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The Virgin Billionaire: Revenge
by Ryan Field

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: After Jase and Luis settle their problems with the easement road leading back to Cider Mill Farm, things calm down for a short time. And then one night, Luis mentions two important decisions he has to make that will affect their future. He's thinking about hiring a live-in nanny for their son, Hunter, and he's mulling over a lucrative offer to pose nude on Elena's Blog. Luis prides himself on making smart decisions based on instincts, but Jase is excited that night and isn't in the mood to do anything but pull down Luis's see-through underwear. Eventually, Jase calms down long enough to agree that hiring a nanny will only improve the quality of their lives. And when Luis explains to Jase the nude photos of him will be artistic and tasteful, Jase agrees to back any decision Luis decides to make. But nothing is harmless about Luis's meeting with the photographer in LA who wants to shoot photos of him. Luis is appalled when the photographer asks him to remove all his clothes and starts groping between his legs in a room full of naked young guys. Luis is outraged when he realizes most of the young guys are underage. So he flies back East and tells Jase, they contact the authorities in LA, and Luis agrees to testify as an eyewitness to this despicable underage porn ring. But due to circumstances beyond Jase and Luis's control, Luis never gets to testify. And then someone seeking bitter revenge comes into their home and threatens everything they love and hold dear... Their lives are at stake and their son is in grave danger. Will Jase and Luis be able to hold on to their love, their marriage, and their charmed lives? Or will fierce revenge rip them apart and stomp out all the happiness they've worked so hard to build?
eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance/Ravenous Romance, 2011
eBookwise Release Date: April 2011


3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [247 KB]
Words: 60218
Reading time: 172-240 min.

Chapter One

Jase Nicholas was not an angry man. If something bothered him, he'd either retreat to his office and pace the floor, or he'd go outside for a long walk with his head bowed and his fists clenched in his pockets. And he wasn't big on revenge: he cared more about amicable, intelligent solutions than he did about getting even.

Whenever someone wronged him, he'd usually focus on the positive side, turn the situation around, and move forward without harboring resentment. Though this was one of his best attributes, it was also one of his biggest vulnerabilities.

Forgiveness was the way Jase handled Angus Bernie, the vicious old guy who lived at the end of his property in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, when Angus tried to take control of the easement road that led to Jase's home, Cider Mill Farm. After they found an old map with an original survey of the property, Jase hired Philadelphia attorneys to validate the easement was legally his to use to gain access to his property. Then, instead of fighting Angus in court and draining Angus's bank account, which would have been simple for Jase to do, he offered Angus Bernie a large sum of money. He bought Angus's small stone home for far more than it was worth to get rid of the negative energy. And he even walked to the end of the easement road on the day Angus moved out to personally shake his hand and wish him well.

Whenever Jase and his husband, Luis, had an argument, Luis knew Jase wouldn't remain angry for long. Jase never tried to get even and he never shut Luis out with silent treatment. Either Jase would apologize to Luis first, or Luis would apologize to Jase first, and they'd make love. And since Jase's child, Hunter, had come into their lives, they'd been forced to deal with certain situations all new parents have to face. They were learning there wasn't always a simple solution with regard to raising a child, especially after Jase's grandmother, Isabelle, went back to Alaska the previous September. When they found themselves alone and dealing with Hunter's needs, conflicts seemed to arise that neither one of them could have predicted.

About a month after Angus Bernie moved out of the little stone house at the end of the driveway, Luis decided to discuss two important things with Jase and he wasn't sure how Jase was going to react. They'd recently returned from spending Easter with Jase's family in Alaska and they were upstairs in their bedroom at Cider Mill Farm watching TV. It was late at night and their eyelids were already drooping. Hunter was in his room, sound asleep, with their little dog, a Chinese crested named Camp, stretched out at the foot of Hunter's bed. Though Luis's and Jase's bedroom door was locked for privacy, they could see and hear every sound in Hunter's room thanks to the nannycam Cory, their handyman, had installed after Jase's grandmother went back to Alaska.

Luis reached down and ran his palm lightly across Jase's upper thigh. "Can we talk about something?" he asked. They were stretched out on the sofa in their underwear. Jase was wearing the tight black boxer briefs that made his balls look huge and his back was resting against the arm of the sofa. Luis wore black mesh briefs and his back rested against Jase's chest. When his palm touched Jase's thigh, Jase wrapped his arms around Luis and held him tighter.

"What do you want to talk about?" Jase asked. They were watching the Home Shopping Channel and Jase's gaze was fixed on the TV screen. One of his older inventions, a home cheese-making kit, was being featured that night and he wanted to see how it was selling.

