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Everybody Loved The Librarian: An Erotic Mystery Rex Gordon
by Rex Gordon

Category: Erotica/Classic Erotica/Mystery/Crime
Description: Police Chief Kyle Holmes had long ago given up making misdemeanor arrests at the local strip club and he barely investigated them. But when a librarian moonlighting as a stripper was murdered, he knew it was time to start investigating. His investigation would lead him into bed with a number of irresistable women, open the door to some of the town's deepest buried secrets, and make him the target of a killer whose identity he never suspected. A sensual suspense novel from the erotic imagination of Rex Gordon.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: April 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [178 KB]
Words: 40019
Reading time: 114-160 min.


Trudy Duncan hungered for so many of the males who came to the information desk, especially the dweebish Timmy Blakely who kept obliquely looked at her tits. Occasionally, he would shyly straighten his cocks in his trousers, thinking she did not see.

"Pain the ass, aren't they," Gypsy Red Rose said when she came to the Information desk.

"I suppose," Trudy said.

She was trying to keep her cool for the redhead who owned the closest thing to a roadhouse that the city of Thunder Hill could lay claim to.

"You haven't always been a librarian, have you?"

"Since college, yes."

Trudy kept her cool, chin up and eyes focused on Gypsy Red Rose's green eyes and away from the breasts the juggled freely inside her cotton blouse. The blouse was not truly see-through but it might as well have been for all the details it exposed of Ms. Rose's breasts.

It had been a long time since Trudy had sex, but even though Ms. Rose was a woman, Trudy felt her juices seep from her pussy to the nylon of her panties. It was not a man she wanted, but a woman, and wow, this was a woman.

Gypsy Red Rose has been to the library many times, but this was the first time she had come to the information desk.

"I'd like you to look up something for me."

"That's what I'm here for." Trudy gave out a nervous little chuckle. "What book is it you're looking for?"

"Not a book, a DVD. All Red, All the Time, The Best of Gypsy Red Rose."

Trudy's mouth fell open. She looked over her shoulder and across the checkout where the supervising librarian was taking care of a couple of the dweebs.

"I, uh, I'm sure we don't have that."

"The library doesn't, but you do."


"Didn't your boyfriend buy a copy of that when he was in my club with you once?"

"Uh ..."

"And I'm sure you watched it."

"Uh ..."

Trudy felt the heat rise to her cheeks.

"Tell me, Ms. Trudy, would you like to go someplace and fuck ... me of course. Or I could fuck you. It works either way."

"Uh, no, yes, uh, I ..."

The supervising librarian came from behind the check out and strode toward the information desk. Trudy was terrified, but her terror abated when the supervisor grabbed a restroom key from the basket on the counter and continued on her way.

Trudy took one of the libraries business cards, turned it over, and wrote the number of her cell phone on the back. Without speaking further, she pushed the card to Gypsy and Gypsy smiled.

"By the way, if you don't have that DVD in your personal collection, I have many more at home."

Gypsy Red turned and walked from the library, her hips shifting ever so gently in her tight skirt.

Trudy knew that Gypsy had been a porn actress, a featured dancer, and was now a club owner. Gyspsy was not young anymore, but she was at least five years younger than Trudy's forty-six, and like Trudy when she looked at herself in the mirror, Gypsy was lusciously shaped, narrow shoulders, comfortably sized breasts, with a relatively narrow waist, nice hips and good ass.

Trudy was stunned at all that had happened in the last ten, or was it five minutes. Her shaking subsided, but she felt herself a fool for having given her cell phone number.

Toward nine, when the library would close, Trudy began to think about the DVD she had at home, about a bath, and about what she would do with her dildo.

Yes, she wanted to fuck, but she did not particularly want to fuck a woman.

She had driven barely a mile from the library when her cell phone chimed. She had not connected her blue tooth, so she pulled to the side of the road and opened the phone.

"Right behind you," Gypsy Red Rose said. "I have a very nice room in an Annapolis hotel. You can follow me there if you like."

"Ms. Gypsy, I uh, I mean ..."

"Yes or no?"

"Yes," Trudy snapped. She went tense for only an instant, then her whole body relaxed, the tension was gone.

