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Bound by Christmas
by Owen Kennedy

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Romance
Description: Parker's insecurities and Aiden's fear of sharing his true sexual desires lead to a misunderstanding that ends their engagement. Christmas is here and once Parker gets Aiden bound to a bed, she acts out her secret fantasy of bringing him to the heights of pleasure. With a bag of erotic gifts, melted chocolate and lingerie that leaves Aiden in no doubt that he is all Parker wants for Christmas, Parker sets out to entice him to spill all his erotic fantasies. She shows Aiden that misunderstandings can be overcome with love and seduction.
eBook Publisher: Cobblestone Press, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: April 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [49 KB]
Words: 10736
Reading time: 30-42 min.

Chapter One

Parker Vance bit her lip in a moment of indecision. She let her brown hair fall around her face, and she looked at her feet in the hope that the two men in front of her couldn't read her expression. For a moment she couldn't speak.

Could she really do what they suggested? Not sure if she could face that question, she moved on to the next question that came to mind. Was she really wearing socks with cats on them? She sighed. Yes, she was. Parker dared a glance at the youngest of the Lewis brothers. He was staring at the socks too. Geez. Only she would open the door wearing workout pants, a spaghetti-strapped top that had seen better days, no bra and crazy cat socks when two of the three Lewis brothers were at her door. She should have gone whole hog and busted out the Garfield slippers she knew were around here somewhere.

Parker had never imagined in a billion years that one of the Lewis brothers would be at her door. Not after the disastrous end of her engagement to Aiden Lewis. She'd thought Brad Pitt would come knocking before Adam or Andy ever darkened her doorway. Her heart paused with a painful ache. She admitted to herself that Aiden Lewis would have been better than even Brad Pitt. She missed Aiden. The argument they had that last day seemed so long ago. It was hard to believe that it had only been a few months. It felt like a lifetime.

The two men currently standing in her living room had features that reminded her of her ex-fiance. Same dark hair. Same dark eyes. Aiden had always worn it just a little longer than either of his brothers. All the brothers were over six feet, but Parker thought Aiden's lean muscled body was broader and more defined than his two younger brothers. Aiden's nose had been broken in a fight during his early twenties. He wasn't traditionally handsome. However, Parker had recognized his masculine appeal with a hunger and desire that she had never felt for anyone else. Even looking at Adam and Andy taking up the majority of her small living room, she admitted no man could compare to Aiden.

She turned to glare at Adam in irritation. "Aiden broke the engagement believing that I would cheat on him, or at least used what he thought was happening to end things. What makes you think he wants to get back together? Your brother would have come here himself if he wanted me back."

Aiden Lewis had broken her heart. Decimated it actually. Taking a meat cleaver to it might have been kinder. Now his brothers said that he wanted her back. She gave a grim smile and a shake of her head. She had loved Aiden. On the days when Parker was completely honest with herself, she still loved him. She rubbed her bare ring finger absently, thinking of the sapphire and diamond ring that she had worn proudly. How could a person come so close to complete and total happiness only to lose it?

She glanced at the two younger Lewis brothers. Her parents were spending Christmas in Sierra Leone where they headed up a mission. Had the brothers known that Parker had decided not to fly to Africa for Christmas? Instead Parker had decided to spend her first Christmas without Aiden alone. Her apartment didn't even hint that Christmas was days away. Not one light, decoration, or gift could be found. She saw the brothers look around the small, dark apartment. She probably should have at least attempted to decorate for the holiday, but with her parents out of the country and her brother spending the holidays with his wife's family, she hadn't felt the need. Why fake it? She wasn't in a celebratory mood, so she felt no need to make the effort.

Adam sighed. He ran his hand through his thick dark hair in a move of agitation. Parker recognized the common Lewis trait. She had seen Aiden do it a million times when bothered by something.

"Saturday night he got drunk," he said, watching her reaction to that news.

Parker was sure her face reflected her shock. Aiden wasn't a drinker. He would have the occasional beer, but he didn't like to lose control. Last Saturday had been their wedding date.

Adam continued, "He rambled on about how much he missed you. How much he wanted you. At one point he got his keys and was determined to see you. We stopped him. He was in no condition to drive." Adam met her gaze with a determined look. "He is miserable without you; even if he hasn't admitted it when sober yet. He needs a push." Adam gave her appearance and apartment a pointed look. "It looks like you do too. Why are you allowing your pride and a stupid misunderstanding to stand in the way of your happiness?"

Parker didn't answer right away. She knew that things had been strained before the night he broke it off. There was unspoken tension in their relationship. She'd tried to solve it, but that ended up being a mistake. Aiden had left as a result. He hadn't really loved her. Hadn't wanted her. Not if he wasn't even willing to listen and understand. He had seen what he wanted to see and refused to believe differently. Parker couldn't help but feel a moment of happiness at the news that he might miss her, but a moment later, she felt the same sadness that continued to plague her. She wondered now, looking at Aiden's brother, if she had misunderstood a few things. If he had wanted to break things off, why would he still be unhappy?

"He still has your ring," Adam continued. "Does that sound like a man that is content with ending your relationship?"

