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Sky Blue Pink: Flying Pigs
by Syd McGinley

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: You've come a long way, baby! From junkie bag boy slut to a well-disciplined boy and proud father about to graduate from college, Charlie has really pulled his life together. Ben and Dr. Fell continue to guide their twink as he faces the demands of a family party -- and of a Sirs retreat with Drs. Rønne and Tanaka!
eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Color Box, 2010 www.torquerepress.com
eBookwise Release Date: February 2011


10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [72 KB]
Words: 14765
Reading time: 42-59 min.

Dedication: For the Fellions and for GLB

Flying Pigs takes place two years after Pink: Dolorosa.

* * * *

Charlie twirled and laughed as the black gown swirled around him.

"No!" groaned Ben. "You are not wearing that in public."

Charlie stuck out his tongue at his man, and swished his robe. "Don't be silly, Ben. Everyone will be in one."

"I mean," said Ben grimly, "you are not going to graduation with your leather shorts on under the gown. If you want to walk with your class, then you'll wear your best suit."

"I'm a graaaaaaaaaaaad-uuu-ate," sang Charlie, and adjusted his cap.

"Oh God," said Ben. "Boy, take it down a notch, okay? Don't make me regret agreeing to a party."

"Paaaar-tay!" whispered Charlie, enjoying how his gown flapped around his bare legs. A suit would be so hot under a black robe.

He flopped down on the sofa and grinned at Ben. "Are you proud of me, sir? Did you ever think I would be all grown up and shit? I was a bagboy junkie when you met me, and now I'm a college graduate with a car and glasses and a baby!"

Ben shrugged. "I don't know, boy. That's a weird list of accomplishments. Glasses? And a car like Betsy is hardly a status symbol."

Charlie razzed his man. "Oh sir! You know I mean that I'm facing stuff about myself like not being vain and wearing my glasses and still being me with Betsy covered in queer stickers and Hello Kitty! And you know it's really about me being serious. I finished a degree! And, O.M.G., Ben, I'm a father."

Ben sat down next to his boy. "Charlie, I am proud of you. Puzzled by you as always, but very proud." He squeezed Charlie's bare thigh where his robe fell open. "So what next, boy?"

Charlie slid his cap off, and grinned. "Blowjob, sir?"

"I meant -- oh, well, yeah, but don't stain your robe. I meant, what next for you? Are you staying with LOC?"

"I can't talk with my mouthful," garbled Charlie. "It's rude. You know I've been trying to focus on one thing at a time."

Ben groaned as his boy's expert mouth worked. "Fair enough. Blow me!"

Charlie needed no encouragement. He loved sucking Ben's cock, but he also wanted to avoid questions about his future. He was freaked out by having options. He'd have to make some decisions, but right now -- yum! He hummed to mess with his man's head and to increase his pleasure.

"All the single Charlies!" he buzzed to finish Ben off.

He sat up licking his lips, careful to make sure nothing had dripped onto his robe. He patted Ben's still plump cock, and grinned. "I'll go and put my suit on!"

"Not so fast." Ben grabbed his wrist. "Charlie. I know what you hum when you blow me."

"I know you do," said Charlie.

"Sit back down. Charlie. I want to talk."

Charlie squirmed, and stayed standing.

"This is our two-year reunion," said Ben. "As well as your graduation."

Charlie shook his head. "Only a year and a half."

"Two years since you gave me a Single Ladies blowjob in Betsy at Fell and Dave's partnership ceremony."

Well, that was true, but Charlie had spent another six months being wooed by Ben before he moved back in as Ben's boy. He'd lived alone for over a year, and it was only the impending birth of his baby that had finally made him crumble. He loved Ben. He did want to be Ben's, but he had to admit having a sir and your own place was pretty wonderful. But his child wasn't going to have a single father! Cam and Kelly, his baby's mothers, had held his hand through all of it, but they had firmly encouraged him to move back in with Ben.

"And," said Ben, "I said back then that I shoulda put a ring on it."

Charlie's breathing stopped. He plopped back onto the sofa.

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