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Pay At The Pump
by Kerri Nelson

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: He's found the woman of his dreams. She's the stranger that he can't stop thinking about. Every week he tends to her car with care but secretly wishes that he could touch her instead. Will one hot summer fantasy finally become a reality for this university bound Brit? And what happens when the star of his every fantasy turns out to be one of his university professors? Get your engine revved up for one naughty ride? Cash not accepted.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: November 2010


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [76 KB]
Words: 15643
Reading time: 44-62 min.

Chapter 1

Royal Petrol

Corner of Park Row & Eastgate

Bristol, England

I took the job pumping petrol at the corner station to earn some extra money during the summer. In just a couple more weeks, I'd be attending school at Bristol University to obtain a degree in the study of Archaeology and Anthropology. I didn't know what the hell I was going to do with the degree, but I had to choose something and I'd always been a fan of Indiana Jones movies.

It had been a long, hot summer in more ways than one. Of course the weather had been bloody blazing for weeks, but there was something else--someone else who had been making my blood course through my body and gather in my crotch. She appeared about once a week, and every time she sped off in her hot little car she'd leave me standing there with a cock so hard, I'd swear it would explode.

Every day as I filled car after car with petrol, I fantasized about filling her with my cock as her long blond hair cascaded down her back while she rode me like a stallion. She'd throw her head back as she came, her long hair tickling my balls.

She never said anything to me. All those times she drove up and waited for me to fill her car and clean her window, she sat in silence, except for her long, pink-tipped fingernail tapping softly against the leather-covered steering wheel. She'd never even made eye contact with me, but I knew she could feel my gaze upon her.

I couldn't help myself. She was just such a stunner. The way her lips formed into a perfect little pout and her breasts rose and fell with each breath made my cock ache for her. My eyes were drawn to her breasts and the way they pressed together in the front of her tight blouse. She always wore a low-cut blouse that would just call out for my eyes to ravage.

The routine was always the same. I'd wait all week for a glimpse of her. She'd finally roll in late in the afternoon when the sun was beginning to set. Her car would purr into the lot then up to the pump where she would cut the engine. She'd roll down the window, then pull the lever to release the tank cover. Then, she'd wait.

I'd go through my routine of tending to her car trying not to be so obvious about my obsession with her. When I'd finished my duties, which I completed in the slowest manner I dared to attempt, she'd hold out one delicate pale hand, her slender fingers clasping a single bill between the index and middle fingers. The bill was always neatly folded down the center and always at least double what she actually owed.

When I'd slide the bill out from between her fingers and turn to my cash box to make change, she'd start the car and pull out of the lot before I could even begin to count.

It was always the same. All those weeks and I'd never heard her voice or learned her name. I did know she was older than my nineteen years. She had to be at least thirty, but she was so smashingly beautiful all I could think of was touching her pale skin and feeling her body pressed against mine.

Next week would be my last chance to see her--maybe forever. I only had one more week to make my move--and I knew just what to do.

It was Wednesday night, the sun was setting in the sky and still no sign of my mystery lady. I was sweeping up around the lot, waiting. I must have looked at my watch at least a dozen times and still no sign of her. Closing time was only an hour away.

As I returned the broom to the storage bin, I heard the rumble of her car. I knew the sound by heart and I eagerly made my way to the pump to await her arrival.

Sure enough, she pulled in smoothly and I began tending to her car. This time, when I'd finished my job, I walked to her window and stood there with my hands behind my back.

As I'd expected, she held out the large bill as payment and waited for me to take it. Her eyes never finding mine.

This time, I didn't take the money. I just stood there, waiting.

After what seemed like minutes, but had probably only been a few seconds, she slowly turned her head to look at me. I stared into her beautiful blue eyes, a smile creeping onto my lips. She didn't smile in return. Instead, she pushed her hand out a little closer in my direction and waited.

"No, ma'am, I'm not going to take that. This service is free of charge."

I thought I saw a flicker of surprise in her eyes, but only briefly. She continued to wait.

"My name's Craig. I was wondering if I could make your acquaintance?" I asked patiently as I nodded toward her.

She still didn't answer.

"The thing is...I've been watching you all summer and I think you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

I spoke the truth and then held my breath as I waited for the sound of her voice. Surely, she'd have something to say in response to my declaration. Even if it was only to tell me to 'sod off'.

Instead of replying, she withdrew her hand back inside the vehicle, raised the window, and sped off into the sunset.

As I shut down the shop and flipped off the lights, I felt a little sad. Tomorrow I'd head off to school and the beginning of my college life. I'd had a crush on the mystery woman all summer and it had kept me coming to work at this boring job day after day. Now the fantasy was over. She wasn't the least bit interested in me. She'd never even looked at me until today.

I walked toward the side of the lot to find my car and head home for the night. That's when I saw her car parked next to mine, her beautiful visage sitting on the hood.

