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Feral Fascinations
by Skhye Moncrief

Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Romance
Description: Beyond rebels and rogues, the ultimate insurgents, psychic mercenaries, fight for your freedom of thought and hunt earth mates for one purpose--to defeat the universe's psychic emperor wanting to control all sentient beings through mind control. And you have no idea this war rages beyond the planet... Failure is not an option for the free-thinking universe. The free thinking's universe's prized psychic mercenary, Red Trekaar, seduces an ex-mercenary from earth, a Violet Child of heightened psychic ability, who she feels can hold his own as a were-assassin, i.e. her psychic soul mate. But she's running out of time. A legend claims she will give birth to a child that will end the war. But gaining her mate's respect just might prove her greatest challenge of all. A sexy Goth babe crosses Jake Straightarrow's path, and he wakes up in an alien-abduction nightmare with a chronic hard-on, powerless, labeled a blood fucker. She shanghaied him using some force's magnetic attraction. But a guy has self-respect. She should have earned his trust, then spread her legs. Especially after he learns sacred soul mates shape shift into uncontrollable werewolves trapped in a frenzied blood lust for their mate's blood. Self-control is what kept him alive so long. Now, the unshakable countdown to the moment he will shape shift ticks inside his head. His gut shouts escape stud service. Yet, humanity needs a hero. Colliding in a world of mind-reading games where one's best friend is the equivalent to one's worst enemy, each knows trusting the other is as dangerous as buying into their FERAL FASCINATIONS. Rating: Carnal Genre: Paranormal/Futuristic Romance.
eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: October 2010


14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [363 KB]
Words: 74946
Reading time: 214-299 min.

Chapter One

The human male standing near the San Diego pier never ceased to amaze Kindrist Trekaar after seven hundred and twenty-one days of observation. Jake Straightarrow was not as tall as the tallest earth male selected for service. Nor as attractive in his informal clothing choices based on earth's current magazine trends. But he was cloaked in a mystique she couldn't peg. Something, some force in the universe, drew her to him. Her comrades felt otherwise. His actions even labeled him a wild card among his own people. The man was volatile, striking without warning or notice. Yet, he struck with a conscience. That conscience made him a candidate for were-assassin duty.

Okay, in my eyes alone.

For a Nulvitian who had no family, no inhabitable home planet, nothing but ancestry to claim, the power of a man like Jake offered certain aspects of revenge to a woman orphaned from her wasted homeland. His raw brute strength and intelligence could save him from the perils of psychic war--those dangers mercenary mates couldn't control. But could he truly survive covert psychic operations? He was the only Violet Child she'd seen who she dared parade before the sacrificial altar bound to her in a metaphysical web of soul-mate marriage. Here stood hope, or The Cause would buckle, and all sentient beings would fall under the dark power of Voldon.

Yes. Bonding with this earthling would end the Blood Wars.

"Trekaar, do you have the subject in sight?" Operator Forty Three's thoughts penetrated Kindrist's head in mindspeak.

Jake was anything but a subject. She focused, pushing a reply wave back to the operator's mind and completed the two-way telepathic communication channel. "He studies a middle-class woman with her male child. Both toss food to sea gulls."

The gulls squawked and dove for food.

A dirty human male, his clothes worn, his beard long and silvered with perhaps age, sat near the woman and child. He seemed to ponder the sunlight glinting upon the almost-non-existent swells in the water instead of the woman's back turned to him. She and her child ignored the man or didn't notice him as they fed the whirling mass of birds.

"Why do you waste valuable time on this human?" Forty Three chided inside Kindrist's mind. "The universe quakes as we speak. Forget him. Choose another subject for were-assassin duty. We must bring the neural network down. 2012 is upon us."

"Do not patronize me. It is my right to choose my soul mate in my sacrifice to our cause. My freedom for the freedoms of a multitude in the universe, never forget."

"How many more days will pass before young Red Kindrist Trekaar chooses her destiny?"

Jake stepped away from a food stand and carried a basket of food toward the woman.

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