She mentally steeled herself to answer. "I'm sorry. I can't. I can't go through that again." When she spoke the words, the voice inside her head called her a coward. Was she a coward? She thought perhaps she was. Parker had been hurt enough. She was still hurt. She lay in bed at night with her eyes closed, trying to remember what it had felt like when he held her, wondering if she would ever stop hurting. She brushed passed the two brothers, making sure not to touch them, and made her way to the door. Without saying anything else, she opened the front door of her small apartment. The brothers exchanged a look and then moved toward the door.

"Call us when you change your mind," Adam stated over his shoulder as he followed his brother out. He gave her appearance and her small apartment one more pointed look before she closed the door.

That night, Parker dreamed about Aiden. She woke up with the familiar ache of unfulfilled passion that never quite went away. Aiden had been a tender, gentle lover. He had taken her for a long weekend, relieved her of her virginity, and proposed. She gave a sad smile. It had been an eventful weekend.

She groaned. The morning light filtered in, and Parker tried to block the light with her pillow. She turned over and tried to go back to sleep, dwelling on the details of the dream in an attempt to recapture it. No such luck. Dragging herself out of bed, she passed by the mirror in her bathroom and gave herself a critical glance. She had lost weight in the last three months. Normally she would have welcomed anything that resulted in losing weight, but she knew it hadn't been a healthy weight loss. Her wide gray eyes and long brown hair seemed dull and lifeless.

Parker hadn't been able to believe it when Aiden had begun flirting with her moments after seeing her. She had been grocery shopping and silently debating what to cook for dinner that night when he had stepped up to her and started talking. He had walked around the store with her. She was surprised to discover he was getting to know her and was shocked when he asked her out. Three months later, he had proposed. Maybe their relationship had gone too fast. She sighed. She hadn't helped matters being so self-conscious about her body.

Sex with Aiden had been great, but she knew that he'd wanted more than she'd been willing to give. She had insisted on the lights out and that the covers were over them while they made love. He had talked about wanting to kiss every inch of her. Parker had been horrified that once he got a look at her rounded stomach and thighs that he would rethink his desire to marry her. Aiden could have had any woman he wanted, and she still wondered why he'd chosen her. It had been the underlying tension from his dissatisfaction and her fears that had caused Parker to take a drastic and courageous step.

Parker stood under the warm water, letting it soothe her. She closed her eyes and remembered why she and Aiden had broken up.

* * * *

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she said in a strained voice. She glanced at the clock and put the finishing touches on her body. Good thing Aiden had a sweet tooth since she had placed various chocolates, whipped cream, and fruit all over her body. She glanced at her best friend, Justin.

"Well, when you go all out, you go all out," he confirmed.

Justin knotted another scarf to the bedpost. Aiden was due to her apartment in another half hour, and Justin was tying her to the bed before he left. Parker shifted slightly, hoping that her stunt got the reaction she hoped for. When they had made love, Aiden had held her hands down a few times and told her to keep them there. He had once licked ice cream off her mouth when she missed a spot. His eyes had flared with desire and hunger. She knew that he had desires he hadn't shared. She tested the scarves around her wrists.

"I want him to know that I'm not scared of his desires, Justin. What kind of marriage will we have if he can't share them with me?" He had nodded in agreement. Justin knew all about hiding. He had been hiding the fact that he was gay from most people his whole life. Justin had opened his mouth to say something when both of them heard a curse from the doorway. Aiden had arrived early.

"What the fuck is this?" he questioned, taking in the scene. Justin had just finished tying her ankle to the bedpost. "I fucking knew something was going on between you two!" he accused, throwing them a furious look.

Parker had looked at him in shock and horror. How could he think that? She opened her mouth to explain. He clenched his fists. He looked ready to kill them both before he turned and headed toward the front door.

"Aiden!" Parker called, trying to get up, only to throw out a curse of her own at the realization she was tied up. She screamed at Justin to untie her. She struggled to pull free when he wasn't fast enough. By the time she grabbed her robe and got to the parking lot, he was gone.

Parker had spent a miserable night sitting on his porch waiting until the morning. Even months later, she could remember how acute the pain had been. Aiden had not come home that night. She had imagined a million scenarios for why, and her anger had grown with each one. When he finally arrived home, she had tried to explain, and he wouldn't listen. His words had hurt. Aiden knew what to say to wound her. He had made it evident that he didn't believe her explanation and that he didn't want her. Parker had put her engagement ring on his kitchen table and left. Both of them had said things that, looking back, neither probably meant. Parker just hadn't been able to bridge the gap their angry words left.

* * * *

She thought about Adam's suggestion. Could that be a way to bridge the gap? Should she try? Aiden had confirmed all her fears with his harsh criticisms, and Parker had not been able to hear the rest. She had tried once more to explain. Even Justin had attempted to explain. Justin had returned with several bruises for his effort. Parker wondered if Aiden could truly believe she had cheated, or if he was using it as an excuse because he had discovered he truly didn't want her.

She took a deep breath and glanced at her cell phone. She contemplated life without Aiden. It stretched out before her like a dark void. She couldn't imagine loving anyone like she still loved him. He was worth the risk, and she acknowledged that if she went through with the plan, she would risk a lot. Parker picked up her cell phone and texted Adam that she was in.

* * * *

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