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Riding The Rocket: Tales Of Male-Male Love In The Future - And Beyond
by Sascha Illyvich

Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Gay Fiction
Description: In this collection of futuristic erotic romances with a gay male spin that will warm your heart and arouse your mind and libido, love truly knows no boundaries. Science Fiction is tricky. Throw lust in the mix and it becomes trickier. Add in budding strictly male love affairs and the narrative begins to defy gravity: the conventional sentiment that romance is purely for the heterosexual. Impressed by Maura Anderson takes Hawaii from its days as a sailing hub to a seedy airship port full of opium dens, illicit pleasure clubs and press gangs that can be bribed to impress just the right man -- for a price. In Omakine by Ralph Greco, love, or at least lust, can happen between two species...as well as can prejudice. Michael Mandrake's story Longing for a State of Vertigo - One man's quest to find love ends up being a heavenly experience. The Universal Language by Kiernan Kelly details how Mishau's life is spent battling nature and struggling for survival, while Kurt's world is far more technologically advanced, but when circumstances throw two very different men together, they quickly realize that lust is a language understood by everyone. The Test by Sascha Illyvich has one lover regretting what he did wrong with his life until he's seduced by someone very special. Plus these stories by these fine writers: BAD PLACE by Cecilia Tan, FOSTER'S RACE by Darla M. Sands, EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE by Charity Thornton, DESERT FOXES LIVE IN CONCERT, by G.R. Richards. UTTER WEST by M. Christian, A BERTH ON CALISTA by Sebastian Blade, MIND GAMES by TJ Golden, SKY by Leigh WilderRiding the Rocket is an anthology that overflows with talent, showcasing well written hot, erotic male-male love stories with a science fictional spin, that push boundaries and define them in gay voices, the voices of the future.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: March 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [276 KB]
Words: 61784
Reading time: 176-247 min.


Cecilia Tan

Every time mankind gets around to outlawing slavery, some other kind of thing springs up to take its place, or maybe they just change the words for it. I learned that in a history class back when I was in school, the same government mandated school where I got hooked on Fizz. Actually, it's a miracle I remember anything I learned at all, considering what a number Fizz did on my brain. Nowadays no one used the word "master" anymore--it's "body rights holder"--but it means the same thing.

I was in a state med center when I made the choice to become a slave. I have to believe that. Because if I believe that the moment I tried my first Fizz I lost all choices, then I might as well be dead.

I was lying there pretty close to dead when he came in, which might explain why I thought he was an angel at first. I know now that his perfect features, his white skin, blue eyes and blond hair, might all be gifts he gave himself through gene manipulation, but at the time he leaned over the makeshift cot I was lying on, pushing back the hood that had hidden his fairness from a rough, brown world, and backlit by a fluorescent bulb on the ceiling ... C'mon. You would have thought he was an angel, too. Especially if you'd burned so hard on Fizz like I had that you weren't sure where reality started and ended.

I could barely move at that point. My organs were going to give out. I think the techs were hoping my heart would go first, so they could sell off the parts that still worked and get back some of what the government had spent to keep me alive so far.

"This one?" he asked, and someone I couldn't see answered. Doctor Summers, they called him.

Then he spoke to me. "What's your name?"

I was trying to move my mouth to answer, but hallucinations kept sprouting around me. The word that came out was "Jimson."

"All right, Jimson. I have a proposal for you." He lay his hand on my chest, and the physical contact seemed to ground me, the unruly bleeding colors receding from his face. "You can stay here, in care of the state, or you can sign over your body rights to me for ten years. I have a technological solution for Fizz burnout. I can cure you at great expense. But you'll be mine for the next ten years. The choice is yours."

Those were the words he said--I think. But what it felt like to me was that he was choosing me. Out of all the Fizzheads lying burned out in that ward, waiting to die, he had come to me. That had to mean something.

The pen was like a live fish in my hand, and I have no idea what I actually wrote, but the moment they took the piece of paper away, he put something into my mouth that turned all the colors black. Or maybe I passed out.

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