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Hunter Green
by Brianna Stoddard

Category: Fantasy
Description: HUNTER GREEN will blow you away! It is an amazing story that will show you the world in a whole new light! It is focused on an incredible teenage girl, named Emily, who sadly loses her mother from a menacing, evil werewolf. Emily vows revenge and begins hunting the creatures down. She gets help from Isabella, a kind Psychic Gypsy that knows how to help her become the ultimate hunter. Emily realizes her destiny and becomes a killing machine. She starts her journey across the world and leaves no werewolf's blood un-spilled in this wonderfully dark and bloody story.
eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: November 2010


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [215 KB]
Words: 49099
Reading time: 140-196 min.


I was 15 when my mother was taken from me. I was an only child. My father left when I was 12, but I was happy about it. I was sick of my mother and father fighting all the time. Our family was born into wealth, money was never the problem. Both of my parents had inherited their security from generations before them. No one was quite sure where it came from.

Their lives were filled with duties and forgotten friendships, but that was not the problem either. Most of the fighting was revolved around me. They never agreed on how to raise me. One day, my father just left. No note. No missing clothes. He had simply left it all behind. That was the year my mother started drinking. I was more alone than ever. I had to take care of myself, with no one to guide me.

After the days turned to weeks, and months to years, she changed for the worst; fewer decorations on the holidays, less food in the house, just less of everything. We had a huge table in the dining room, where she kept my jar. This is where she kept money for me, and I used it wisely.

I bought all my food, my clothing, and all the little necessities of life. I kept everything clean since my mother became useless. I knew she was there, but eventually I learned to ignore her existence. Christmas was the only thing she held onto. She put a small, white tree up every year.

Sometimes she would buy one or two presents for me. That year was one of those times. She had candy arranged on the desk, and right beside it, on the floor was the white tree. It had small decorations and lights on it, quickly done. At least I was that lucky. But all I really wanted was her love. I wanted my mother back, and I knew I'd never get it.

Christmas Eve I came downstairs. I noticed the tree, so I walked over to it. I decided to sit down and straighten the ornaments. My mother came in from the kitchen. She had a whiskey on the rocks in her hand, her favorite.

She looked down at me, handed me three small gifts. She didn't say a word. I looked down at them, and then looked back up at my mother. I said 'thank you' in a quiet, shriveled voice. She replied,

"I need another drink."

And left the room. I studied the wrapping on the presents. They were a mess. Different-sized strips of different paper and tape everywhere. I tried to pull it off quickly, no use; I wouldn't have been able to get all the tape off myself. So I went into the kitchen to grab something sharp to cut it. My mother was gone. Her glass was sitting on the counter. Where had she gone? I just saw her a minute before that.

I started walking up the steps to check in her bedroom. The picture at the top of the steps had three huge claw marks in it. I looked closer... the marks had blood on them. I was terrified, so I ran back down the stairs. I looked in the broom closet for a weapon. I saw my mother put her gardening things there once.

I found a big, sharp knife and a pair of hedge clippers, among other things. I grabbed the knife and clippers. Just as I was shutting the closet door, I heard a clang in the basement. Maybe my mother was there, just trying to scare me. Either way, I had to find out what made the noise.

I slowly crept through the dining room, to the basement door. I slowly turned the handle. My heart pounded, I told myself not to panic, and the door was open. It was pitch black, I couldn't see anything. I figured the dark would give me an advantage. I crept down the stairs, one step at a time, quietly so I wouldn't be heard. Two steps left to the basement floor... one... I finally stood inside the basement.

"Keep yourself calm." I thought to myself. The basement was lit, but dimly. The moon cast a dull glow across the room, through the sliding glass doors. I took a step. Then another. I stepped in something warm and wet. My bare feet and legs tingled and my skin crawled. I felt like scrubbing the skin off from the knee down. I heard a rasp, some kind of wheezing sound.

I followed the sound to the far corner to my right. The liquid got deeper the closer I got. I reached my mother, she was lying face up. She was soaked in blood. She was surrounded by it. I crouched down to listen to her; the wheezing I heard was coming through her throat. She was trying to breath. I could see her torn body, it was awful. It still haunts me in my dreams sometimes.

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