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Horizons - [Book 3 of Space Time Incorporated]
by James Pittaro

Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Description: The reality of experimenting with the Universe is finally revealed, ominous forces are lurking at the edge of the dark dimension, and the time is running out to stop them implementing their dubious plans. A new breed of experimental super heroes has been created, and some of them stand between those Aliens and the destruction of the Universe for a second time. And some others only stand up for themselves.
eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing, 2010 Double Dragon eBooks
eBookwise Release Date: August 2010


3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [204 KB]
Words: 39106
Reading time: 111-156 min.

Prologue: The Darkness

A very long time ago they used to be something like us. After billions of years they departed from the ordinary dimensions of space-time, for others far across the dark veil; patiently waiting for an opportunity to return. Now they have been given that chance.

* * * *

Chapter 1: Return to Zero

The blackness of non-space enveloped, Zero, crushing him into a point of non reality.

He existed without time and space and all that remained, were memories swirling around a point of perception. Like a black womb the nothingness cocooned Zero in stasis, with no distance and no direction. But something else was out there in the darkness; an alien intelligence that detected Zero's life energy. Some black malevolent force tearing aside his mental defenses. He tried to hold it back, but it was no use; the entity passed into his soul. Now the thing was inside his thoughts, and rifling through consciousness; examining every part of his being down to the finest detail. Zero recovered his mental reserves and made one last mental defense, but the Alien intelligence was just too strong for him to defend against.

* * * *

Chapter 2: A New World

After the destruction of the universe, they were constructing a new capital world in the unlimited dimensions of experiment four. But most of humanity was destroyed in the end of reality. Thousands of years of Imperial development across millions of planets, wiped out, as ordinary space was consumed by another more sinister darkness. Strange technologies developed by their own scientists, unleashed devastating forces on the universe. They had toyed with reality and created their own destruction.

This new world would be empty of people until nature created more, or the gene-tanks and bio-replicators boosted the population numbers back up to meaningful levels. The Imperium would ultimately survive and repopulate this new reality. Nothing was going to keep the human race from reaching the pinnacle of society once again. The dynasty of mankind and his story of tenacity were going to continue against all odds, and against all adversity. Nothing in the universe or beyond would stop them reaching their potential. Mistakes have always been made and the Emperor was good at learning from them. However a note of caution ran through his thinking and he considered that perhaps meddling with reality was not such a good idea? The technology of the H.A.M.S.T.E.R. allowed some of them to escape in the end, by creating this new reality for them to step into. If only the Zepher Corporation hadn't started the war and as a result an unavoidable chain of events were put in motion, which ended in the destruction of everything.

* * * *

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