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Catherine's Ring
by Elena Dorothy Bowman

Category: Historical Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
Description: In a small fictional town in the northeast corner of Massachusetts a mysterious package from out of the past had the residents buzzing. The original recipient had long since passed, and the sender of the package had died at sea in a tragedy that stunned the world. Where had this package been all these years, and why, even if it was postmarked the year it was sent, was it never delivered? When the present day recipient received the mysterious package, he wondered if he opened it, would he be opening a Pandora's Box. But, neither he nor his wife were aware that his thoughts would ring true, and the strange events and entities that would envelop his family, and the family of the descendants of the original sender.
eBook Publisher: ebooksonthe.net/ebooksonthe.net, 2011 ebook
eBookwise Release Date: January 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [325 KB]
Words: 76566
Reading time: 218-306 min.

* * * *


In a small fictional town in the northeast corner of Massachusetts a mysterious package from out of the past had the residents buzzing. Unfortunately, the person for whom the package was intended had long since passed away. Given the problem of what to do with the package, the Post Mistress, of this traditional town, decided to pass the problem off to the descendant of the deceased. There were many descendants living in the town, but the one she sent it to had been named after the deceased. Therefore, it stood to reason, even if he no longer lived in the town of Wikersburg, Massachusetts, he should be the recipient of the package.

When the package arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nicholas Lindin, the recipient named after his Great-Grandfather was surprised to see it. He couldn't understand why the Post Mistress in the town he grew up in would send him a package. It wasn't until he opened her package, discovered her letter and the much smaller package tucked inside, that had obviously seen better days, when it totally confused him.

In her letter, the Post Mistress explained why she sent the disheveled package to him and not to another member of the family. Simply because of the date stamped on the package, and due to the fact that he was the only Nicholas Lindin she knew. His wife, Maria was just as taken with the package, particularly the smaller one, as her husband and didn't know what to make of the situation or why he was chosen to receive it.

Nicholas stared at the date on the smaller package for a long time before he asked his wife to look at it, because he wasn't sure he was reading it correctly. When she agreed with him that the date was the same as he thought, he didn't want to open it. Opening it to him would be opening a Pandora's Box. But what he didn't know was how true that would turn out to be.

The date stamped on the battered package was 1915 and inside this package was a letter from a young woman to the boy she loved. She wrote her parents were against their marriage so her father was sending her off to England to separate them. Why did her parents object? They were of different religions and in 1915 that was not acceptable. Inside the package was a beautiful and captivating diamond, ruby and emerald ring that the girl's father had created for her and her sister of gems he had acquired in the Orient.

But what was unforeseen by her parents, particularly her father, was that 1915 was a dangerous time for sailing across the ocean. In particular, it was extremely dangerous to book passage on the HMS Lusitania. Catherine Barton sailed away on the Lusitania on May 1, 1915, and on the 7th of May, somewhere in the Irish Sea, the U20 a German submarine sent a torpedo into that cruise ship and Catherine Barton, along with thousands of others, lost her life.

The hunt for who deliberately held onto the package for one hundred years then decided to drop in the Post Office and push it under the counter was on, and what the significance of that action was is what brought Nicholas and Maria to search for answers. Unaware that a second ring, created for Catherine's twin sister Caroline, would soon become apparent when a young British girl, a descendant of Caroline Barton, was just as determined to discover where her Great-Grandaunt's ring disappeared to. She became enthralled with the quest when she read her Great-Grandaunt's letters to her deceased sister and discovered the existence and disappearance of Catherine's Ring.

Lord Alexander-V reluctantly allowed his daughter Catherine to travel to the United States to search for answers. She didn't go alone, her mother, Lady Bridgette Alexander, accompanied her and both were escorted by a member of the British Consulate in Boston. At least, that's who they thought he was. But appearances can be deceiving, particularly when one is entrusted with the lives and safety of the members of Royalty.

As the search for answers continued, the Lindins and the Alexanders became more than good friends, enmeshed in the search for answers, they became as members of one family, determined to discover who, what or why. For all of their efforts, they could only resolve part of what had occurred, but many questions went unanswered, questions they wondered if they would every find answers to.

Did Catherine Barton's spirit searching for so many years find its way back to her home, and was Nicholas' spirit waiting for his lost love to return all these many years? Will they discover each other in the world they once knew, even if it is to be only in the realm of the spirit world, where they can be together again? If so, what effect will that have on the living who may sense the existence of the restless spirits?

Would Catherine Alexander-V, allow herself to admit that she was really smitten with her protector Tony, and that he had more than a protector's interest in her? Will Maria and Nicholas be the recipients of a miracle that they were told could never happen? If so, what part did Catherine's Ring play in the phenomenon if it comes to pass? And what power did Catherine's Ring have over the events that haunted the families? END EXCERPT

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