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by V.W. Singer

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: It is early 19th century Regency England. Angelica is an orphan, with a large trust fund composed of both land and money, which she will fully inherit when she turns twenty one. However, Mrs Browning, her aunt and legal guardian, has plans to murder her as soon as she comes of age. But Angelica's fate takes a turn, when they are introduced to handsome young Doctor Seward, who requires young women for his painful medical experiments. Dr Seward offers to have Angelica declared insane and committed to his asylum, where she will be completely at his mercy. But first, he has to convince Mrs Browning that he is truly as cruel and determined as he claims, so they agree that she will observe as he subjects Angelica to a series of terrible and obscene tests at his sanatorium. Come and witness Angelica's torture and suffering at the hands of the strange doctor. Witness the glee of Mrs Browning and her evil daughter Cynthia as they watch and even participate in Angelica's punishment and debasement.
eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/FetishWorld,
eBookwise Release Date: March 2011


5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [140 KB]
Words: 32324
Reading time: 92-129 min.

Angelica silently navigated the stairs and approached the sitting room. She was hoping to get past her aunt and her hateful cousin without detection and make her way to the kitchen. Her aunt had placed her on a strict diet that would not have maintained a sparrow in good health. Of course, this was supposedly for her own good, as a slim figure and pale complexion were of the utmost importance if one was to secure a good marriage. It seemed to Angelica that she ran the risk of expiring of starvation long before the much hoped for suitor made an appearance at her door.

Fortunately, Winnie, the old family cook, agreed with her analysis of the situation. Angelica was much prone to walks around the estate and to feeding the birds that dwelt thereupon, so Winnie would pass her bundles of scraps suitable for this purpose. No doubt her advanced age and eccentricity was the reason that she considered large pieces of pie, cheese and ham as suitable feed for the birds.

Something in the tone of her aunt's voice made her pause and eavesdrop.

"Mother, she is going to be twenty-one next year. Once she reaches her majority she will have full legal control of the estate under the terms of the trust, and both you and I shall be out on the street shortly after," said the voice of Angelica's much hated cousin Cynthia Browning in her usual shrill and unpleasant tone.

Angelica nodded in fervent agreement with this sentiment.

"Hush child. Do not fret. I shall find a way to deal with this problem. Curse my brother for his legal meddling. What sane man would set up a trust that would hand over the entire estate to the Church in the event of the death of his daughter before her majority." This was the harsh, bitter voice of Angelica's widowed aunt, Agatha Browning.

Angelica prayed nightly to the sainted memory of her departed father and his legal acumen. She had long suspected that if not for the terms of the trust, she would have been reunited with her father many years ago.

"I can see but one solution mother. Dear cousin Angelica needs to meet with an unfortunate accident on the day of her twenty-first birthday. The trust makes no provision for this eventuality and the estate shall go to her only next of kin, namely her loving and most deserving aunt and cousin."

Mrs Browning's voice said, "I am coming to believe that you are right, although such a move involves many risks. We need to work out a careful and methodical plan, if Angelica is to become and angel." Both women laughed heartily at this jest.

Angelica's lovely eyes widened in alarm at this overt declaration of her aunt and cousin's intentions. The sound of footsteps approaching the sitting room door made her abandon her listening post and hurry to resume her interrupted bird feeding expedition.

* * * *

Later that day, Angelica and her less than loving relatives gathered at the front of the house to watch the approach of a town coach pulled by a very fine looking team of horses, and bearing the august personage of Sir Percy Congreve, who was the Senior Trustee of Angelica's trust. It was his practice to visit Angelica once a month as part of his duties to ensure himself of her well being and to see that her income was both adequate and properly employed. Needless to say, he and Agatha Browning maintained a somewhat strained relationship.

In truth, Agatha would have preferred never to have to entertain Sir Percy, but since he controlled the purse strings to the income upon which she and her beloved daughter depended, she had no choice but to put the best face on it that she could.

