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Harass me
by Keiko Alvarez

Category: Erotica/Group-Orgy Erotica/Romance
Description: WARNING: This book contains adultery, homoerotica situations, some ménage. It can't be sexual harassment if everyone in the office is having sex.
eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks, 2010 eXtasy Books
eBookwise Release Date: October 2010


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [116 KB]
Words: 23163
Reading time: 66-92 min.

James stared at the time display in the corner of his computer screen. Ten more minutes until he would meet Alicia for their run. Ten long minutes. He had one bit of business to take care of before he changed into running clothes. He picked up the phone and called down to Human Resources. "Hey, Len. What was Linda Monroe's reaction to our offer?"

Len Williams, a burly forty-five year old black man, answered in a deep baritone, "She said she'd get back to us, but I'm sure she'll accept it. I told her to let us know by two."

"Good. If she gets back to us, invite her to my party tomorrow night. You're coming, right?"

"Will there be any single women there who aren't twenty years younger than me?"

"Ha! I don't know. Come anyway. How's the divorce thing coming along?"

"It's done." Len sighed. "Now I can get on with my pathetic life."

"Well, I'm sure...you know."

"Yeah, thanks."

"Um...I gotta run. So I'll see you tomorrow." James raced down two flights of stairs to the men's locker room, his cock getting hard as he imagined Alicia in her normal running outfit. The only question in his mind was what color the spandex running bra and boy shorts would be, not how tight or small they would be. They would be small and tight for sure.

She was waiting for him, more naked than dressed, her nipples leaving outlines in the bra. She smiled and stared, his hard dick apparent even under his baggy shorts. "Are you ready to run, Mister Woodhouse?" Without waiting for an answer, she waved her ever-present towel at him and took off down the street.

James ran behind her, marveling at the sight of her firm ass in front of him. It wasn't that her butt jiggled, a site he really enjoyed on other women, it was that it didn't jiggle that excited him. So firm--so tight!

They ran three city blocks and then up a long hill that led to a city park. Once in the park, Alicia led James to a sawdust-covered path that wound through densely wooded parkland. After a quarter of a mile, she stopped, turned around and waited for him. The moment he caught up to her, she grabbed his hand and led him through the underbrush to a large oak tree that was at least three feet wide. Safely out of sight, she pushed him against the tree, shoved her hands under his tee shirt and lifted it over his head. Lifting her running bra over her head, she tossed it aside and pressed her small, hard breasts against his chest.

"Oh, God, Jimmy," she whispered. "I love the feeling of your skin on mine." They pressed their lips together in an amorous kiss, their tongues mingling. Alicia slid her hands into the elastic waistband of James's shorts and pushed them to his ankles, then gabbing his hands, she shoved them inside of the back of her shorts. "Take them off me, Jimmy. Take them off me."

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