her from the king's advances. The Highlander smelled of horse, leather, and man--incredibly intriguing--but way too close for comfort, yet she breathed him in like it was her last breath.

Huskily, he retorted next to her ear, "And ye, lass, are no' a--"

Before he could utter another word, she hopped from his horse, catching the hem of her bliaut on his stirrup. Mortified, she nearly ripped the fabric, trying to yank it loose. How many courtiers watched her antics now? She worked on her gown, too busy to find out. Perspiration freckled her brow and her skin grew as hot as the armorer's fire.

"If you would allow me, lass, to free it, you would not show off your chemise or other more remarkable qualities." He grinned broadly and tugged to release her hem. His dark brown eyes now nearly black smiled back at her. Dimples punctuated his bronzed cheeks, but it was the raw look of lust that shook her to the core.

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