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The Color Of Silence Book Two
by Max Ibach

Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Description: Twenty years after the first nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb detonates above the North American continent, a passionate hunger for marriageable partners grips the younger generation of the Decker Ranch. Decker Ranch has taken in so many vagabonds that the crush of residents spawns a new craze for its marriageable young people. They hook up in odd places in their desperate search for what lust offers them. They invest time, devotion, patience and caring in order to find that special person they can hold for a lifetime.

Outlaws roam the land stealing livestock, women, wagon trains, and ranch complexes. The Decker horse herd is rustled during the fall migration along with the women of the cart supply train. A rescue mission is attempted. Will it be successful? Will the lusty young men seeking brides find sexy women able to give them what they need?
eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Carnal Desires Publishing, 2010 Carnal Desires Publishing
eBookwise Release Date: December 2010


2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [231 KB]
Words: 53614
Reading time: 153-214 min.

Chapter One

Garth Decker hangs back at the edge of a timbered slope while he watches seven riders with their backs to him. They are casing the home ranch complex through binoculars. Riders who don't go directly to a ranch house and hail the inhabitance are surely up to no good. Garth lifts his own long glass so he can study the drifters while they are facing away from him.

The strangers' pack string consists of seven horses and three pack mules. Every animal appears to be near exhaustion. Among the riders are two women. All the drifters are dressed in batwing chaps and a substantial coat. They all wear well-blocked, wide brimmed, western style felt hats. Without exception, all their hats are white.

Every rider has a summer-weight bedroll tied across the rear housing of his saddle. They are all armed. Every horse has a saddle gun mounted stock forward beneath the right stirrup fender. All the saddles appear new. They are without the degree of wear a range rider's gear would exhibit. There are no decorative metal adornments anywhere on their tack leather. The only decorative conches are the ones holding useful leather ties.

The horses appear to be well used but are all sound quarter horse stock. Outlaws rarely have horses as good as these. Also, there would never be women riding with an outlaw band equipped with the sort of gear these women have. These two are dressed like one of the boys. Outlaws would have women with them only for sexual purposes. Their whores would be young and improperly dressed for the trail. Once a bandit gang's women have served their specific purpose, they are generally discarded somewhere along the trail.

These women are dressed as men. They blend into the party because they are meant to blend with their traveling companions. Somebody knew how to protect the women with whom they are traveling.

There is something familiar about the man standing in the stirrups using the binoculars. Finally Garth decides that the man is Jiffy Ward, his father's friend from the hardware store in Waynesboro. The other riders must be his family. This is another band of souls fleeing a dying city.

Before he rides out to hail the group, Garth decides to watch for a while longer. There is a certain familiarity between the man and woman leading the group. The familiarity speaks of marriage. They constantly pass the binoculars back and forth. If this is in fact Jiffy Ward and his family, then they will be a welcome addition to the ranch population. Every pair of hands on a ranch has a specific purpose, because tending a ranch that is no longer mechanized is labor intensive.

When he is certain that he is looking at the Ward family, Garth spurs his grulla stud so he can move to intercept the cluster of riders. He approaches them at a comfortable gait, so he does not startle the members of the party who have their rifles drawn. While he moves, he decides that his stud horse will welcome seven new mares to his service.

As he approaches, all the riders turn to look at him. Several turn their horses so that they can bring their weapons to bear on the approaching rider.

"Is that you, Mr. Ward?" Garth hails.

"Garth, isn't it?" Ward speculates.

"Right," Garth answers. "What brings you this far afield?"

All the riders lower their rifles.

As Garth nears the Ward family Jiffy explains, "Waynesboro has turned into a cesspool. We had to get our family out of there while we could still escape with our lives. Your dad invited us to come and live here a long time ago, but I didn't think things would get as bad as they have in town. That's why we stayed put until we couldn't bear the lack of food and the gangs any longer. I thought we had better try to find your place before things caved in on us completely. A local street gang was beginning to notice my girl, so we saddled up and headed for your place."

"Welcome to Decker Ranch," Garth offers. "We can use every pair of willing hands we can find. Next week we have to move the horse herd south for the winter, so you're just in time to help with that."

