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Ashley's Waltz
by Taylor Kincaid

Category: Fantasy/Mainstream
Description: Mary Lou is an experienced guardian angel, and she loves her work. But, when she is not on earth guarding the mortal she is assigned to, she can be found moonlighting at Heaven's Studio of Ballroom Dance, where she is the head instructor. She must divide her time between Heaven and earth, as she is extremely busy with her case. The mortal she is currently assigned to happens to be Ashley, a sweet four-year-old girl, who must suffer physical abuse at the hand of her mother's boyfriend. Mary Lou finds the case particularly frustrating, as the mother does nothing to defend her child or to prevent the abuse from happening. The angel still has some ideas she hopes to try in an effort to find someone who will be willing to get involved enough to help the poor child. But, all the avenues Mary Lou tries turn out to be dead ends. When the beatings begin to happen more often, and are becoming more severe? What's an angel to do?
eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing, 2016
eBookwise Release Date: January 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [35 KB]
Words: 7155
Reading time: 20-28 min.

"...a skillfully written story about child abuse, and a reminder how even today many children fall under the radar of protection and prevention. Ms Kincaid plainly illustrates the frustration of those who want to get involved but fear for their own safety....Tastefully, artfully done story that tugs at the heart strings, handing over both sadness and happiness." ~ Pamela Jenewein, Romance at Heart Magazine

Mary Lou had toned down her campaign of whispers when it came to Corinne. She understood the elderly woman's predicament, along with her physical limitations. She tried once to whisper a suggestion in the old woman's ear.

"Haven't you noticed how little Ashley whimpers at times, when you go to help her climb up on your lap? Or once in a while when you put your arms around her, you can feel her wince? Why is that? What has caused her to be that way? Have you ever considered the possibility that she is being abused by that boyfriend of Marla's?"

That was all Mary Lou planned to say to Ashley's granny. One day, Corinne did act upon the angel's whispered suggestions. While her little granddaughter sat on her lap, Corinne bluntly questioned her.

"Ashley, you would tell me if you were having problems at home, wouldn't you, dear?"

"What kind of problems, Granny?" the girl asked innocently.

"Well, like any problems with your mother's boyfriend? He doesn't get mad at you and do something to hurt you, does he? I would want you to tell Granny if he ever did anything like that."

Ashley immediately blurted, "Oh no, Granny. Derek doesn't do anything like that to me. You don't have to worry."

Mary Lou groaned inwardly when she heard the child's lies. She knew exactly why the girl had so quickly lied to Corinne. Marla had warned her daughter never to say anything to her granny about the beatings she received from Derek. Her mother had said that Derek would be so angry if he found out she had told on him, and that she would be in big trouble with both of them if her secret ever got out. Naturally, the child had been frightened into silence, after such threats coming from her own mother.

Corinne had taken Ashley at her word, believing the dear child would never tell her a lie. And that had been the end of that. Mary Lou was finally at the end of her rope. She had exhausted every avenue she could think of.

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