Luis wanted to talk about two things that night, and he knew both topics had the potential to lift Jase's eyebrows. So he decided to start with the lighter of the two subjects and brace for Jase's reaction. "I've been thinking about hiring a live-in nanny for Hunter. At first I didn't want to do that. I wanted to spend all my time with him. But with your grandmother gone it's been hard to juggle work and Hunter at the same time. When she was here with us full time I always knew there was a backup babysitter I could trust. But now there's no one. And we never go out anymore alone because we can't leave Hunter with a stranger. When we went out to dinner alone in Alaska this past weekend and your parents watched Hunter, it was the first time we were alone together since September."

"It won't be easy to find someone," Jase said. His eyes were still focused on the TV and his tone remained calm and rational. "I don't want to call an agency and hope for the best. I've heard some really bad stories about people hiring nannies and I don't want to take any chances."

"I know," Luis said. He fully agreed; he knew it wouldn't be easy to find the perfect nanny for Hunter. "I was thinking I'd start asking around and take it slowly. But I do think it's a good idea, especially for Hunter's sake. He's so attached to me. I don't want him to wind up being one of those creepy, clinging kids." Last September, he'd enrolled Hunter in preschool in New York, three half days a week. Even though Hunter had adjusted to the fact that he didn't have a choice about going, months later Luis still had trouble peeling Hunter's fingers away from his each time he dropped him off at school. "Besides, taking Hunter on location where I'm shooting might not be the best place for him." Luis was a model who worked often. His jobs were usually for discount department stores and smaller clothing outlets. And he was starting to wonder whether or not this was the right environment for a small child. The last time Luis took Hunter to one of his modeling jobs, a buxom young blond woman walked onto the set wearing nothing but a skimpy bra and panties. Hunter's head went up and his eyes popped. He fixed his gaze at her huge chest and parted his lips. Luis had to take him for a walk until she got dressed.

Jase pulled Luis closer and kissed the top of his head. "You know, I think it might be a good idea."

Luis's head went up and he smiled. "You do?"

Jase nodded. "But I think it should be someone who is willing to live in, and someone who is willing to help out around the house. Sort of like a live-in nanny-housekeeper."

"I'm so relieved," Luis said. "I was hoping you'd say that."

"Why are you relieved?"

Luis shrugged and ran his fingertips up and down Jase's thigh. "I feel a little guilty about hiring a nanny. I wanted to do it all alone."

"Hey," Jase said, "You work hard and you have a rough schedule. So do I. So do millions of other working parents all over the country. They do what they think is best. This sounds like a good idea to me. And if it gives us more time alone together, I'm all for it."

Luis knew Jase was talking about sex now. He could feel Jase's erection poking his lower back. Since Isabelle had gone back to Alaska, their sex life had suffered a great deal. With all the things going on in their lives, especially with a toddler around the house, they were lucky if they found enough time for sex once a week. "I want to make it clear, though," Luis said. "If I can't find someone who is right, I'm not going to hire anyone. I want a positive role model for Hunter. And I don't want someone who is going to take our place as his parents either. This nanny-housekeeper is backup for when we're both working. In other words, she'll do basically what Isabelle did when she was living with us. She won't be raising Hunter full time."

Jase bucked his hips and rubbed his erection up and down Luis's lower spine. "You have my full approval," he said. "Now pull down your pants."

Luis smiled, but he had to talk to Jase about something else and he didn't want to put it off any longer. Luis had to make a decision about something involving his career and he wanted Jase's approval. "There's one more thing I want to talk about right now."

Jase reached down between his legs and pulled his erection out of his briefs so he could press the shaft against Luis's bare back. "Can this wait until morning?"

Luis closed his eyes and drew a quick breath. The aroma coming from between Jase's legs calmed his nerves more than anything else in the world. And it was hard to concentrate with Jase's dick poking his spine. But he bit his lip and said, "I'd like to talk about this now. I have to make a decision, and a lot of this decision depends on your reaction."

Jase's hand went down between Luis's legs and he started groping the soft spot of flesh below Luis's balls, inviting Luis to spread his legs wider. "Talk to me. I'm listening."

Luis grabbed Jase's wrist and pulled his hand out from between his legs. "Just hold off for another minute. You know damn well I can't concentrate with you doing that."

"Do you know why?" Jase whispered into Luis's ear.


"Because you want my burgeoning manhood right now," Jase said, exaggerating each word. "You want me to put my hard member into your tender, pliable opening."