The wind picked up, blowing her hair back off of her face. In the early evening, lit only by the faint moonlight, she looked even more exotic than I'd ever seen her.

I approached her slowly. I was speechless.

She reached down, untying her calf-length, brown leather coat. My eyes fell to her nimble fingers working the knot loose. As she pulled open the coat, I saw her, completely naked, with only a four-inch pair of stilettos gracing her feet.

I felt the need to swallow but couldn't form enough saliva to accomplish the small task. I was too taken by the sight of her voluptuous body.

She crooked her finger at me as if to bid me closer. I obeyed, soon standing just inches from her. She leaned forward, pressing her nipples against the front of my t-shirt. I could feel their hardness as the small beads pressed through the thin fabric.

My cock, hard since the second I'd seen her sitting on the hood of her car was now even harder than I thought was possible.

She leaned forward, flicking the tip of her tongue over my lips in a swirling motion. I responded by opening my mouth. Our tongues intertwined, dancing together as my hands moved of their own free will grasping her ass and pulling her closer.

I dug my fingers into the flesh of her bare ass, my cock pulsing against her flat stomach. As we kissed, she began to tug at my t-shirt, pulling it loose from the waist of my jeans. I let go of her only long enough to slide my shirt over my head.

As my bare chest came into contact with the swollen, pink nipples of her firm breasts, electric shock waves rippled through my body making me feel as if I might fly over the edge. I ran the tips of my fingers down the crack of her ass as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I took her actions as an invitation to lift her up, so I pulled her thighs up around my waist, walking her backwards as she clung to me. I slowly set her down on the hood of the car as she teased me with her wet tongue in my mouth and her pink fingernails clawing the soft skin of my neck.

She laid back, her long blond hair fanning out over the shiny red hood of the car. She fumbled with the button fly of my jeans, so I pushed her hands away. I knew once I released my cock from its denim prison I'd have to plunge it directly inside her. I wanted this moment to last. It was a fantasy come to life and I wanted to savor every moment of it.

I pressed her eager hands down onto the hood, then bent down to place my mouth on her wet cunt. She arched her back, thrusting herself deeper into my mouth. My tongue lapped at her source as she gasped and moaned, bucking wildly beneath me. She tasted salty and sweet at the same time. I drank her juices until I thought my jeans would split apart at the seams in anticipation.

While I continued to taste her, I reached down, unfastening my jeans. As my cock sprang out, I stood upright, gazing at her face. She was cast in the glow of moonlight, her face luminous. A vision of pure ecstasy lay before me.

I couldn't wait another second. All of my pent-up fantasies were finally coming true and I had to be inside her. I pressed the head of my cock against her tight, wet slit, then entered her in one vigorous thrust. She gasped audibly at the invasion. We held still for a moment, then I began to drive into her, reaching deeper with each thrust. As I pounded her with my throbbing cock, I leaned in, sliding my hands under her ass. I squeezed her ripe buttocks, feeling myself lost deep inside her.

She moaned and panted. I watched her head turn from side to side as the walls of her cunt held me tighter and tighter. I could tell she was nearing her own climax, so I leaned down, suckling on one of her taut nipples. I flicked it with my tongue. She grabbed handfuls of my hair, tugging me closer.

I delicately encircled her nipple with the edge of my teeth, then gently nibbled. With that, she screamed, pulling down on my head, filling my mouth with the flesh of her breast. I felt her tight cunt clamp down on my cock and quiver around me as she came with wild abandon.

As she began to come down from her wild orgasm, I remained inside her, unmoving. I held myself hard inside her as she began to relax against me, her juices coating me with slippery cum.

She smiled wickedly, then used her high-heeled foot to push against my chest, propelling me backwards, breaking our carnal connection.

I was puzzled for a moment. Did she misunderstand and think that I had come inside her? I hadn't finished at all, I was holding back to savor the moment.

Suddenly, she pushed me back on the hood of the car until I was stretched beneath her. She knelt in front of me, wrapping her lips around my hard shaft. She encircled the base of my cock with her finger and thumb, then began to suck and pull me into a frenzy.

I wanted to close my eyes and lose myself in the moment but I had to watch her beautiful face with soft lips as she took me into her mouth again and again. She pressed her tongue to the underside of my cock causing me to feel as if I was about to come undone.

She squeezed my balls with the tender flesh of her other hand as her blond, silky hair tickled my flesh. That sensation, the one I'd fantasized about for so long, brought on my climax. I emptied my seed into her mouth as she drank it hungrily.

When it was over, she rose up, pulling her jacket back on. I stood there, dazed and confused about what had just happened.

I thought about asking her, but decided that some fantasies are better left silent. Sometimes speaking with our bodies is all that's needed.

She climbed back into her car as I stepped back into my jeans. She pulled out of the space, then stopped, slowly lowering her window.

"Thanks for the ride," she said.

Then she was gone.

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