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Between a Fox and a Hard Place
by Misa Izanaki

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: Aoi is an exotic dancer and an elf with a kitsune lover, which makes his life pretty unique to begin with. He's looking forward to some needed time along with his lover Itsuke, but problems arise in the form of Aya, a young man who claims Aoi is his father. Aoi knows he can't possibly be the young man's father, but he feels sorry for the kid, so he and Itsuke take Aya in. While the three of them begin to explore their new relationship, problems arise from both Aoi and Itsuke's families. Between familial obligations, curses and injuries, will the three of them ever find the time they need to bond and grow together? Previously published as a Chaser series, Between a Fox and a Hard Place.
eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Chaser Compilation, 2010 www.torquerepress.com
eBookwise Release Date: September 2010


7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [206 KB]
Words: 49069
Reading time: 140-196 min.

Aoi tipped his cowboy hat and tossed it aside, letting his dark, knee-length hair tumble down his bare shoulders and back. He tossed his head and slinked to the center of the stage, moving to the heady beat of the music. First the chaps came off in one quick pull, then the tiny denim shorts were pushed down over his long, sleek legs, revealing a snug leather g-string. With a low purr, Aoi ran his fingers over the weighted steel rings in his nipples, arching into his own touch.

Amber eyes closed as his hands gripped the brass pole anchored to the stage. He leaned back and swung himself around gracefully. Each movement was perfectly timed and dripping with sex. He loved to dance, especially in front of an eager audience. Something about having all those people watching him, wanting him, made it all worthwhile. Aoi knew there would be offers tonight along with the tips. Most people assumed that stripper went hand in hand with whore, which just wasn't true. Well, not anymore, at least...

The song ended all too soon and Aoi took a quick bow before heading into the audience to collect his tips. Eager patrons tucked one- and five-dollar bills into his g-string as he walked through the crowd. Oh, a twenty... it was going to be a good night. A couple of guys offered to buy him for the evening. Aoi smiled and turned them down as gently as he could. It was tempting. Hell, five years ago he would have taken them both even if there wasn't money involved, but that was in the past. There was only one person he wanted to fuck, now, and that man was in Japan until tomorrow. Once his rounds were done, he slipped past a few more groping hands and headed to the bar.

Dante, the pretty, blue-haired bartender flashed him a sexy grin. "Lookin' good, Aoi." He set an ice-cold bottle of water on the bar. "You made one sexy cowboy." Dante was apparently going for the demon look, with the little horns that peeked through his hair and the lion's tail, but that innocent face made him look more like a fallen angel than anything really demonic. Dante was such a sweet boy that the whole demon thing didn't really fit, but it did look good on him. Aoi sighed. He worked with so much temptation. The Body Shop always did pride itself on hiring only the prettiest boys... It almost made him regret having a steady lover. Almost.

"Thanks." Aoi grinned back as he twisted the cap off his water. "I like the horns, they suit you."

"You think so? I just got 'em. Doc charged me an arm and a leg but it was so worth it." The bartender smiled back at him. "I might try for wings next... little ones, just for the effect."

"You should try for feathered ones if you do... it would be prettier."

"Yeah, too bad I couldn't get interchangeable ones so I could switch them depending on my mood. Now that would be cool."

Aoi chuckled as he pulled the bills out of his g-string and stuffed them into the tip jar. "You and your body mods... I remember when people just got piercings and tattoos, not horns and tails."

"That's because you're an old man, at least compared to the rest of us..." The bartender stuck his pierced tongue out. "You're what, fifty, sixty?"

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