Luis laughed. "Oh, I see. You want to have tasteful literary sex tonight." They hadn't had literary sex for a while, not since they'd gone to a long, drawn-out book reading in the Village, about cosmic science and breaking the universe, with their friends Ben and Percy. When they returned home, Luis invented a new sex game. He called it literary sex, where they talked almost dirty the way characters in literary novels talked when they had sex. Where a dick was politely referred to as a member, a hole tastefully referred to as an opening, and tea-bagging was brushed off in a general sense as foreplay. This harmless literary sex game they shared was often more fun than when they played their porn sex game, where they referred to a dick as a ramrod, a hole as a tight little rosebud, and tea-bagging as come-sack sucking. With literary sex they always had a few good laughs in the process, especially when it came time to climax, which in literary sex they referred to as reaching the penultimate pinnacle of blind emotion or, on really creative days, when they brought each other off to heights of ecstasy. It was interesting, and challenging, to come up with so-called tasteful literary terms during sex. And far more amusing than porn sex.

Jase bit the back of his neck and said, "My firm manhood is begging to enter your soft opening. May I enter? Please? I want you to bring me off."

Luis sat up and smiled. "My opening is begging for your manhood. But I want to talk about this other matter first." He turned and looked into Jase's eyes. "I've been asked to pose in the nude for Romantic Tidbits and Treasures." This was the same blog that belonged to Luis's friend in Paris, a woman named Elena, who had created a romantic blog that revolved around artful nude images of attractive men and extremely romantic novels about gay relationships. Luis had been contributing romantic blog posts for a while and his readership had grown by the thousands. This blog was still the one place on Earth he could go to relax and find peace when he felt completely stressed. "Elena has a new contributor who wants to do a photo shoot of me in the nude. It's going to be artistic, extremely professional, and he's willing to pay a quarter of a million dollars. I'm thinking about doing it."

Jase sat back and rubbed his eyes. "This is something," he said. "I didn't expect it."

Luis shrugged. "That's why I wanted to talk to you about it. If you're not comfortable with me doing it, I won't."

"Who is the other contributor?" Jase asked. "And why does he want to pay you so much?"

These were the same two questions Luis had asked Elena when she'd approached him with the subject two weeks earlier. He'd been thinking about it since then, not sure how he'd bring it up with Jase. After all, Jase was a world-famous billionaire and together they were a high-profile gay couple. Doing something like this would not only increase Elena's online readership, it would also call attention to Jase and Luis again, and for the past few years they'd been out of the spotlight. "The other investor, Leck Schneider, is a German publisher. They print the artistic magazine, Manly Images, with nude men. There's very little frontal nudity, and if there is, there are no erections. It's far from being porn and their photos are considered the most tasteful, artistic male nudes in the world." He exaggerated a little here, as he tended to do from time to time. There were other artistic nude publications far better known. "I've always been a huge fan of their photos, thanks to Elena's blog. They have a way of creating magic and making it look so easy. They were also very honest. They think my photos will attract attention because you and I are married, which in turn will give them the desired exposure they want."

"How did this guy, Leck Schneider, get involved with Elena?" Jase asked. "I'm sure he thinks he's going to make huge money by using you through me."

"He noticed her online readership growing and asked if she'd be willing to take on a partner. She thought it over for a long time, wondering whether or not she even wanted a partner, and decided it was the best thing for the blog. She's still in control of everything, and I never gave it a second thought. I kept writing my usual blog posts, and doing my usual thing."

"Didn't that C-list actor from the sitcom pose for Manly Images once?" Jase asked.

"Yes, Jayden Sparks," Luis said. "And there are a few others, too. But, according to Elena, most of the famous male actors or models refuse to pose nude because they don't want to tarnish their images with the mainstream. But I'm not part of the mainstream. I never intend to act in a mainstream sitcom or a movie. I'm not even sure how long I want to continue modeling."

Jase took a deep breath and exhaled. "Do you want to do this?"

Luis looked directly into his eyes. "Yes," he said. "I want to do it for several reasons. One of them being that I'm not getting any younger and someday I'd like to look back at those photos and see how young I once was. I know that sounds a little silly and self-indulgent but it's important to me. Another reason is that it will be a first on a blog like this. I'm known as a writer and contributor on Elena's blog, and when the readers find out I'm going to do a nude photo shoot on the blog with Manly Images, it's going to garner a lot of attention."

"It will garner attention everywhere, trust me," Jase said. "How nude will you be?"

"I won't do full frontal nudity," Luis said. "I'll keep it simple in that respect. I won't do anything tasteless, you know that. I don't want this to be a freak show. I want it to be art."

"If you're doing this for the money," Jase said, "you don't have to. I know a quarter of a million is a lot of money. But you don't have to worry about money anymore."

