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Passion Victoria The Beginning
by Becky Wilde

Category: Erotica
Description: Simone Angel is in dire straights as she has been retrenched from her previous employment. She is perusing the classifieds section of the newspaper and her eyes are drawn to an opportunity too good to refuse. She calls to set up and interview. Simone meets Samson Ramsey for her interview and is hired immediately for the position of cook and housekeeper and is to move to the Triple R Ranch three hours north of Melbourne the very next day where she cooks for the three sexy dominate cowboys. Simone is seduced by the three brothers Samson, Connor and Griffith but word begins to spread throughout the town of Passion Victoria of the poly-amorous relationship. Simone has to fight the whole town for the men she loves. Will she conquer the town folk or will she be sent packing?
eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice After Dark,
eBookwise Release Date: October 2010


38 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [110 KB]
Words: 26260
Reading time: 75-105 min.

Chapter One

* * * *

Simone Angel sat at the small table in her one bedroom apartment sipping the last of her coffee as she looked through the employment section of the newspaper. She had been retrenched from her waitress job just over a week ago. She had no money besides the twenty dollars in her purse, no food and was drinking the last of the coffee. Even though she had applied for countless jobs from a cleaner, waitress, to a secretary, for which she was unqualified, the answering emails were always the same. Thank you for your application, unfortunately you have been unsuccessful, blah, blah, blah.

The rent for her apartment was due and she had no means in which to pay it. She had been frugal with her food, only eating once a day trying in vain to ignore the incessant hunger pains which were becoming so bad, she had to physically stop herself from bending over to clutch her stomach.

She had no family since she had been orphaned as a baby; and as far as she knew had no living relatives. She was a twenty one year old, red headed female, with green eyes and freckles across the bridge of her nose. She saw herself as a plain normal woman who was down on her luck, but was really in dire straits. She kept optimistic as she perused the paper hoping she would find a job soon or she would be out on the streets in the capital city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, in Australia.

Simone was down to the second to last ad in the employment section of the paper, when the heading of the last advertisement caught her eye:

Room and board included for Cook, housekeeper; needed to care for three bachelor cowboys on the Triple R Ranch near the town of Passion, three hours north of Melbourne. Hours are from dawn to dusk. To apply for this position call 1600 passion that is 1600 7277406.

Simone felt excitement flow throughout her, this was just what she needed. She would get room and board as well as an income. She would be able to save some money so she could buy herself a car or even a small apartment. Then maybe she could go back to school; she had always wanted to become a chef. Picking up her mobile phone she dialed the number listed in the paper and waited for it to be answered.


"Um ah, I would like to apply for the position of cook and housekeeper that is advertised in the paper," Simone stammered.

"You got any experience?" said the sexy male voice over the phone.

"Well I was a waitress until I was retrenched, but I love cooking and I know how to clean," Simone answered, injecting a professional confident tone into her voice.

"Where are you calling from?"

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