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Sex Anyone
by Aurora Rose Lynn

Category: Erotica/Classic Erotica/Romance
Description: A combination of anonymous sex and Christmas magic in July. Can Christmas come in July? On a snowy Christmas Eve, Becky Kirkland boards a horse-drawn tourist carriage in New York City and meets a devastatingly sexy cowboy. She's alone, he's alone, and what better way to spend the holiday than making love? Sex has never before been so good with a stranger. Tanner Whyte's memories of Christmases past haunt him and little does he know his vivavious lover has never known a real one with all the trimmings. The dark remembrance will separate them. Come July, can the fledgling Christmas magic endure?
eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: March 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [98 KB]
Words: 19750
Reading time: 56-79 min.

Revealing sexy lingerie. One thumb baring a sweat-slickened breast. Flimsy, almost transparent fabric whispering to her waist. Nipples puckering into tight buds, yearning, straining towards his masculine touch. His eyes hungry and daring her to strip the stark white material completely from her body. His nostrils flaring with arousal and his dark eyes glittering with heated passion.

He would be fully dressed in a three-piece suit, and she almost naked to his challenging gaze. He would murmur encouragement and the lingerie would sweep to a delicate pile at her feet. She was completely nude, waiting for his uttered command to close the short distance between them. When she stood facing him, he would ask her to spread her thighs apart, and with one warm finger, would touch her wet clitoris, checking her for readiness. Oh yes, she was wanting, trembling, needy for his heavy cock to slide into her pussy.

Becky Kirkland's fantasy man faded back into her imagination, the only place he'd ever be.

It was Christmas Eve. She slumped at her desk with pencil, paper and sketchbook, the eyes in the drawing of a semi-nude female brazenly peering back at her. Her eyes were slumberous, and damn it, much too needy for Becky's taste.

She inhaled a heavy, slow breath and slammed down the pencil down. The desk with its unstable legs shuddered at the force, then shuddered again when she scrambled to her feet. She designed pretty lingerie for other women, never for herself or for an eager lover. That was the end of the story.

She stumbled to the mirror in the bathroom and examined her dolorous face. Couldn't she do something a little different than she normally did tonight? Perhaps go out into the driving snow and look at New York City with fresh eyes? There had to be something to do, even if it was only to pause in front of glittering window displays.

The mirror reflected back a twenty-eight year old woman with large, almond-shaped eyes, a chiselled nose, full lips that demanded kissing, and a slender neck. A string of pearls threaded through the chignon at the top of her head. Becky ran her tongue slowly over her lower lip.

Maybe, this one year, if only for a few minutes, she could pretend she enjoyed Christmas, instead of treating it as a holiday from which to shy away. What did it matter if she had no idea what a 'real' Christmas was like with close friends and family? Or that her mother had left her when she'd been two and her father the moment she'd turned eighteen? Couldn't she just pretend Christmas was special, that she had friends who didn't work with her surrounding her, sharing rich eggnog and traditional Christmas sugar cookies, and on Christmas morning, they'd open presents with almost childlike delight?

Her childhood years with a father who didn't care for much outside of alcohol had forever soured her when it came to the holiday. When she remembered previous Christmas Eves, it was always standing back, trembling from head to toe, and watching her father guzzling a bottle of booze. Outside of the cheap whisky, he had no friends and made little attempt to take any interest in her. Christmas had become a season filled with hiding from his sudden wrath and wishing she was anywhere except with him.

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