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by Sean Michael

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: Gordon's a retired Drill Sergeant who's enjoying his life. He has his garden, his friends and access to the subs at the Hammer Club whenever he wants to indulge his Toppy side. When Billy and Marcus insist on introducing him to Frank, he has to admit, he's intrigued. Frank is a cop turned private investigator who often helps out the men of the Hammer Club. He thinks they're all just a little bit off, but they're good guys for the most part, and he's happy to take their business. When he's introduced to Gordon at a party at the Hammer to welcome Oliver home after the events in Owned, his world is turned on its head. Very much a loner, and self-contained, Frank must deal with having a partner who cares about him as more than just a good fuck. Frank also doesn't believe he's like all those little subs at the club, so he's not sure that a man like Gordon, a 'Top', is going to want him for more than the occasional make-out session. Can Gordon convince him he's wrong? Push is the latest in the popular Hammer Club series that includes Found, Snared, Owned, Baked, and Bent.
eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Top Shelf, 2011 www.torquerepress.com
eBookwise Release Date: March 2011


49 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [337 KB]
Words: 75905
Reading time: 216-303 min.

The party welcoming Oliver back to the Hammer was in full swing.

Gordon couldn't remember ever seeing this many people at The Hammer, not even for special events like the Halloween Masquerade or the Christmas Auction.

Of course, Oliver was a founding member and his resignation had been a shock to all. Gordon wasn't privy to the entire situation, but he'd heard that Oliver'd had a brain tumor or something like that, which had altered his personality. Had to be tough.

Now the man was back, Jack was beaming like it was Christmas, and Gordon was pretty sure every single club member was in attendance. Well, and he had to chuckle -- he'd been sure to show up, hadn't he?

And why not? The club was like a home away from home for him. He didn't have a partner, or even a regular sub, but if he needed anything, he could come here and find someone who wanted to sub for him for the evening. The food was better than anything he'd ever made, and they served Guinness on draft.

A man couldn't really ask for more.

"Gordon! Man, I wasn't sure we'd see you out here tonight!" Marcus Goodfellow came up, clapped him on the shoulder. The big Dom nodded at him, smiled.

"Hey, I wouldn't miss Oliver's welcome back party. The place just wasn't The Hammer without him."

"I hear that. What the hell have you been up to lately?" Marcus nodded to a table, Billy and a long-haired, lean Native American boy sitting there. "Have a seat?"

"Sure, thanks." He shook hands with Billy before sitting. "Nice to see you, Billy. Been awhile."

"It has." Billy smiled. "This is my boy, Tanny."

The guy smiled, nodded. "Hey."

"Nice to meet you, Tanny." Gordon grinned. "You look very happy," he told Billy. Very... settled, but not in a bad way.

Billy nodded. "It's been an exciting few months. It's good to have Ollie back."

A deep, booming voice filled the air. "Jesus Christ, Ollie! You get enough assholes to stroke you or what?"

Gordon felt his eyebrows go up and he turned to find the owner of the voice. A stocky, short man headed to Oliver, hugged the man roughly, and tousled Jack's hair. If Gordon's eyebrows could have climbed any higher, they would have. Especially when Oliver didn't protest, and Jack just hugged the man back.

"Ah. Frank." Marcus chuckled, shook his head.

Gordon waited a moment, and when Marcus didn't go on, he nudged the man with his foot. "Go on. Ah, Frank, what?" There was clearly a story here, one he could see Marcus was dying to share, actually.

"Oh, man. Frank used to be a cop. Met Oliver through Jack, I believe. He's... fascinating."

Billy nodded. "Challenging."

Gordon sat back, giving Billy and Marcus a casual look. Why did he have the feeling he was being set up? "Is he?"

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