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When Stars Collide
by Aliyah Burke

Category: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica/Romance
Description: Undeniable attraction, a one night stand, a missing sibling, and different continents to name a few, can these two overcome all the obstacles and accept the love between them? US Marshall Cortland Kysenzki never imagined that returning to Texas for a friend's birthday party would change his outlook on life. But it did, all it takes is one look and he is a goner. Only one problem, it is his friend's sister who snares his attention. Zémire Gibson comes to celebrate her brother's birthday. Despite her resolve to not get involved with anyone, coming face to face with a man she's dreamed about since childhood, turns that into nothing. So she allows herself one night in Cort's amazing embrace beneath the Texas sky. When her brother goes missing, Cort flies to France to tell her and ask for her help with something he received from BB Gibson before his disappearance. It didn't matter what circumstances brought him back within reach of Zémire, Cort is determined not to let her go again, having been unable to vanquish her from his memory. He escorts her back to Texas where they grow closer as she hopes and prays for her brother to resurface. But Zémire isn't the same child she used to be, she's a grown woman with a mind and a life all her own...one in France. Will Cort have what it takes to convince her once and for all they are meant to be, or will she be gone from his life forever?
eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, 2011
eBookwise Release Date: May 2011


5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [198 KB]
Words: 42033
Reading time: 120-168 min.

Cortland Kysenzki tipped back the beer and sighed in contentment as the chilled brew slid down his parched throat. The respite, although brief, was welcomed. The unforgiving Texas sun beat down on him and the others gathered for the party. Not that the heat seemed to slow the mood. Women in scant attire dashed to and fro along with shirtless men, laughing and having a great time. They were like a bunch of college kids having a blast.

This was the thirty-seventh birthday bash for his college friend, Benvolio 'BB' Gibson. His nickname derived from his name, Benvolio Benedict Gibson. Everyone called him BB, apparently from the time he'd been in diapers. It was how he'd always referred to him. He and BB had played football together and had shared some classes. He was thrilled he'd been in town when the call came for the party. It was nice to just hang out with some old college buddies and relax.

"Really, Cort, this is a party, man. A smile or two won't kill you." BB's voice sneaked in and jerked him from his wandering.

He met the glance of his friend and smiled at the cockeyed birthday hat on BB's shaved head. The brown eyes staring at him were full of twinkling mischief.

"Just lost for a moment, man."

"I'm sure. The big bad federal agent doesn't know how to take time off. Well, here you're off the clock, so smile. Maybe you'll even get laid if you do." Cort chuckled and BB got a mock shocked look on his face. "Not from me, Cortland Kysenzki. I know we're close butuh, uhnot ever going to happen."

Cort laughed even harder, not bothering to take offence. There was no reason. BB had a wild and crazy sense of humour. Nothing was off limits to say. Beer up to his lips he scanned the crowd again, this time paying a bit more attention to the women. There were some very attractive ones weaving in and out of the crowd.

"Perhaps," he admitted.

BB smacked him on the back then headed off to mingle. Cort sought some shade and leant against a thick trunk. He mulled over BB's words as he watched people dancing, some playing volleyball, and others standing around in groups talking.

How long had it been since he'd been with a woman? Damn, if I have to think on it like this, it's been way too long. He frowned and thought harder. Had work taken over his life that much that he'd not allowed himself any time for fun?

He shrugged as the echoes of his two brothers' "hell, yeah" rang through him. His brothers, who each had a woman in his life. Pete had been reunited with his wife of years back, which had been a shock to say the least to know his brother had even been married. And the middle brother, Taber, had recently got his woman. Now they, along with their parents, had begun looking at him like he needed to hurry up and get one.

Sighing, he dropped his gaze to the empty bottle he held and with an easy motion pushed away from the tree. He jogged inside the sprawling country house, moving through the foyer on to the kitchen. Dropping the bottle in the recycling bin, he walked to get some water from the fridge. Once the cup was full he turned to leave and paused when he heard a feminine voice. Husky and sultry. He didn't recognise it, and so, glass in hand, he headed back to the living room that he'd passed.

Across the room, a woman stared out of the window while she talked on the phone. Cort dropped his gaze and ran it up her, mentally taking her stats. Five-seven, about a hundred and sixty pounds of mouth-watering firm curves, black shiny hair hanging loosely to the middle of her back. He licked his lips and took in the generous dips and swells she had. She stood barefoot, wore cropped, silvered ash coloured cargo pants--which cupped an ass made for a man to hold while he pounded into her--and a sleeveless top, which was a frosted green.


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