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From The Shadows
by J. L. McCale

Category: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Description: Born into a family gifted with magic, Claire Smalls never developed her powers, much to the disgust of the rest of the members of her family. Most of her time is spent looking for antiques to resell or gathering herbs. Until her grandmother starts sending a shadow hound to attack people. Her psychic gifts help Claire see when and where the shadow hound will attack. Although she has no true magic, she feels it's her duty to confront the animal and save whomever she can. To stop the slaughter she must discover why her grandmother is sending the beast on this rampage. So far all she can find is a male servant to her grandmother who takes great pride in teasing Claire. He is also at the heart of this madness and knows the secret behind Claire's lacking abilities. The information will cost her.
eBook Publisher: Champagne Books, 2011
eBookwise Release Date: March 2011


4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [208 KB]
Words: 46937
Reading time: 134-187 min.

The lights were out in the hotel. A maze of shadows surrounded Claire. The carpet, burgundy in day or lamplight showed none of its color. The walls blended into the dark landscape. Doors to the other rooms created perfect hiding spots for whatever creature crouched in the stillness.

She waited, hoping the emergency lighting would come on and prove her fears foolish. They didn't though. No light cut through the shadow and so she started back, hoping to find her way to his room.

Claire had just left the vending machine when the hallway went black. She didn't bother checking if there were any other power outages. There would only be one reason for the floor to go dark like this.

Beil had arrived.

She ran down the hall using her right hand to feel for the turn. She couldn't see the little brass signs that signaled the direction for each room number. It was possible that she'd missed the hallway.

This hotel was huge, boasting twelve hundred rooms. The main corridors made a box with a few hallways dissecting them for the cheaper rooms. It was in one of these rooms where Beil's target slept.

She found the turn and started counting. The third room had to be it, room 715. As she slid the key card into place, she wondered exactly what she would do if Beil was there. The dagger was gone from her leg sheath. In fact, she had no weapons to use against the beast unless it was terrified of vending machine pastries. Her vision of this victim had rushed onto her, leaving her no time to prepare before seeking him. That little fact didn't stop her from throwing open the door and trying to stop the carnage. Unfortunately, she was too late.

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