Luis kissed his cheek. Even though Luis had been making his own money as a model, Jase had made it clear to Luis he didn't have to work if he didn't want to work. They were married, like any other straight married couple, and Jase made it clear Luis owned half of everything he owned in the world. But Luis liked working. He loved modeling, keeping up with the latest trends, and being busy all the time. He also took pride in the fact that he could make his own money. But he wasn't considering this photo shoot for the money and he wanted to make this clear to Jase. "I've already decided to donate any money I make from this to the Angel Association." This association was a charity dear to Luis's heart. It focused on helping desperate, pregnant young women find alternatives to abandoning newborn babies in Dumpsters or on doorsteps. Donating a quarter-million dollars to them would help the cause beyond their wildest dreams.

"Wow," Jase said. "That's a sizeable donation. I'm sure they will be thrilled."

Luis shrugged. "It's a good cause," he said. "And it's the only way I know how to make a difference in the world. I'm not a genius, I can't sing, and I don't know how to dance. I know my limitations and I never fool myself. I'm an average guy who happens to have a nice body, is all."

Jase reached down between his legs again and started groping for an interesting spot. "Oh, trust me, you are far from average. Your body isn't nice looking. It's fucking hot. I've seen truck drivers swerve when you walk down West End Avenue in short pants."

"So it's okay if I do this?" Luis asked, spreading his legs a little wider so Jase could shove his hands up his mesh briefs without having to struggle.

"It's your decision," Jase said. "I'll support you either way. I want you to be prepared for what might come along with that kind of exposure. Even partially nude photos of you, because of my high-profile position and us being a couple, are going to be plastered everywhere, from tabloids on newsstands to the Internet. Are you ready for that?"

"As long as I keep it tasteful I don't think it can hurt," Luis said. "I know Elena wouldn't post any photos on her blog that aren't artistic. Her blog is the epitome of tasteful."

"That's true," Jase said. "I hadn't thought about it that way." He started to chew Luis's earlobe. "Now pull down your pants, turn around, and face me."

Luis quickly removed his black mesh briefs and turned so he could straddle Jase's hips. When the bottom of his ass was resting on Jase's dick, he smiled and said, "You want me to ride your dick, don't you?"

Jase slapped his hip, a quick snap followed by a loud crack. "No," he said. "I don't want you to ride my dick. I want you to embrace my burgeoning member. This is literary sex, remember?" Then he slapped him again.

"Ouch! That hurt."

Jase slapped him a third time and laughed. "You know you like it."

Luis reached over Jase's head and grabbed a tube of lubricant on the side table. After he lubed Jase's dick, he grabbed the shaft and slowly sat on it. As he lowered his body and Jase slid inside, he smiled and said, "Take me now. Take me with your blunt, aggressive manhood. Don't stop until my chest is heaving and my body is trembling with unbridled desire. Do the deed, Jase. I want you to do the deed." Luis had trouble keeping a straight face when he said this. He had recently read this phrase, "do the deed," in a sex scene in a New York Times best seller.

Jase laughed and slapped his ass again. "Your opening is causing my member to erupt with passion way too soon. You're going to bring me off fast this time. I'll be sore and spent before I know it."

"Then don't hold back," Luis said. Jase was one of those men who could either fuck for hours or five minutes. When it came to getting him off, Luis was never sure what to predict. "I want to bring you off." Luis had read this phrase in the same best seller.

"Ah well," Jase said, stretching his legs. "This is one of the reasons why I love you so much. You always know how to bring me off."

Luis placed his palms on Jase's shoulders and he leaned forward so he could kiss Jase's forehead. This particular position had always been one of Luis's favorites. Jase would stretch out and remain still, and Luis would slowly ride Jase until neither one of them could hold back. In this position, Jase's dick reached each sensitive spot in Luis's hole. If Luis moved slightly to the right, the tip of Jase's dick hit the spot that made the lips of his anus tighten with pre-orgasmic sensations. If Luis moved to the left and Jase's dick hit the sensitive spot on the other side, all the nerve endings in his body became aroused and his stomach jumped. But more than that, the faster Luis rode him in this position, the closer they both reached climax. Sometimes Jase moved his hips from below; sometimes he remained absolutely dead still with his eyes closed. But one thing always remained the same in this position: at the moment they both climaxed, Jase grabbed the back of Luis's head, pulled it toward his face, and shoved his tongue into Luis's mouth.

When Jase kissed him this time and his cock exploded, Luis's entire body trembled and twitched. As Jase finished doing the deed and bringing him off, Luis closed his eyes and moaned so softly into Jase's mouth it sounder more like a whimper of pain than a sigh of relief.

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