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Sugar Creek Melissa's Acceptance
by Becky Wilde

Category: Erotica/Fantasy
Description: Book 2 Melissa Wise, a twenty-two year old, slender red haired virgin takes a drive for some much needed rest and relaxation after she breaks up with her now ex-boyfriend Wesley Sands. She ends up at a little place called the Shifter Inn outside of Sugar Creek, Ohio. She is about to leave through the inn door when she is inadvertently knocked flat on her back, cracking her head on the floor knocking herself unconscious as two men barge in through the inn door. Damian and Luke Aerth are very worried when they realize they have just hurt their mate. They call a doctor to check her over and when the all clear is given they take her back to their cabin which is on their Alpha's land, to take care of her. The two men convince Melissa to experience a ménage with them and claim her as their own. Will the two men be able to convince Melissa she means more to them than just sex? Or will she feel as if she's been used by yet another male and turn her back on them?
eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: November 2010


51 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [107 KB]
Words: 24749
Reading time: 70-98 min.

Chapter One

Melissa pulled into the parking lot of the Shifters Inn just after midnight. There seemed to be quite a few cars in the lot. It looked like the people of Sugar Creek, Ohio had decided on a night out as well.

Grabbing her purse from beside her Melissa locked her car and headed towards the doors to the inn. For some reason she had a shiver run down the back of her neck to the base of her spine. She felt as if she was meant to be here at this specific moment in time.

"Get a grip Mel. You are full of it tonight," she muttered to herself as she pushed open the door to the room.

The lighting was so dim Melissa could only just make out the shadows the other patrons made. The room was packed full. As she headed toward the bar, Melissa realized there were hardly any females in the room. The place seemed to be overrun by males.

Mel spied a couple of vacant stools along the bar so she headed in that direction. Once seated comfortably she gave her order of a club soda to the bartender. She let her gaze wander about the room as she sipped her drink. People watching, was one of her favorite pastimes. Mel could learn a lot about people from just watching them, it was a pity she had not learned more about Wesley before she had gone out with him. Maybe she would not be feeling as humiliated if she had.

Turning back to the bar Melissa waited for the bartender to make his way down to her and ordered another drink. Melissa sat at the bar for about an hour before she felt extremely weary. Deciding it was time to either book a room for the rest of the night or head back home, she got off the bar stool and headed towards the exit.

Melissa figured she may as well drive home so she could sleep in her own bed comfortably. Just as she reached for the handle on the exit door, it was pushed open with such force that Melissa was sent flying backwards. She landed hard on her back and she felt pain splinter through her skull as her head hit the floor. The next moment the room went black

When she regained consciousness, Melissa noticed she was in the arms of a very large handsome, muscular male. She was also lying on something soft and comfortable.

Groaning from the drum beat pounding in her head, Melissa tried to sit up and escape the arms of the strange male cradling her.

"Don't move yet sweetheart." A husky male's voice warned softly. "You hit your head pretty hard when you were knocked flat, I want to make sure you haven't got any more injuries before you move."

"Who are you? What happened?" Melissa asked quietly and painfully.

"My name is Damian Aerth and that great hunk of muscle sitting on the end of the sofa at your feet is my younger brother Luke."

"I'm really sorry for making you fall down and hurting yourself ma'am. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and because of me, you ended up hitting your head on the floor which knocked you out," Luke said sincerely and apologetically.

Melissa felt his remorse and knew that Luke was blaming himself. She replied with a soft warning, "That's okay, there was no harm done really. Please just be more careful when you enter a door so you don't knock anymore unsuspecting females on their ass."

"Yes ma'am, I'm sorry."

"What's your name sweetheart?" Damian asked as he propped Melissa up so she was sitting on his lap rather than lying with her head on his thigh.

"Melissa Wise."

"We are very pleased to meet you Melissa. How is your head feeling?" Damian asked.

"Like it's going to explode. I'm feeling a little queasy at the moment. Where am I?" Melissa asked as she slowly and carefully took in her surroundings.

"You are in one of the rooms at the Shifter Inn. When Luke knocked you out, I picked you up and brought you here so you would be more comfortable."

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