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Christmas Cookies: Rowan's Men
by Jade Buchanan

Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Science Fiction
Description: Book Summary The holidays are approaching and Rowan's feeling a little homesick. The Felidae don't have anything remotely similar to Christmas, so she's decided to go all out for Laithe and Fahd. Homemade presents, Christmas baking and a heck of a surprise are going to keep her men on their toes this year.
eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, 2010 2010
eBookwise Release Date: April 2011


4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [27 KB]
Words: 4478
Reading time: 12-17 min.

Praise for Rowan's Men "Very well written steamy scene involving all three characters. Very interesting concept." -- Snowdrop, Whipped Cream Reviews "It was funny watching the men do what Rowan asked, even as they didn't understand why they were doing it. Such love is always touching and the sensual scenes just made it that much more wonderful." Four Angels! -- Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews "This is a fun alternative to your standard Christmas tale. It's cute as heck as the author shows us how Rowan makes up for being homesick by making the best holiday she can with her mates." --Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

Chapter One

Rowan Gatti hummed happily, wandering around the abode. Her fingers moved over the decorations she'd set up. This wasn't exactly quite what she was used to, but all the more beautiful because they came from her new home. It was almost unreal how her life had changed over the past months with her new family. Sometimes she woke up in the middle of the night afraid it was all a dream.

It hadn't been that long ago that she'd been living on Earth, minding her own business, when a pride of cat-like men had come to capture her, thinking they were saving her from torture. Riiight, because the dentist was so scary. What was scary was being taken by a race of men she'd never thought to encounter before. Even more horrifying, at least at first, was the instant attraction she'd had for the big bruiser running things.

Their leader, Laithe, had told her she belonged to him, that they were mated. As if that wasn't enough of a shock, there was that whole business with his childhood friend, Fahd, who had apparently been in love with Laithe for years. If she was going to accept Laithe in her life, she had to accept Fahd too. Once she'd gotten to know them, she still hadn't been sure she even wanted to stay with them. Now, she couldn't imagine leaving. It was so hard to believe it had all happened the way it did. Definitely seemed like a dream some days.

But then she'd smell the spicy sweet scent of her men, feel their fur as it caressed her body, feel the pleasant burn between her thighs -- a constant reminder of the pleasure she found in their arms. It was times like those she thanked her lucky stars she wasn't back on Earth anymore. She wouldn't change it for anything.

Now she was about to share something of herself with them. A taste of her life back on Earth. By her reckoning it was almost Christmas, and she couldn't wait to teach her men all about the holidays. Laithe and Fahd had been intrigued when she'd talked about it. Rowan hadn't been aware of the wistfulness in her tone, but apparently her men had been. Laithe had taken her aside later and confessed they were anxious to learn as much as possible about her old life and how much they were looking forward to creating more traditions that blended their lives together.

She couldn't disappoint them. Not when Laithe and Fahd had done everything possible to make sure she was accepted and brought into their massive family. Everyone had done whatever they could to make her feel comfortable. She'd never been happier. And if she had the occasional twinge of homesickness, well, it didn't last long.

Rowan hummed a few bars of "Ode to Joy," smoothing her palm over her belly. She couldn't wait for Christmas morning. Waking up in bed with Laithe and Fahd, and then jumping out to open all the presents. It'd be better if Lev, Morgan and Aaron were here, but she understood why they went back to Earth to visit Aaron's family. Her new family was split up this year, but she was bound and determined that this was the last year they'd be separated. She'd learned something from Ariel, Laithe's mother, over the last few months. What Ariel wanted, Ariel got. Her mates would do anything for her, and Rowan definitely intended to follow in her footsteps. She wanted her pride together, and she was going to get her pride together if it killed her. Or more likely, if it killed them.

The smell of cinnamon and gingerbread filled the room. Okay, fine, it wasn't cinnamon or gingerbread, but it was close enough. Heck, it wasn't as if the men knew what it was supposed to smell like anyway. She'd slaved all day making bread, and she just hoped it was edible. Rowan was desperate to make gingerbread houses, and she'd had to beg Ariel for help in creating the right consistency for the dough. Ariel had given her the strangest look, and Rowan just knew she was thinking the little human was insane, but she hadn't said anything. Ariel was probably humoring her, but it really didn't matter. The gingerbread houses had been made, and were now gracing the small table where they normally ate. Lopsided and green -- and not exactly the right shape either -- the houses were just perfect.

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