However, this particular visit brought with it a surprise that was to change the lives of everyone living in Farleigh Hall. As the carriage approached, it soon became obvious that it had two occupants rather than the usual lone figure of Sir Percy. Being women, all three of them noticed at once that Sir Percy's unexpected companion was male, expensively dressed, young and handsome, in that order.

Sir Percy stepped out from the carriage and bowed. When his companion reached his side, he held out his hand to him and said, "May I introduce my friend, Dr John Seward of London."

Dr Seward bowed and smiled charmingly. "Ladies. Charmed to make your acquaintance."

All three ladies curtsied and Mrs Browning simpered, a sight fit to make the sparrows fall from the trees, and said, "You are most welcome indeed Dr Seward. This is my daughter Cynthia. Say hello to the nice gentleman Cynthia."

Cynthia batted her eyelashes, curtsied again and said, "Pleased to meet you sir."

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. Sir Percy cleared his throat and glared at Mrs Browning.

With obvious reluctance, Mrs Browning said rapidly and without turning her head, "And that's my niece Angelica."

Angelica curtsied politely and blushed under Dr Seward's regard.

He bowed and said, "I am most pleased to meet you Miss Angelica. Sir Percy has spoken of you to me."

The formalities done with, the entire assembly made their way to the sitting room, where tea and biscuits had been laid out by the maid, although the careful arrangement of the crockery was somewhat disarrayed by the addition of an extra setting.

After some polite observations regarding the weather, Sir Percy said, "As you are aware, I have made it my practice to visit you on this day every month in order to enquire as to the state of affairs in this household, as I am obliged to do under the terms of Angelica's trust. I had recently made the acquaintance of the good Doctor, and when this month's visitation came around, I was struck by the idea of bringing him along in order to benefit from his observations and advice."

Mrs Browning's linearly formed lips tightened to near invisibility upon hearing Sir Percy's words. "Are you a medical doctor then, Dr Seward?"

Dr Seward smiled charmingly and replied, "Of a sort, dear madam. I am a doctor of the mind. As a matter of fact, I have had the recent good fortune to open a private hospital in London dedicated to the treatment of the ailments of the mind."

Sir Percy observed, "Dr Seward's establishment is most selective of its patients. None of your common riff raff, you know. After all, the common crowd have Bedlam to go to, don't they."

Cynthia pressed her hands to her bosom and exclaimed, "Sir, surely you do not seek to find madness amongst us?"

Dr Seward held up his hand. "Not at all, dear lady. Sir Percy had merely asked whether I could look in on Miss Angelica and reassure him that she does not suffer from any distress of the spirit."

Angelica imagined that she saw a fleeting shadow of alarm pass over Mrs Browning's usually impenetrable countenance.

Sir Percy turned his head to glance out of the window and remarked, "As a matter of fact, it looks like a fine day for a walk. Perhaps, Mrs Browning, you and Miss Cynthia would do me the favour of accompanying me for a stroll. You need have no concern regarding the propriety of leaving Angelica alone here with young Seward, as he is a doctor after all."

Seeing no option but compliance, Mrs Browning and Cynthia hastened to follow Sir Percy out the door after casting one last glance over her shoulder.

* * * *

Upon their return from their stroll, Mrs Browning anxiously studied Dr Seward's face for any clue as to his intended report to Sir Percy. She was given little opportunity to practise her new found interest in mind reading, as Sir Percy was eager to return to London. To her surprise, as Sir Percy was making his way to the carriage, Dr Seward turned to address her.

He removed a card from his vest and gave it to her as he spoke in a soft, confidential tone. "I have made a close examination of Angelica, and as you are her guardian, I believe that my conclusions and recommendations may be of much interest to you. I propose that I return again on the morrow, unaccompanied by Sir Percy, whereupon we may discuss matters of mutual benefit."

Mrs Browning's keen instinct for personal benefit told her that she should accept Doctor Seward's proposal, so she nodded and replied cautiously, "Naturally, I am always desirous to learn of anything that may affect the well being of my dear niece. I would be delighted to have you come by again tomorrow."

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