Annapolis was about forty minutes from Thunder Hill, but it was easy for Trudy to follow Gypsy Red Roses low-slung sports car. It was an old Jaguar, Trudy thought, but what she knew about cars someone could put in a first reader.

Trudy expected some cheap-John hotel on the highway with a parking lot outside the rooms, the good old No-Tell Mo-tel. She was surprised when Gypsy drove led her to the lot of a four-star chain that overlooked the Annapolis harbor. She was surprised further when Gypsy unloaded a small bag from the trunk. She lifted another small bag and handed it to Trudy.

"What am I going to do with that?"

"Carry it," Gypsy said.

"I'm not sure I --"

"Oh, shut up. How long has it been since you fucked."

Trudy was offended, but at the same time, she was excited by Gypsy's stern ways. Stern was how she had been with Pete. Now, it was both frightening and interesting to have the attitude on the other side of a relationship, although it was difficult to call a single meeting a relationship.

"How long?" Gypsy insisted.

"Three--" Trudy cleared her throat. "Three years. I'm a bit nervous about it."

"I won't hurt you. You'll love what's in store for you."

In store? What did that mean.

"Let me get your bags," a young man said.

"We're already signed in," Gypsy said.

Handsome might be an exaggeration of the young man's looks, but he was certainly good looking. He had a build that was more like and NFL running back than what Trudy might expect from a bell hop.

"Stay with it, sweetie," Gypsy said, as she and the young man walked ahead of Trudy.

Trudy could almost hear her own heart pounding as she walked and into, she knew not what. What if this was some kind of trap? What if someone was planning to kill her?

That was paranoid. Why would anyone kill me

She admonished herself, at the same time she noted that Gypsy wore the same skirt she had worn at the library, but now she wore no slip and the static held the silken material to the curves and cracks of Gypsy's behind.

The young bellman, gestured them into the elevator and stepped inside. The door slid closed, and Gypsy grinned, causing Trudy's cheeks to grow hot. Before Trudy even knew what was happening, Gypsy turned Trudy in her arms and kissed her gently. Trudy moaned, and the juices seeped to her pussy, and she let out an exasperated "Mmm" and pulled away, embarrassed that Gypsy had done that in front of the bellman. Even seeing him from behind, Trudy knew he was grinning at them and Trudy flushed even hotter.

She had been true to the same man for so many years before he died, and now she had no idea how to act when it came to sex, except when she was alone.

The elevator door slipped open and the bellman led them to their room. Strangely, Gypsy locked the door behind them. It was not as if Trudy was a prude, certainly not after the way she had put herself through college.

While the bellman put the bags on the king-size bed, Gypsy stepped away from Trudy and lifted one of Trudy's breasts with her fingers.

"Real aren't they?"

"Of course."

"They hardly need a bra."

"Only for propriety's sake," Trudy said.

The bellman's grin broadened to a smile, but he was trying to hold it back.

Trudy snapped a look at him.

"Not my business," he said.

"It certainly is not, young man," Trudy said.

Oh, God, "young man!" How old am I, really? Trudy thought.

In spite of the fact that she was hotter than ash from a new volcanic eruption, she was still embarrassed by what was going on.

"Let's give him a real show," Gypsy said.

It triggered memories of her college days as stripper and dancer. Trudy was ready to go at it, but the young man was still there. Since Gypsy was not doing it, Trudy fumbled through her purse for a tip. Instead of putting his hand out, the young man loosened his tie.

"Now, who do I do first?"

The young man unzipped his fly, and a tingling rippled over Trudy's body like a mild, electric current.

"Come on, Pete, let's show her how it's done. I'm sure she's forgotten by now," Gypsy said.

"No, me, do me first, Pete. I haven't forgotten how," Trudy said.

When she heard the words, and the crack of her own voice she blushed again. Pete was the name of her deceased lover and it made his presence all the more interesting.

"Aw, isn't that sweet," Gypsy said, and she planted a soft kiss on Trudy's mouth.

Trudy closed her eyes and thought of those very few times she had sex with a woman, but there was never a man present. It was both exciting and intimidating.

But how can I keep doing this? she begged of herself.

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