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The Hit
by Cain Berlinger

Category: Gay Fiction/Erotica
Description: The hunter had his prey clearly in the crosshairs. Who would want this elegnt beautiful creature dead? Hmm who indeed he thought as his fingers tightened on the trigger. He would have to be the one to end this beautiful creature's life. But would it be so wrong to love him before killing him?
eBook Publisher: loveyoudivine/loveyoudivine Alterotica, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: January 2011


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [23 KB]
Words: 3675
Reading time: 10-14 min.

Gavin took one last drag from his cigarette before spitting it out onto the floor amid several other down-to-the-filter remnants. Nasty habit gotta give it up soon, after this score I swear.

He adjusted the binoculars' focus until he could clearly see into the apartment across the way. Moving the curtains to one side he trained his eyes carefully on the apartment and searched for its inhabitant.

A crack of thunder followed on the heels of flashed lightning that lit the sky and threatened a storm of mammoth proportions. Good, it will drown out the sounds of impending death; cover them with nature's wrath.

Within moments the wiry silhouette of a tiny Asian shifted past the window and disappeared again into the light of another room. Damn, thought Gavin. He had followed the Asian for several weeks now. He knew the boy's pattern by heart, yet he had to be sure, absolutely certain. There could not be any mistakes.

The Asian was Gannon Chow, the youngest son of a drug lord who had been smuggled out of Malaysia and hidden here in New York away from the gangland rivalries of his homeland. Now a rival drug lord had found him and hired Gavin to make the hit, kill the son of his rival then destroy him while he mourned. Simple plan, easy hit, good money.

Gavin scratched his balls. He always sweated profusely before a hit. The myth of the cool hit man was lost on Gavin.

He followed Gannon to his dance classes, and while the boy shopped. He had memorized the addresses of his friends, which were few. Gannon looked to be aware of the danger and kept a low profile, probably per his father's instructions. But Gavin was the best. If you were on this planet, Gavin would find you. Of course being black made it easier in some ways. No one ever anticipated a black hit man. Thank you Hollywood, Gavin thought.

The binoculars were trained on Gannon's dance studio with the bar stretched the length of it, in front of the clean, clear mirror. When he looked into the binoculars it was not one, but two Gannons who walked about naked. His fine lithesome body beautifully formed yet as delicate as that of a geisha. His legs stretched atop the bar and he bent waist over to touch the floor, his small muscled buttocks spread seductively apart. His nearly hairless butt hole begged to be tasted. Gavin could see the thin line of smooth hair that traveled down the boy's back and up the delicate parting of his butt cheeks.

The white terry cloth towel draped casually around his long elegant neck as he stretched and turned. There was hardly a bead of perspiration on his face. His moves were elegant and seemingly effortless.

It's like he knows I'm here. It's like he's performing just for me. Gavin rubbed his hand over his crotch enjoying the raging hard on the little Asian was giving him. His cock was hard and pulled at his jeans, daring, begging to be released and fondled.

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