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Sleeping with the Jersey Devil
by Jude Stephens

Category: Erotica/Romance
Description: For 275 years Leeds lived in seclusion in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey letting very few people into his solitary life. He learned the hard way that humans are not to be trusted. As a young boy, he trusted his family to care for him but when they found out he was different, they turned his back on him. As a young man, he trusted a woman with his heart and was handed the ultimate betrayal. When he finds a beautiful woman left for dead he really wants to walk away but when he discovers she is a Chinthe, one of the Evolved species, he decides to help her hoping she may in turn help him relieve his pent up sexual tension. It doesn't take long for Leeds to realize he's in too deep. Mya Tun is being hunted by the Chinese Mafia for stealing the world's largest diamond. But far worse, he finds himself caught in a web of sexual pleasure that he's not sure he wants to escape.
eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: April 2011


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [230 KB]
Words: 52972
Reading time: 151-211 min.

Chapter 1

The beach was quiet. The only sound was from the waves as they came crashing in. He loved the sound of the rolling waves. For some reason it soothed him. Standing a few feet from the water Leeds watched as the foamy white caps gathered momentum. Even though it was dark Leeds could see fine. He looked up. Even the quarter moon was obscured by cloud coverage. It was a perfect night for a swim.

The overcast sky would guarantee that he wouldn't be disturbed tonight. Luckily it wasn't too cold for this time of the year. He had purposely waited until the beach season was over to come here, though he knew from experience that this stretch of beach never got any visitors. This particular beach was not the best for human inhabitants as it was filled with sharp jutting rocks.

Leeds sat down on one of the rocks that were a little less sharp then the rest and began unlacing his size fourteen black biker boots. He stood and opened his jeans and slid them down his long legs. Lastly he pulled the baggy t-shirt over his head. He stood there a few minutes letting the cool ocean breeze caress his naked body. It wasn't too often that he got to do this so he was determined to relish every second. At last he moved towards the water unfurling his wings as he did. He let out a sigh of pure bliss as his wings spread out.

Whenever Leeds left the sanctuary of the cottage that he called home he had to wear clothing that was baggy enough to hide his wings. His cottage was located on a small island in the middle of a swamp in the pine barrens of New Jersey. At home it didn't matter if he walked around with his wings exposed. The only ones who would see him were the turtles and snakes that lived with him on his little island. He had learned a long time ago people were not to be trusted, and the only one he could count on was himself. So he avoided people at all costs. The few instances he had exposed himself to humans had resulted in disaster and had earned him the nickname of the Jersey Devil. He had exactly two people in this world that he trusted, and that trust was tenuous at best.

Leeds reached the water and dove in. He swam out about twenty five feet and turned. He let the waves wash over him and felt exhilarated. For the next twenty minutes he swam parallel to the shore line. The feel of the waves striking his wings was almost orgasmic. His wings were very sensitive. Except for a recent friend his wings haven't been touched in years. His heart constricted with the memory of soft white hands stroking his unfurled wings. He quickly shook his head to disperse the image. Instead he thought of the blood on those same hands and he was able to channel the anger that had stayed with him for a hundred years.

Leeds reluctantly decided he should turn around and head back to the stretch of beach where he had left his cloths. He wanted to make sure he was back in the swamp by daybreak. It was lucky for him that this beach wasn't too far from his home. It would only take him an hour to get back to his cottage. He usually didn't go out much at night due to the fact that at night his eyes would glow an eerie red. During the day they were brown with flecks of amber, unusual but not something people would freak out about like they would if they saw him at night.

He swam slowly wanting to savor the swim. He only came to the beach a few times each year. To do so more would risk running into people. He spotted the small stretch of beach where he had left his cloths and started swimming towards it when he heard voices. Not wanting to be seen, he sunk down until only his head was above the water. He had perfect vision in the dark and he swore softly when he saw two men emerge from a patch of brush. The men appeared to be carrying something.

As they moved closer to the water, Leeds could see that the two men were of Asian descent, dressed all in black. The object they were carrying looked like a black rolled up tarp of some sort. He watched as they lugged the tarp down to the water and tossed it in. They stood there until the object sank and then they walked back the way they had come. Leeds held his breath as they walked close by his discarded clothing. They had almost passed by when one of the men said something in Chinese and they walked over to where his clothes were lying.

"Bloody hell." Leeds muttered under his breath.

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