"I afraid we don't know much about tending livestock," Jiffy announces.

"You'll learn in a hurry," Garth offers. "Since you've already ridden eighty miles, we won't have to teach you how to ride."

"We rode a lot further than that," Jiffy responds. "We came here in a grossly roundabout fashion because I didn't know exactly where your ranch was. I'd never been here before."

"Your horses are about done in," Garth observes. "Some oats should bring them back to where they need to be. What did you bring on your pack mules?"

"The same sort of stuff Sheldon bought from me nearly twenty years ago. Is your dad still around?"

"Around and as ornery as ever," Garth responds. "He and Mom won't be going to St. George this year. Some of us will be leaving next week for grazing land in Utah where the snow won't be as deep as it will be here. The trip seems longer every year."

Garth looks at the Ward girl and his heart skips a beat. She looks exactly the way his wife had looked when he first found her. The resemblance is magical. He can feel his manhood begin to thicken. Riding with a hard-on has always aggravated him. Giselle will be in for a hard ride of her own as soon as he gets home. He smiles as he thinks about how he'll pleasure her. She'll have to wear the gag to keep from alerting the other women to her plight.

Every rider turns his horse toward the ranch buildings and brings it to a walk. It seems as though a faster pace might kill one of the animals.

"Let's get down and lead the horses," Garth suggests. "They need a rest. As soon as they sense that we're near the ranch, their ears will perk up. We can then ride them to food and water." After doing that, he speaks again. "We'll walk past that gentle rolling hill with the cemetery on top," he offers as he glances at the young woman once again. She is studying him.

Damn her, she has the same pillowy lips Giselle has. Her lips immediately fire his imagination. The young woman walking beside him undoubtedly has a cherry mouth. She looks too innocent ever to have known a man sexually. The thought of all the naughty acts she will eventually learn from some young man gives him a shiver. Teaching Giselle naughtiness had been the thrill of a lifetime.

He imagines the surprise of this one when some man offers his cock to her mouth. She might flinch at first, but then she will get busy because this one will never know spinsterhood. By her appearance Garth imagines that she will enjoy wolfing a cock the same way Giselle did. Some young fellow will be lucky to find this one. A mouth like hers was created for sex.

Why is she affecting him the way she does? That's easy, he decides. It's because he's been away from home for four days. He'll have to watch himself so that he's never alone with this one. She is entirely too tempting. From the looks of her, she is a woman who will aggressively pursue any man she is interested in having for even a one-night stand. He imagines her on her honeymoon in a skirt with two thigh-high slits up the side.

He observes that there are no chicken cutlets underneath that blouse. Her chest projects her coat in an interesting fashion. He imagines how she would look in a jersey dress. How enjoyable it would be to teach her all the naughty things she will need to know to satisfy her man.

Given that Garth is the sex hog he is, delectable young women have always affected him this way. When he finally married, he restricted his inclinations to his wife, but he still had secret desires that he found hard to control. His wife attends to every one of his barely controllable urges. Because he is in such magnificent physical condition, his body secretes a significant quantity of testosterone. That fact creates a nearly constant erection for him.

He imagines how this girl's young virginal pussy would feel if he were the one to place her in traction for the first time. He envisions undoing her bra and having those vibrant young breasts fall into his hands.

She has the wide-eyed look of a woman who will scream her heart out every time she takes the bone. She will react vocally the same way Giselle will in about another hour when he puts the rod to his wife. It's wonderful to have a woman who is perhaps even more sexually explosive than her husband. From what he has heard, he has decided that few women are that way. He long ago decided that he was incredibly lucky when he cut Giselle out of the pack for himself.

The young woman now moves to walk beside him. Her presence makes his nose flare the way his stallion's does when he scents a mare in season. The young Ward woman looks at him as though she knows what he is thinking. She smiles as though she relishes the idea of having sex out here in the grassland. If nobody else was around, she'd willingly enter into a junk relationship for the excitement it would create in her.

"What do you do at the ranch?" she asks innocently.

I fuck my wife every time I see a woman who looks like you. You are a walking aphrodisiac, he decides.

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