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Marked: The Recruits Book One
by Emma Hillman

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Romance
Description: When Faye wakes up after a lust-filled night and finds herself tied to a man she thought belonged to someone else, she realizes there's a lot more to her friends than she could have ever imagined. Being Mated to an Immortal isn't all it's cracked up to be however. Of course, the sex is hot and just plain amazing, but she needs more from Jake. She just hopes he'll come to realize this before it's too late?
eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: March 2011


17 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [191 KB]
Words: 39714
Reading time: 113-158 min.

"[T]he level of eroticism is extremely high. The BDSM scenes are detailed and provide a great mental picture. Jake is definitely an Alpha male who loves his woman and will do anything to protect her. Bottom line, this is a good start to a series..." -A. Ferguson, Erotica and Romance Books Examiner, 4/5 Stars!

"... quite entertaining, and keeps you guessing as to what's going to happen next... would love to see a sequel." -Patrizia M., Manic Readers Reviews, 4/5 Stars!

"... you want to experience Jake just the way she is because there is something dark, dangerous?and delicious about him... There is so much sex in this story, so plan to spend your moments with Faye and Jake turned on because the sex--all of the sex--is the yummy, naughty make you sweat kind." - Seriously Reviewed, 16.5/20 Score!

"...a hot, sensual story about sex, trust and immortality... This wouldn't be an erotic novel without the sex. Ms. Hillman delivers 100%. From page one the chemistry between Jake and Faye burns practically off the page. It only got hotter the further along into the book. Ms. Hillman's Marked was truly a delightful book. -- Recommended Read!" -Olivia, BlackRaven's Reviews, 5/5 Ravens! Recommended Read!

She'd never been in this room, and yet she'd heard about it from Sofia. It was a play room; there was just no other way to describe it. There was a daybed, large enough to be comfortable for two people lying on it. A sturdy chair. A widescreen TV and a collection of DVDs. Shelves lined with boxes of... She walked closer and felt herself start to blush. Toys. Cock rings, vibes, plugs. Anything and everything under the sun. "Did you rob a sex shop?"

Jake chuckled behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist and stopping right beneath her breasts. "I like toys. I know you do too."

She stilled. "Who told you that?"

"Chris," he whispered in her ear. "He said you ordered them online. So, what's your favorite, baby?"

She licked her lips, wondering how her roommate even knew about those. And why the hell had he told Jake about her purchases? "Uh, I don't know."

"Oh no, Faye, that won't do." Warm palms drifted up her shirt, opening each button slowly until it parted. A rumble echoed in his chest as her breasts were revealed. "Tell me, baby. What's your favorite toy?" he repeated as he took the shirt off of her. His chest once more pressed against her back, he traced her lace bra with soft fingers. "So fucking nice. I know what my fave toy for you is gonna be."

She tilted her head back. "What's that?"

With a smirk, he leaned forward and grabbed a box on the upper shelf. Moving so he stood in front of her, he said, "Take off your bra."

Faye jerked. "Now?"

"Yes." He put the box in his back pocket, as he waited for her to do his bidding.

She gulped. "Right." Before she could lose courage, she opened the back clasp and drew the straps down her shoulders, her breasts coming to rest on her chest. She winced at the sight but didn't have time to protest. Jake had already grabbed the bra and sent it flying to the opposite side of the room.

He moved to his knees in front of her, his hands weighing her breasts with apparent relish. "Oh, baby, they're amazing. So soft and round and... Oh yeah." He levelled his face with them and took one nipple into his mouth, biting on it until the surrounding skin crinkled. Then he did it all over again to the other one.

She clasped the back of his head and held on, feeling a sudden urge to rub her thighs together. "Jake!"

"I'm going to fuck your amazing tits, baby. I'm going to cover them with my cum," he said, his voice husky. "And then, I'll get you naked and I'll eat your pussy until you scream out my name."


He laughed. "Are you getting wet, Faye?" Her eyes as wide as saucers, she nodded. "Perfect," he praised her, standing up and pulling the box out of his pocket. He opened it and showed her its content.

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